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“A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted” – Sheriff Laughing All The Way to The Bank

OK, I think this is going to be my last rant about the recent shenanigans coming out of the Sheriff’s Lenton-based uber-palace. There has been a lot of reporting on the web about Finecost/Failcast/Finecash or whatever derogatory term you are using for the grey, bendy army men that GW are pushing onto their addicts right now.

My own personal opinion about this goes along the lines the of; “ARE YOU PEOPLE FREAKING MAD??!!?????”

This stems primarily from an odd behaviour that I am seeing more and more as I peruse forums and see people’s reactions to the material change. As I am sure our well-educated and astute readers are already aware, the release of Finecast hasn’t been without hiccup. We’ve all heard of the heat issues and the problems where stores have had batches of miscast blisters and yet what is startling to me is that outside of the really malformed stuff people are actually brushing this off as acceptable!

I was reading a post by a chap yesterday about a terminator model in Finecast, apparently after he had been painting it he noted that one of the legs on his model was actually cracked but “with a little greenstuff it was OK” and there are many more stories of people performing repairs to stuff to make them useable. I’m sorry, but maybe I am getting old or something but the stuff we get from GW is expensive, we all acknowledge that fact. Now, irrelevant of how we feel about the justification for the pricing, when you purchase goods, irrelevant of what those goods are, you enter into a contract with the manufacturer. You agree to remunerate them in order to gain possession of something and that something is therefore supposed to be fit for purpose and free from defects. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure their product is free from defects and to replace faulty goods. Wear and tear is natural and not a part of any replacement but in all other respects you are paying for something and expect a level of quality, especially when you are paying a lot of money for it, after-all generally the quality of something increases with its cost.

Games Workshop are the most expensive hobby company in the world, nothing else comes close really, so you should expect a top-notch product. My problem is, that if you are willing to accept sub-par product when you are paying through the nose for it then not only is the Sheriff not getting an accurate set of data about defects in their product but you are just going to end up accepting the inferior stuff they are now producing. Sure there were problems with metal casting, but I bet you took that back to the store rather than shave 1mm of offset casting and then resculpting details huh? If GW do not know their stuff is cack they are under no obligation to improve things.

For all you naysayers also harking on about “this is just the first run, it will get better” I say bull-hockey! I work in a manufacturing environment, we do R&D and rigourously test the processes involved with creating a product before it ever goes anywhere near a consumer. If it isn’t to specification modifications are made that do that, we pride ourselves on quality and will not ship sub-standard tat. GW should not be ironing out problems with the product after it has been released to market! A proper QA and R&D system should have removed the problems before a proper release. Now, of course some anomalies do slip through, such is the nature of things but the scale of people’s acceptance of things boggles my mind.

As the maxim at the start of this thread states; “a fool and his money are soon parted” and this is how I am feeling about Finecast. Sure the detail might be better and the models more durable, but when the consumer is willingly covering the manufacturer for their mistakes and inferior goods I am almost happy that you are willing to fork out massive wads of cash for this stuff. It’s really quite an odd scenario that in general people seem to show qualities of addicts, that despite how bad things are you need that hit of a new model so badly you are willing to put up with a lot that you shouldn’t have to else you might miss out on that endorphin rush!

Again, I’ll reiterate that I don’t own any Finecast models yet, with their cost I am not likely too but I would not rule it out. However, I’ll be damned if I am going to accept poor quality goods for more money than the, already over-priced, metals were. If other companies can produce goods in the same mediums and do better quality casting for lower prices, then I am much more likely to give my money to them. People decry GW for the constant price rises but their products seem to be like Crystal Meth to some people. No matter how much they want to break away their money flies out of their wallet month after month.

If you ever really want to make the Sheriff listen there is only one way it will work and you already know what that is.

As a wise man once said “It’s time to nut up, or shut up!”