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Conventions in Painting – Work Area

After a recent diversionary foray into building my 3000pts Warhammer army I’ve readjusted my priorities towards getting my War of the Ring stuff painted. Saturday night saw the recently expanded (welcome Carabus) 6 Inch Move team released from their individual cells to commune in one of the floating citadels grand gaming halls (Servitob’s lounge). It’s been a while since we’ve done so, so long in fact that Gribblin just stayed away and spent time with his girlfriend!

After a game of Firestorm Armada, we sat around talking about War of the Ring, in fact, Carabus and I were talking about it while Servitob and nBreaker were playing. This has done a lot to rekindle the fire I had when I first bought the rulebook, the fire that meant I actually had a fully painted unit for a game I was going to play prior to playing. In order to facilitate this change I have cleared my working area (no, the picture if not of my work area) and moved all my Warhammer bits away. I was going to fully assemble the Warhammer stuff to give me something to game with while I was painting the War of the Ring, but really, I’d be better off painting my War of the Ring and then assembling my Warhammer stuff. The plastics are pretty decent and easy to do but the off few metal items I have need more extensive work with greenstuff and maybe some pinning too.

After having cleared stuff away and had a tidy up I’ve reviewed the amount of space I take up as well as the amount of stuff I have out. Currently I have the Easterlings sitting on my mat along with my usual pallet and water pots (one for metallic and one for normal paint) along with a few tools. All my paints are stored in a little cardboard box and I put my brushes and tools in here when they need moving. The only paints that are on the mat are the ones I am using for the particluar model at hand, this means I have within easy reach the seven colours that comprise my Easterling paint job. This is a trend I want to try to continue as the virtue of a clean and tidy painting area is worthwhile sticking too.

The more crap we clutter up our work areas with the greater the temptation to move onto something else. It can be quite a daunting task looking over a fully ranked up unit let alone a whole army. As I’ve talked about before I’ve broken my army down into a structure that provides a range of things to paint. I already have over the 1000pts we’ll be using to play although the parts I am not using will stay safely wrapped up until we have played and I have therefore painted that 1000pts.

A clean paint area also means that I can find what I need, organising things as I have should allow me to focus on actually getting the models painted, the Easterlings have a deep wine red as one of their main colours, this is a pain to paint as it is quite thin normally out of the bottle and I thin it some more to get better coverage. While I have the unit arranged I can see how far I am through finishing the whole formation and while this may seem daunting to start with as each one gets a coat of paint for a particular area the workload decreases. I need to reign in my fickle nature now and continue to get stuff done, interspersing painting with some Mass Effect 2 should help keep me committed as I get a reward for having so much done, unfortunately that exact amount is a little arbitrary right now.

So Interwebz, I’d like to exhort you to the benefits of maintaining a tidy work area. Not only will this help you out in terms of reducing potential wife-aggro but should also provide a safer environment for all your loot. I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to find something so organising everything or even just sitting down and thinking how you could do it better is a worthwhile exercise in all aspects of life. Now that I’ve taken the time to clear things away and streamline what I have ready I’m looking forward to getting it painted again, at least until I make a start on those multi-coloured Haradrim infantry…