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6 Inch Move Store Review – Wayland Games

A long while ago, back when digital watches were still thought of as a pretty neat idea, I made a decision to be cool, quit gaming (at the time I was heavily into 15mm Napoleonics – heck I WAS cool) and move from my hillbilly hometown to the heavy metal metropolis of Birmingham. I managed a few years of a cool game free lifestyle before fate tempted me and opened a shop called Waylands Forge just down the road from me. Well soon enough I was back on the elixir of throwing dice and not washing quite enough and getting back into AD&D and Cyberpunk 2020.

So when someone mentioned recently that there was an internet force known as Wayland Games I got all reminiscent of a small collection of bearded gamers under the Auchinleck Tower. But no, it’s not the same people. Wayland Games operate out of a big warehouse in Greenland and seem to be operated by the same people who do the Santa Claus stuff.

They are simply amazing. Place your order, and a little elf in a transit van turns up at your house in a day or two with your toys. Seriously though, I like to use this company and have used them many times.

On The Plus Side:
– They sell EVERYTHING!!!
– They deliver quickly
– They are reliable
– Website is easy to use

On The Down Side:
– They are cheap, but not the cheapest (but not by much)
– I can never seem to get their supposed loyalty scheme to work

So there you have it. Wayland Games are a good internet distributor. If you want quick, reliable service from the comfort of your own home then I can recommend them.