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World Of Tanks

World-of-Tanks-Game-Girl-300x187If like me you excel at getting pwned by twelve year old noobs in first person shooting games then you might like World of Tanks. For this, my dear googlespider, is a first person shooter where the twitch reflexes of a black belt ninja mantis are not required.

The premise, albeit incredibly unrealistic the military buffs lament, is you and your fellow slow-reflexed companions command various second world war tanks as actually seen on the history channel. You team up for all the regular game types you see on other more Redbull fuelled type first person shooters. All in tanks. You then earn experience and credits blowing each other up and capturing bases to spend on ammo, repairs, new tanks, equipment and crew.

Tank models are numerous, with the major second world war armoured warfare nations represented. British, German, Soviet, French and American are all represented with massive tech trees and zillions of tanks to unlock for each. There are five basic tank types which all lend their own individual playstyles, so if zooming around in a light tank spying on people has always been your dream then go for it. If sitting around as a sniper getting cramp is more your thing then go tank destroyer.

Each nation has various models represented; so medium tanks include legendary vehicles such as the T-34, M4 Sherman, Panzer IV and the not so legendary M3 Grant and Matilda. In addition each tank has it’s own upgrades available and it all seems pretty historical if you like that sort of thing.

Fear not, for I know what you are thinking. No, you won’t have to fight a King Tiger in your pea-shooter armed Vickers Mark 1. Matches are balanced by tank ratings so puny early war tanks tend to fight against each other while leaving the big boys to slug it out elsewhere. This is actually quite a good thing as it means you can take your wimpy tank and just have fun without the feeling that you have to grind your way into something competitive.

Presentation and graphics are good, with some good gameplay mechanics. The tank types in the game complement each other well and often the winning team is the one that synergises the best rather than the one with the biggest guns. Team play is really where this game excels. Although I’ve not tried it I can imagine that getting on teamspeak with your buddies and dishing out a good old 1944 style whooping would be great.

Overall, I think this is a great game to pick up and play for a few minutes or even hours. Oh, and one other thing… did I mention that if you are pretty casual about it then IT’S FREE TO PLAY?!?