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Army Of Two: The 40th Day (Xbox 360)

One can have a dream, baby,
Two can make that dream so real.
One can talk about bein’ in love,
Two can say how it really feels.
One can wish upon a star,
Two can make that wish come true, yeah.
One can stand alone in the dark,
Two can make the light shine through!

Or so sayeth the wise Marvin Gaye. Seems like a funny premise upon which to base an Xbox game but there you have it. Anyway, the other day I saw this title for sale for a tenner and bought it. Turns out my good friend also owns it, so we’ve spent the last week getting to grips with this intriguing title.

Video games nowadays all tend to be very convuluted and complicated. Back in my day after we had spent all day down the mines all we had when we got home was a cold cup of tea from a rolled up newspaper and space invaders to fill our evenings.

Army Of Two TFD happens to be pretty straightforward. Get yer guns and shoot the baddies. Why? Well, no one really knows to be honest. It’s set in the exploding city of Shanghai, and the plot is not really obvious. Not that it matters, for the lack of plot cut scenes means more time for shooting stuff.

Initially I thought the game was some kind of mexican wrestler mutant spawn of Gears Of War 2 and Modern Warfare 2, for it has elements of both. Most of the game is set as a 3rd person shooter like GOW2, but it has weapon loadouts and non-sticky cover usage like MW2. These thoughts led me to be dissapointed with the game, for in these aspects it is not as good as either GOW2 or MW2. But then I rubbed my neckbeard in a pondorous manner and realised that this game is not trying to be either of them.

What we have here then is a third person shoot’em up. Easy. Lots of bad guys, lots of explosions, lots of running around, lots of hiding behind walls. No messing around with plots or deep character development. Loads of guns. Did I mention that? Yes, it is possible to customise your guns to ridiculous extents (soda can silencers, screwdriver bayonets, sticking an AK47 barrel on your M4 etc), and lots of shooting action.

Importantly this game is definitely designed for two players who want to play co-operatively. None of this getting headshotted by a squealing 13 year old from Russia we have so come to expect from shoot-em ups. After some practice it all flows very well. Soon enough you are ducking and weaving with ease to sneak around the back of that pesky bunker while your friend draws all the fire with his super noisy pimped up attention whoring hand cannon. The game has a WoW-esque threat and aggro system – seems odd at first but actually is very effective.

So, if you have a friend, and just want a straightforward fun, action packed shooting game then I can fully recommend this game. Just don’t expect anything deep. Bought on the cheap this is definitely worth it!