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If Shakespeare Had Played WoW

Shameless plagiarism here, copied from Ratshag’s blog;

If Shakespeare Had Played WoW

Romeo and Juliet would have been set on a PvP server.

When Lady MacBeth told MacBeth ta screw his courage ta the sticking place, he’d have replied “Yeah, but do the king drop any upgrades for me?”

Instead of “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”, King Harry woulda said “Let’s do this!”

Richard III would have been willing to trade his kingdom for a rusted proto-drake and 310 flying.

The Merry Wives of Windsor would be planning to re-roll worgen druids in Cataclysm.

Instead of “Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war”, Anthony woulda said “Kill skull first, then X. Sheep moon.”

“Taming the Shrew” would be a 10-point achievement.

Julius Caesar would have avoided assassination by popping his treants, rooting Brutus, running out of the Senate and then shadowmelding.

The Merchant of Venice would offer rare crafting recipes on a twelve-hour timer.

Instead of the Saint Crispin’s Day speech, King Harry woulda given the Leroy Jenkins speech.

Othello and Iago would always be blaming Desdemona  for not holding aggro.

Hamlet sooooo woulda blown up the guild with his drama.

Trolling World of Warcraft

Since the in-laws dropped in on our family a few weeks ago the painting gear has been tidied away in its little box. This has meant no further models have been painted in my War of the Ring force although the collection has grown by several miniatures since then! I, of course, need to correct this and am thinking my unit of Morgul Knights should be the quickest and easiest to get painted before I try finishing off the Easterlings.

Over the weekend I also gave myself properly to the Truekin, having read the new Dark Eldar Codex from cover to cover and planning out my 1500pts army list. I started off by putting down all the units I’d like to include and to my surprise came in 254pts short after putting those in. I then went to town on expanding some units and increasing the number of others. I even made my first few purchases on Saturday to start things off, looks like my un-retirement is now confirmed. The Orks are still destined for the sale bins though, they’ve been a lot of fun and have done me proud, however, it is time for me to return to my first love.

Speaking of first love, the gaps in my schedule that would usually be used for painting have been taken up with other hobbies. For me that is gaming on my PC. I’ve been pottering around in WoW getting myself ready for the Cataclysm with various alts. In January of this year I went through the drastic act of selling off all my characters gear and deleting them. I then stopped playing for around 6 months and was very happy. I was happy to come back too and got my character restored, however, their gear was of course all gone. I was back playing Alliance with friends so what money I did have was on a level 1 alt, I got my two 80’s restored and shipped my Priest back to the Alliance with a good chunk of moolah. My on-again, off-again nature with WoW has meant that I’ve missed out on a lot of the end game content for this expansion, the same as what happened with Burning Crusade. I was talking with Servitob the other night about perhaps trying to regear one of my 80s. The only gear I had on my Shaman was the T8 chest and gloves, a necklace, two trinkets and a ring, that was it. Therefore I knew there was no-way I’d be allowed to run Heroics, I’d get kicked out of the group for sure. So, I hatched a plot about wearing the Darkspear Warrior disguise from the Echo Isles liberation questline as that would hide all the gear I am missing! It was so devious it might actually work too…

I went to Orgrimmar and sat opposite the Heroic Target Dummy to see what I could do, I dropped my totems and managed just over 1000 dps. I then signed up for some normal 80 dungeons. I ended up running a couple of the Tournament 5 mans which got me some shoulders and a main weapon, I’d pulled a shield from my bank and grabbed a few items from quest rewards in Icecrown and rep items (cloak and belt) to round me out. Yesterday evening, after having spent a few hours in the afternoon running normal dungeons, I decided to chance an Heroic. It popped me into that same Tournament 5 man as I’d been doing on normal earlier. We walked it! Not only that but I was holding my own DPS wise against guys who were obviously way more geared than I was. I also ended up doing Heroic Utgarde Keep, Timed Culling of Strat, TotC, Azjol-Nerub, Forge of Souls and the Oculus. This got me my Northrend Dungeon Master achievement and a hell of a lot more gear! I got a load of Justice Points and grabbed myself a new belt which was a huge upgrade. In fact, the only item I am now missing are boots and most of my gear slots are once again filled with Epics. In around 3 or 4 hours I went from a well undergeared and virtually naked character to having a gearscore of 3600. Sure, that’s not a huge number but when I was hovering around 1k at the start of the day it’s amazing what a few dungeons have done and I’m very glad I did it.

Not only was it a hell of a lot of fun but I feel like I have a viable level character to do things with in the few weeks up till Cataclysm. Getting used to the way an Elemental Shaman plays after 4.0.1 has been interesting and I am liking it a lot. This was my favourite character to play in the past and is just as much fun now. I look forward to getting those boots I’m missing and going through some things I had missed out on when I quit. My Horde characters have next to no money, something I can correct having earnt 400g just from the dungeons I did. The fact that I can hold my own and feel like I am contributing to the group is very fulfilling when I thought I’d be dragging them down and making people work harder. It does almost seem too easy but I am happy to be back at the top-level again, I might not be kitted out in full tier 10 or whatever but I now have more options about things I can do.

Phake the Troll is back setting stuff on fire and then shooting lightning up its ass! Times are good.

Nostalgia – A Dish Best Served With A Side of AOE

I blogged the other day about my guilty pleasure, an occassional foray into gaming’s crackwhore behemoth World of Warcraft. However, since the 4.0.1 patch vastly changed the Class landscape I’ve not been sure about my fresh 80 Death Knight. Hence how I’ve hit 80 and not done a thing with her, spending my time between various alts (this will not surprise anyone I’ve played the game with) and currently enjoying the awesomeness of my Subtlety Rogue. She can stealth up behind things and pretty much one-shot mobs with Ambush, after rifling through the lint in their pockets of course!

After two nights playing (finally fixing a lag issue I’ve had) I’ve spent maybe three or four hours and taken my Rogue from level 26 through to 31 in that time. I use TourGuide to help my levelling, however, now things have been tweaked the XP comes that thick and fast that you can quickly outpace the guide, even with regular questing this is the case let alone adding in running Instances. According to my TourGuide I should be finishing off my quests in Stonetalon Mountains when really I can make a start at Stranglethorn Vale or go for what should be my second foray into Thousand Needles. I am about 5 levels ahead of TourGuide right now so am trying to skip ahead into the right zones for my level but with TourGuide some quests you pick up really far in advance and then hand them in much later so things like that I am skipping on.

Once I hit level 31 last night I decided to take a break from the ass-kicking I was handing out with my Rogue and went for a potter about with the Cataclysm quests on my Death Knight. To cut a long story short I ended up responding to a PST regarding a group that wanted a healer for Karazhan. They had already got one but took along my Death Knight to tank. 5k+ DPS are not going to be tanked by a fresh level 80 Death Knight, however, at level 80 we went in with 5 of us and AOE’d the whole place down in around 40 minutes.

The most fun I ever had with WoW were playing with Servitob, Mrs Servitob and nBreaker when we were in a guild together raiding this place as level 70s. It was challenging, it was fun and we spent far too much time playing WoW once we started raiding. Yet, despite the time sink it became I remember it fondly, going back with a group of strangers and walking through the place brought back a lot of those memories. It was nice to see the place again and watch the familiar bosses even if everyone of them went down in under a minute! I even got some RP loot hehe.

We may not have done the place properly but I still class that raid as the single crowning glory in WoW, certainly was nice to be in there again.

I’m still not sure if I like the gameplay changes to the Death Knight though, but at least I have a new shiny achievement!


New year is a time for new resolutions, as tradition has it. So what did I resolve? To give up World Of Warcraft.

Lets get some things straight here. I’ve been playing it on and off since it was released, so hopefully I am qualified to make these judgements:

1) It is one of the best computer games ever. Why? Because it thoroughly engages you like no other computer game. The gameplay is so vast, and options so immense that there’s always something new to do or try. Throw into this mix the ability to interact and cooperate with other completely unpredictable human players gives the game an interesting and exciting element. Once you get into the game you are guaranteed hours of fun and entertainment unlike any other form of recreation. It is truly hard to describe the experience without going through it.

2) It is horrendously addictive. I pull no punches here. It really is. The world dishes out small rewards as you play, new skills, new equipment, new rewards which progress you character further and deeper into the game. This gives the player a sense of achievement and further desire to play as achievements open up further options to gain more rewards. It is a viscious circle, the more you play, the more you want to play. Before you know it, you’ve spent an entire weekend playing. Not necessarily a bad thing, but once you get into the game you will enjoy it to the detriment of everything else. A point of fact I realised lately is that WoW is the only game I know of that people play ‘just to see what is going on’, in that people will log in for a few hours with no real goals in mind, and will log off much later not really having done anything productive.

I do worry for some younger players who have become so entrenched in this game that they have thrown away some of the most exciting and critical years of their lives. I do wonder if I would be where I am now in life if I had discovered this game in my formative years, or would I now be living like a neckbeard in a basement! Seriously, if you want to read some sad stories on the effects of Warcrack, just do an internet search.

So why am I giving it up? A few reasons. Firstly, I rarely get to play it with real life friends any more. Playing with real friends in Warcraft is truly awesome. Secondly, I think I have better things to do. The problem with Warcraft is that yes, it is entertaining but it has no real narrative. For example, watching a movie or playing a game such as ‘Dragon Age’ may be percieved as an equal waste of time, but it’s not. At the end of the movie you have progressed. You have followed a story, learned things and reached an end point. Warcraft doesn’t have that. There is no real story, it’s just fight monsters, gain loot, repeat ad infinitum. I’m still going to game… Probably as much as before, just with different games. I’ll probably spend more time watching documentaries and painting models. And at the end of it all, when Blizzard finally shut off the last Warcraft servers, I will have some random facts to impress my wife with, and some stuff to sell on ebay.

Random Dungeon Tool is Random (and awesome)

A slight diversion from our regular programming I’m afraid. Although we here at 6 Inch Move are more focussed upon all things tabletop that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the diversions of the virtual medium. Several of us play World of Warcraft and all of the current authors have played at one time or another.

Last week the latest patch (3.3) hit and brought with it some major changes to the premier MMO. This was in the guise of the new LFG (looking for group) tool and after having some experiences with it thought I’d jot down my thoughts.

I first fired up the tool on my main character, a Blood Elf Discipline Priest. Being a healer normally means you are in demand so finding a group sometimes isn’t really that hard, however, with the new tool I just tick the healer box, wait a couple minutes tops and then BAM! I’m in a group off to a random dungeon. I managed to run 5 Heroics on the first night using the tool, in around 3 hours so it wasn’t bad at all, I picked up some achievements I hadn’t gotten as well as doing some places I’d either never been on this toon or never yet completed. I had a lot of fun with it and the extra rewards you get for using the tool have allowed me to grab my first piece of Tier 9 gear, upgrading my aging blue shoulders to something a little more Epic (pun intended).

On Saturday I also used the tool on my Death Knight and performed my first tanking run. It was hard work but I enjoyed it and am looking forward to throwing my tanking druid into the same thing tonight for a change of pace. I have to say that Blizzard have done a grand job of making the process of getting groups for instances a lot easier and better. I’ll still be questing on my non max level alts but if I can run 2 or 3 instances a night I reckon I’ll get through the levels a lot faster than if I was questing and the gear will be there as well.

If you haven’t tried the new system yet it’s definitely worth a look. I just need to make sure that I take time out to do some painting though rather than sit in front of the screen firing pretty healing bolts at people.

BRK gets Blizzard nod!

In an aside from our usual programming and as a former WoW addict this news warms my heart. One of the reasons I went back to WoW when Wrath of the Lich King was from reading BigRedKitty’s blog. Although it was a Hunter blog and I wasn’t playing a Hunter it was so well written that I read every post that came out.

For personal reasons BRK quit WoW but his legacy lives on and now Blizzard have honoured everyone’s favourite ex-WoW blogger with his very own in game item.

Why is this on my blog? Because I feel that this is a justly deserved reward for his contributions to the WoW community, Hunters especially.

Way to go Blizz and BRK!