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War of the Ring – First Battles of the Elves

As ZombiePirate has already stated, this weekend saw the 6 inch move team having a fun filled day of War of the Ring.  Unfortunately for me I had to work until the afternoon [I know working on a gaming Saturday].  Due to circumstances I had not been able to play this wonderful addition to our gaming until this weekend.  The force that I’d chosen many moons ago when we first talked of War of the Ring was the Elves, and here are some pictures.  Yes I know there’s an Ent in there too.

It was either the Elves or Rohan, and having an affinity for the pointy ears, the Elves it was.  The 1000 pts army that I used on the weekend was as follows;

  • Galadriel, Lady of Lothlorien
  • Haldir, Guardian of Lorien
  • Elrohir
  • Galadrim Regiment with shields (3 companies)
  • Galadrim Archer Regiment (2 companies)
  • Wood Elf Warband with longbows and hornblower (2 companies)
  • Galadrim Knight Regiment with longbows, captain and banner bearer (3 companies)
  • Ent

As this was my first game I decided to go with a mixed force.  The main combat unit was going to be the Galadrim regiment, supported by the two archer regiments.  The knights provide a hard hitting force whilst the Ent provided me with some much needed muscle.  As for the Epic Heroes they all had a certain role.  Galadriel was to be the leader and use her magic and epic defence to boost the Galadrim and her epic renewal to allow Haldir to use his epic shot every turn, and Elrohir was to use epic defence to boost the Wood Elves.  Not really knowing the full dynamics of the game the plan was simple; to shoot the crap out of stuff on the way in, then give it a good beating in combat.  So how did they get one?

I had been told by some of the others that the Elves are considered one of the weakest of the armies in the game, and when I saw how much I was outnumbered by Servitob’s Isengard it easy to see why (21 companies to my 10!).  We rolled for the scenario and got The High Ground objective and the Maelstrom of Battle deployment.  It’s at this point that I got lucky; almost my entire army all turned up on the first turn, at the same table edge, whilst Servitob’s Uruk-hai came on a little more piecemeal, but also on the same table edge as my army.  As the game progressed Galadriel proved her worth by reducing Courage values and then zapping people with Visions of Woe; the Terror aspect really came through with the Uruks refusing to charge on several occasions.  Haldir’s epic shot, combined with archery fire proved very effective.  At the end of the game it was the Elves who held the field.  Score 1 for the first born.

My second battle of the day proved less successful.  I fought against Carabus’ Gondor warriors.  Shooting saw off the knights of Minas Tirith (Haldir’s epic shot taking down 3 of them in a single phase!).  The initial impact of the Warriors of Gondor on the Elven battle line saw them being repulsed, but their second and third charges eventually wore down the Elves; result total wipe out!

So what did I learn from these two games.  First of all magic is awesome, if used right.  Stacking the abilities from the spells to reduce stats, before forcing them to make a test is a good tactic.  The Dismay and Command spells of Galadriel really makes a her very powerful.  Spells such as Light of the Valar are fantastic; low focus and the reduction in Courage works well with the Elves causing Terror.  Archery can be fantastic, especially when combined with an epic shot using hero you can easily take out a company in a single phase.  However archer wont win you the game (ok maybe it does when you push units off the table), and I did notice the difference between Defence 5 Uruk-hai and Defence 7 Gondor Warriors.  Archers aren’t bad in combat either, but they will probably need an epic hero to help them against a more determined foe.

The charge is important, as my Ent found out – failing the charge on at least 3 occasions.  In the second game he did almost nothing; failing charges, not getting charged himself and finally getting hit on the head by the Gondorian Trebuchet and slain outright.  I also think that I need to be more aggressive, especially with my cavalry.  Giving the knights longbows was a good idea in theory, but I found myself backing off from combat so that I could shoot again rather than charging in after firing a volley.

Potential changes to the army.  Well I want to try out some of the other heroes, and look at some other combinations.  The Galadriel using ‘touched by destiny’ to get a free epic renewal worked really well, but I want to see what else is out there.  As for the Ent, I might replace him with an eagle, just to see what that is like.  I can’t wait until we start having games of 1500 pts though, as you really don’t get a lot of Elves for your points.  Overall a really enjoyable game.

War of the Ring – Rohan Vs Fallen Realms

As alluded to in my post yesterday the 6 Inch Move team got another day off from our usual lives in order to avail ourselves of some juicy gaming goodness. Unfortunately, “the Man” makes Gribblin work every Saturday so we had to wait for him to clock off before his fashionista forces could arrive for their inaugural game. Servitob also had to arrive late due to generally being a lazy ass.

So it was that Carabus, nBreaker and myself appeared to kick off the morning in proper fashion. As nBreaker had been gimped by terrain on his last game against Servitob’s Isengard we had decided he would be up first to get another game in, we were also going to throw him in the deep end against the aforementioned debutantes of Gribblin’s poncy Elves. Due to them getting their nails and hair done they were unable to arrive until the Gribblin left work in the afternoon. So, with the three of us standing around we decided that it would be myself to face off against the Rohirrim using my recently “tweaked” Fallen Realms list.

It was a 1000pts game that saw me take the following;

  • Dalamyr, Fleetmaster of Umbar – Leader
  • Haradrim – 4 Companies with Bows and Balefire Arrows
  • Haradrim Raiders – 4 Companies with Banner Bearers
  • Easterling Cohort – 3 Companies with Pikes, Captain and Dragon Knight
  • Morgul Knight Regiment – 3 Companies with Banner Bearer
  • Watcher Warband – 1 Company with Bows
  • Winged Nazgul – The Shadow Lord

We ended up playing the Field of Swords scenario where you are rewarded for taking Banners and crumping skulls. I was up against a veritable horde of cavalry and an allied Dwarf Ballista. My list was changed around since last time, namely the dropping of the Mumak for the Winged Nazgul and dropping the Dark Marshal, the Easterling Archers and the Haradrim Heroes in order to afford the Morgul Knights and taking Dalamyr plus putting a few upgrades here and there such as the pikes on the Easterling Cohort. Overall the new list looks more threatening than the last one.

With a memory like a seive I cannot provide a blow-by-blow battle report but I can pick out what works for me with the new list. The Winged Nazgul is an absolute treat, I was made to set up first and was then given Priority in the first turn. The first thing I did was swoop attack over the Dwarf Ballista, the attack itself did nothing but the following Strength from Corruption spell rolled 4 hits and destroyed the machine before it got to fire a shot. After shuffling the rest of my army around a little nBreaker stood in deep and thoughtful conversation with Servitob about what to do in his move phase due to the hungry looking Felbeast hanging around in his deployment zone.

The Nazgul kept making a nuisance of itself throughout the game, picking off stuff here and there, disrupting charges with Pall of Night and although nothing ever failed its Terror test when it charged into combat it really did cause problems. I heard mentions of Gandalf when people were discussing counters for it later on. The Morgul Knights ended up fighting other cavalry for most of the game, however, when they hit some Rohirrim I was hitting on 5’s and with five dice managed to roll every single one as a 5 to finish off a unit, that was quite lucky on my part. My Easterlings with Pikes were a massive anchor on my right flank, they wouldn’t shift and when bolstered by the Dragon Knight’s fight of 7 really lay down the hurt, he even saw off Eowyn in an Heroic Duel. I am loving my Easterlings and I think other people are respecting how difficult they can be to shift.

The Haradrim could do nothing but harass Theoden’s unit and my Raiders were circling around the left flank to try to flank/rear charge the advancing horsemen. With Theoden stuck in a wood virtually all game I couldn’t shift them with lowly Haradrim but proceeded to make my presence known on the rest of the field. We called the game at around 2.00pm so we could go get some lunch, unfortunately for nBreaker there wasn’t a lot of the forces from the Riddermark left while Sauron’s allies were at virtually full strength.

It was a good game and a lot of fun, it was nice to see how my army has developed and the increase in understanding of how the game plays and what is effective. It is also interesting to look at combinations of stuff, I know there is a lot of Internet whining (give me a subject where this isn’t the case) regarding some of the broken combinations available but I don’t think we’ve come across that yet. We are enjoying the game and while I can see areas where you could pimp an army out to being a little disgusting I am hoping that our players will keep making tough lists but without trying to “spike” their lists.

Eventually the Elves did turn up, late as usual, but their hair was suitably long and glossy, after swapping appreciations for fetching handbag and shoe combinations they even got into a few scrapes, but that’s a story for another day and another author. I was just watching from the sidelines while they macarana’d their way across the tabletop battlefields of Middle Earth.

War Of The Ring: Isengard Troll Speed Painting With The Army Painter

So we’ve played a few games now, and here’s a chap who seldom disappoints on the battlefield – my Isengard Troll Captain. I found him languishing at the bottom of my eBay bargain box I purchased a few weeks ago, and decided to do a speed paint job with The Army Painter system. It’s a system I have grown to love over the past few months. Yes, I know the results are not earth shattering but you do get a decent gaming standard model with minimal effort. Enjoy!

We Be Playing War Of The Ring, And I Be Painting Uruk Hai With The Army Painter

As ZombiePirateXXX has already mentioned we played our inaugral battle of ‘War Of The Ring’ last Thursday at Castle Carabus.

It was pretty entertaining, and it seems like a smooth, flowing system. Magic and heroes seem important but do not appear to be game breaking as I feel they are in Warhammer Fantasy.

Some things I have learned are – put you troops in long lines, so you have maximum frontage available to fight if required. We still have some outstanding queries regarding the rules, for example, in an ongoing fight do the forces seperate and leave the fight at the end of a turn, only to have to re-charge next turn, or do they stay in the fight until it’s over? I am sure we will find out soon enough.

As for my deal with ZombiePirateXXX – that I wouldn’t buy anything until he has his army painted and based, well that went out the window when I saw and bought the Isengard army deal of the year on eBay. Anyway, in one swoop I picked up pretty much everything I need. Bargains! As for ZombiePirateXXX getting his stuff finished – he has assured me he will. He has already finished seven models at my last count, hopefully that tally will steadily increase!

So with renewed vigour and second hand models to paint I set about doing a bit of Army Painter dippage over the weekend. Here are the results:

Uruk Hai Speed Painting

At gaming distances these look pretty presentable, and I feel I am getting the hang of The Army Painter techniques. In all I finished 24 Uruk Hai in one session.

The technique:

1) Assemble and grit bases as required
2) Black spray undercoat
3) Heavy drybrush mithril silver
3) Paint bases and flesh Burnt Umber
4) Retouch black areas appropriately
5) Paint details on shields and drybrush bases in Bleached Bone
6) Army Painter strong tone dip and shake

I will probably add some patchy static grass long term to finish these off. Next up I will do a few testers for the millions of wargs I now own!

6 Inch Move Plays War of the Ring

Last Thursday in a rare display of total feminine compliance, the entirety of the 6 Inch Move blogging staff were given permission slips to congregate for our inaugural game of War of the Ring. The venue used for this event was le Maison de Carabus, a worthy addition to the normal wings of the floating citadel. We were a little worried about descending from our well protected aerial fortress but at the risk of scraping automobile undertrays along the road we reversed up to our destination in a very clandestine fashion, what with it being dark and all.

After we had unloaded the cars and stood around chatting for a while we came to the conclusion that it would be Carabus and myself fighting it out with our respective 1000pts forces. My Easterlings and Haradrim would be up against the forces of Gondor, it being our first game we were looking forwards to making all kinds of mistakes due to not knowing the rules properly, grave tactical errors and generally not knowing what the hell half of our stuff was capable of. Gribblin even flopped his Elves on the table (he had an Ent, many “I’ve got wood jokes could ensue”) and his 1000pts you could fit in a hanky!

We mutually set up terrain on the 8′ * 4′ board we were using, a little overkill perhaps but not without a sense of the dramatic. I took the following from the Fallen Realms list;

  • Dark Marshal (Leader)
  • 4 Companies of Haradrim with Chieftain and Taskmaster
  • 3 Companies of Easterlings with Dragon Knight and Captain
  • 2 Companies of Easterling Archers
  • 3 Companies of Haradrim Raiders
  • 1 War Mumak of Harad
  • 1 Company Watchers of Karna (who I forgot about the whole game)!

The Gondor army facing me was as follows;

  • Faramir, Captain of Gondor
  • Prince Imrahil, Knightly Ponces of Gaydor
  • 4 Companies of Poncy Swan Knights of Dol Amroth
  • 4 Companies of indeterminate sexuality Knights of Minas Tirith
  • 4 Companies of Warriors of Minas Tirith
  • 4 more Companies of Warriors of Minas Titties
  • 1 ROFLSTOMP Trebuchet
  • 2 Avenger Bolt MLRS systems

From my portrayal of the units I reckon you can guess how this game went. I got tabled in turn three. We rolled for the Seize the Prize scenario with Shieldwalls for deployment. While I’m not going to make too many excuses for my performance (I learned a lot and with it being a first game someone had to win and someone lose) however my problems started with deployment. A lot of what I learned stemmed from the deployment. I won the roll off to go first and take Priority, this was probably my first mistake. I had a couple of prizes on turn one though and then proceeded to ignore that and go for the throat of my enemy, a noob mistake but I wanted to see combat and learn the game. My Mumak was on one flank completely away from everything else, it got spanked by the Trebuchet and stampeded, it was an unlucky dice roll on my part but these things happen in gaming. It ran into a building and died. My cavalry on my right flank got hit by the Bolt Throwers and were wiped out in one salvo.

As mentioned above I forgot to bring on my ambushing Watchers for the two turns I could have played them, I also put the Dark Marshal in with my Archer Cohorts, this was Warhammer mentality of protecting the wizard, this doesn’t work with Nazgul in War of the Ring, he needed to be in the middle of the fighting.

Combat in War of the Ring is a lot of fun, normal shooting is a bit rubbish but artillery can really smush stuff as my Mumak and Haradrim learnt first hand. Improperly extending my line left me with only my infantry by turn 2 and a cavalry charge into the flank of my Easterlings by the Swan Knights showed me what they are capable of doing, wiping the formation out in one round. I would have been better not moving them out of the defensible terrain they camped in on turn one. This left the Haradrim to get rear charged by the Minas Tirith knights who were unopposed on the flank after the loss of my Raiders. My Dragon Knight did spend his single might point on a Heroic Duel against Prince Imrahil but I rolled low, I lost a few Easterlings in return.

Even though I lost I got a feel for things, infantry Vs infantry is quite grindy as combats go, a cavalry charge can devastate infantry and artillery can be nasty if it has a target it can pick on. Luckily I was out of Bolt Thrower range after turn 1, although I did lose my cavalry to them. Magic can have an impact on combat but leaving the Ringwraith skulking at the back robbed him of a lot of the options he had for disrupting the enemy. I’ve since reviewed my army list in light of revelations from this battle and changed a few things. I haven’t dropped much really, just enough to swap some things around and make a couple of changes. While I had a lot of units I realised I didn’t have a lot of “threats”. The only thing people were generally afraid of was the Mumak and after rolling a 10 on 2D6 when I needed a 9 or less that threat was gone rather quickly.

I’m looking forward to getting a rematch at some point, no doubt Carabus will have made some tweaks too and I am still looking at a list I can use against any of our players with their varying armies. I’m not writing a list individually for each of them after all. While we did have a few stops and starts due to having to look up rules the game does play really well and I enjoyed playing. I look forward to this becoming one of the staple games of our little troupe. I may even review my other hobby spending in light of this, we shall see.

Sauron’s forces will not lie still, maybe next time we’ll see some Uruk-Hai getting to grips with someone?

Conventions in Painting – Work Area

After a recent diversionary foray into building my 3000pts Warhammer army I’ve readjusted my priorities towards getting my War of the Ring stuff painted. Saturday night saw the recently expanded (welcome Carabus) 6 Inch Move team released from their individual cells to commune in one of the floating citadels grand gaming halls (Servitob’s lounge). It’s been a while since we’ve done so, so long in fact that Gribblin just stayed away and spent time with his girlfriend!

After a game of Firestorm Armada, we sat around talking about War of the Ring, in fact, Carabus and I were talking about it while Servitob and nBreaker were playing. This has done a lot to rekindle the fire I had when I first bought the rulebook, the fire that meant I actually had a fully painted unit for a game I was going to play prior to playing. In order to facilitate this change I have cleared my working area (no, the picture if not of my work area) and moved all my Warhammer bits away. I was going to fully assemble the Warhammer stuff to give me something to game with while I was painting the War of the Ring, but really, I’d be better off painting my War of the Ring and then assembling my Warhammer stuff. The plastics are pretty decent and easy to do but the off few metal items I have need more extensive work with greenstuff and maybe some pinning too.

After having cleared stuff away and had a tidy up I’ve reviewed the amount of space I take up as well as the amount of stuff I have out. Currently I have the Easterlings sitting on my mat along with my usual pallet and water pots (one for metallic and one for normal paint) along with a few tools. All my paints are stored in a little cardboard box and I put my brushes and tools in here when they need moving. The only paints that are on the mat are the ones I am using for the particluar model at hand, this means I have within easy reach the seven colours that comprise my Easterling paint job. This is a trend I want to try to continue as the virtue of a clean and tidy painting area is worthwhile sticking too.

The more crap we clutter up our work areas with the greater the temptation to move onto something else. It can be quite a daunting task looking over a fully ranked up unit let alone a whole army. As I’ve talked about before I’ve broken my army down into a structure that provides a range of things to paint. I already have over the 1000pts we’ll be using to play although the parts I am not using will stay safely wrapped up until we have played and I have therefore painted that 1000pts.

A clean paint area also means that I can find what I need, organising things as I have should allow me to focus on actually getting the models painted, the Easterlings have a deep wine red as one of their main colours, this is a pain to paint as it is quite thin normally out of the bottle and I thin it some more to get better coverage. While I have the unit arranged I can see how far I am through finishing the whole formation and while this may seem daunting to start with as each one gets a coat of paint for a particular area the workload decreases. I need to reign in my fickle nature now and continue to get stuff done, interspersing painting with some Mass Effect 2 should help keep me committed as I get a reward for having so much done, unfortunately that exact amount is a little arbitrary right now.

So Interwebz, I’d like to exhort you to the benefits of maintaining a tidy work area. Not only will this help you out in terms of reducing potential wife-aggro but should also provide a safer environment for all your loot. I know how frustrating it can be to not be able to find something so organising everything or even just sitting down and thinking how you could do it better is a worthwhile exercise in all aspects of life. Now that I’ve taken the time to clear things away and streamline what I have ready I’m looking forward to getting it painted again, at least until I make a start on those multi-coloured Haradrim infantry…