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Shaltari, Salute and my first painted model

DSCF3831Well, it’s been a week since those of us here at the floating citadel went on our outing to Salute.  As had already been stated we all enjoyed the show and (some of us anyway) spent more money than intended.  My own bank account was somewhat lighter by the end of the day.  There was the usual displays and shopping opportunities, participation games and people dressed up as Imperial Storm Troopers.

For me the most influential event of the day was a participation game of Dropzone Commander.  Our regular readers will remember the excitement that this game created after last years Salute.  Despite two of my co-writers buying into the game when it was first released, I decided to wait until I’d played a demo game.  Unfortunately due to one thing or another one hadn’t happened, so last Saturday was the first time I got to see the game in action.  My overall impression…I see why so many people have been raving about it.  It is game unlike anything I have played before, being based on a 10mm scale sci-fi world with the emphasis on dropships, battlegroups and rapid insertion & extraction.  The game is fast pace, easy to pick up and yet very tactical.  Myself and nBreaker were playing the Scourge, and enjoyed the sheer destruction (between us and the UCM we took down 3 rather large builds, not bad for a beginner game), eventually wining by a single tank and dropship.

The game was fun enough for me to part with some money, and I bought the Shaltari Large Army deal with case.  Being Salute and a special event day the rulebook was included for free with any Large or Mega army so woohoo!  Then came lunch, and looking over my purchase whilst eating a sandwich I noticed that there was too much in the box…I been given a Mega deal by mistake.  Being a nice guy I went back to them and told the folks at Hawk Wargames.  The situation was resolved to our mutual satisfaction and I am the proud owner of a Shaltari Mega Army, so a big thumbs up to the guys at Hawk Wargames for their customer service!  I will be buying more in the future…just give me time to paint everything else first.

One and off this week I have started painting the miniatures, and above is the first one that is finished; a Shaltari Warspear fighter.  I look forward to my first game with my associates here at 6 Inch Move.

Servitob Goes To Salute 2013

21-04-13 003Owing to me cashing in all my wife points in order to go to the EVE Online Fanfest next week in Reykjavik I really didn’t think I would be going to Salute this year. An eleventh hour bonus allocation changed all that and soon enough I was onboard ZombiePirate’s DeLorean with the rest of the crew, cranking it to 88 miles per hour to get to the UK’s if not the world’s premier one day game show.

We arrived with only Carabus and ZombiePirate having tickets, and facing a queue four deep and three miles long nBreaker Gribblin and I decided to head out for some breakfast. We came back later only to find that the queue was actually now longer and more snaked than ever before. With survival supplies in hand and camping equipment ready we joined the back. The very back. Our waiting was not in vain however for when we finally got in both nBreaker and I were given goody bags containing hallowed golden tickets meaning we had won a free army case backpack each courtesy of KR. Not just some pokey little number; a proper massive army case. Well impressed. Trying to get into the KR stand to get our prizes and buy extra stuff off them was a bit of a challenge as for some reason they had modeled their stand on the interior of a midget submarine crewed by the Oompah Loompah navy. But free stuff is good, and decent free stuff even better so I wasn’t complaining.

The show itself was as entertaining as ever with plenty of people to meet and plenty of stuff to see. In the visual entertainment sense there were some excellent displays. There was a great big D&D diorama (part of which is in the photo above) which I thought was suitably nostalgic. Warlord Games had done an excellent eastern front themed Bolt Action display and someone had decided to recreate the Battle of Waterloo in 28mm. This was truly epic and probably one of the most ambitious projects I’ve ever seen. I apologise I can’t recall who it was by but I’ve got the feeling it was by two guys from Essex. If this is what people do down there when they aren’t fitting bass-bins to their XR3s I was very impressed.

There were demo games aplenty, ZombiePirate and I tried DreadBall which was actually really good, a better game system than I was expecting. I would probably get in to this if I didn’t have so many games to play at present. nBreaker and Gribblin played Dropzone Commander and were suitably entertained to each buy a mega army, meaning everyone in the Floating Citadel bar myself has dropped serious cash and committed to much painting for this system. I’ve yet to play it so maybe it’s just a matter of time. Gribblin also continued his hoovering up of every Zombie themed game ever made and splashed out at the 7TV zombie stand. Something else that really piqued my interest was a Wings of War-like game based in the age of sailing ships, by the same company. It won’t be out for a good while yet but I will keep an eye out.

Overall a good day out!