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Chaos Space Marines 2000pts

Gribblin made the suggestion that prior to our game this Saturday that we write-up a few thoughts about the army lists that we are taking. This was to be done before the game so that the results of it would not affect our judgements if we were to do this exercise afterwards. My lists are pretty much designed around the models that I own (as I imagine it is with most people) but, in the interest of full disclosure and the fact that someone, somewhere, may benefit, I’m going to write-up my list and why I’ve included the things that I have.

First then, the list itself;

Chaos Lord – Burning Brand of Skalanthrax, Lightning Claw, Mark of Slaanesh, Chaos Bike, Melta Bombs, Sigil of Corruption

5 Chaos Terminators – Mark of Tzeentch, Combi-plasma, Veterans of the Long War

10 Chaos Cultists – Champion and Flamer

10 Chaos Cultists – Champion and Flamer

5 Chaos Space Marines – Plasma Gun

5 Chaos Space Marines – Plasma Gun

5 Noise Marines – Blastmaster and 3 Sonic Blasters

5 Noise Marines – Blastmaster and 3 Sonic Blasters

7 Chaos Bikers – Champion with Melta Bombs, 2 Meltaguns, Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess

Heldrake – Baleflamer

Forgefiend – Hades Autocannons

2 Obliterators – Mark of Nurgle

2 Obliterators – Mark of Nurgle

Aegis Defence Line – Quad gun

It all comes to 1997pts and typing it out makes me realise just how much stuff you can actually cram into 2000pts, even if it’s only 59 models plus the emplacement. I know that I am going to be horribly outnumbered.

Being outnumbered by Tyranids is pretty much a given but overall this list is not something that I’d define as “anti-nid.” Yes the MSU elements of the troops choices may be that way because I am expecting some big templates to come my way, but big units of CSM aren’t generally that fantastic anyway.

Splitting my units up means that I am not likely to lose large chunks of my army to 1 or 2 decent shots. It also means that I have lots of units capable of claiming objectives. Yes the Cultists are likely to die (and I fully intend to use them as a cheap meat wall for the rest of my army) but that’s what cultists are for really. They screen the Marines who will be doing the shooting. The Noise Marines will frustrate anything that thinks a Venomthrope makes them safe due to their Ignore Cover weaponry while the other Marines contemplate making plays for objectives. This configuration is also making use of the troops that I have. I need a decent firebase to counter the oncoming Nids and time will tell if this works. The Aegis Defence line will be manned by the CSM, in this way I can use one of the Noise Marine champions to use it against any Harpies or Crones that turn up.

With the troops out-of-the-way let’s take a look at everything else from the top down. The Chaos Lord is a bad ass. Putting him on a bike makes him tougher to Instant Death and makes him far more mobile. Chaos Bikes are one of the stand out units in the book and having him in there gives them a decent punch. The only thing that really scares him is the Hive Tyrant, other than that he should be able to carve through anything he comes across and has a decent shooting attack with the Brand.

The Chaos Terminators are kind of an experiment. I’ve not used them but think they can be dangerous with the Combi-plasma. They can deep strike in to the Tyranid backfield and hopefully cause some damage to anything that’s left behind from the main advance. The Mark of Tzeentch makes them a little more survivable with a 4++ for those times when their normal 2+ doesn’t quite cut it. They also have a variety of power weapons to give them tools to open various units up in combat if it comes to it. Hopefully they can prove a distraction and alpha strike something.

Chaos Bikers are more than an entourage for the Lord, they put out a load of shots, can get where I want them to, T5 with a 3+, 5++ and Feel No Pain makes them very hard to remove as well. The melta guns are in there for tank hunting which I won’t have a problem with in this game but that’s why they are there. I’ve taken 5 of them in the past and felt like I needed more, so I got some more. The unit of 7 feels like a really good size and when they’re backed by the Chaos Lord this should be a very dangerous unit that attracts a lot of attention.

What can I say about the Heldrake that hasn’t been said already?  If I can establish air superiority this thing is a beast. Torrent AP3 flamer just deletes units of stuff and I am not handing air superiority to the Nids. Yes a Flyrant or the Crone can be a threat but hopefully between it and the Quad gun I won’t have much of a problem dealing with the flying bugs. Plus, Gribblin knows how nasty this thing is and will go after it, I may be able to exploit that fact.

Forgefiend – this guy is a new addition and I don’t mind admitting that. I wanted one from the moment the new Chaos book landed but opted to build a Maulerfiend first. Taking a Mauler against Nids would be a bad idea I feel. Its WS3 and AV12 would be horribly vulnerable to any number of horrible alien monstrosities, especially as it has to get up close to do any damage. Ideally with the Nids I want to stay at range, remove synapse and thin out the herds of little gribblies as much as possible. This is an army where I’m going to need a plan and stick to it. Going “rabbit in the headlights” is going to see me dead so I need to be focussed.

Then we come to Obliterators, these guys are pure gold. Having two units means I can keep the same heavy weapons going turn after turn with no let up. Normally an Obliterator cannot choose to manifest the same weapon from turn to turn, however, having two units gets around that restriction nicely. Between the Hades autocannons and “choose your death ray” Obliterator weapons there shouldn’t be much that I can’t kill. Giving them the Mark of Nurgle makes them less susceptible to Instant Death too.

So there you have it, my list and why I’ve chosen the various units. No matter what army I face there is something to deal with it. Whether it’s the most efficient at it, or even workable I don’t know and I’m not all that bothered. I’m no tourney gamer and as long as we enjoy the battle and it’s not decided by gimped dice then it’ll be a good game.

All that’s left now is to build two more terminator and the last Bike I need so I can actually use this list tomorrow!