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Citadel Finecast – “Biggest Hobby Development in Years” or a Load of Old B******s?

Good morning to you all! Unless you are interred in some kind of “off the grid” correctional facility like Guantanamo Bay then you cannot failed to have noticed a lot of news coming out of Games Workshop’s Nottingham HQ. Much of this news has been met with derision and no small amount of outrage.

With such an upheaval there is little else we really can report on here in the 6 Inch Move floating citadel as this occupies our thoughts as much as the next avid gamer. Rumours have been circulating for a while now that the Sheriff was going to put an end to his metallic ways and embrace a resin future. This was then changed to be a repack of current blisters/boxsets and then last week we had the first real news about the Citadel Finecast program and what it would mean. Yesterday saw official news and some more details come out on the GW site.

Colour me unimpressed! Ok, I will admit that I have yet to see a Finecast model in the flesh so will have to reserve proper judgement until I see one but reading through that announcement posted on the main site yesterday was just an exercise in futility. Trying to cut through the marketing hype and excessive use of superlatives really was rather draining. Now I am not a GW detractor, I mean I really do enjoy my Dark Eldar and my Ogres and I’ve spent a lot of money with them over the years but I’m not sure I buy into what they’re selling.

Not only was I unimpressed with the marketing hype I am also trying to look at the motives for this change. This was not mentioned at all in the web article, other than GW are investing in their processes and development. The Internet has obviously been awash with tales of cost saving initiatives but there was a dearth of references to that in the release. I think it is very clever of their marketing department to not reference this as it gives some more legitimacy to their price rises. All they do is wax lyrical about the amazing detail of the new models and how they are closer to the original sculpts.

I’m not buying it, either figuratively or possibly even physically. I am sure the reasons that they have made this change are not purely commercially in the interests of the customer. Especially with a 20%+ increase in prices over the old metals I can’t imagine that this was done solely with us in mind. I really do hope that the detail is better and that the models are more durable. Anyone that has ever tried to assemble the Ogre Kingdoms Scraplauncher understands how annoying the assembly and endurance of metal models is. Somehow though I doubt the hype in the article that seems to intimate that you could play keepy-uppy with one of the new resin Avatars of Khaine (how long do we have to suffer that model not getting an upgrade despite 3 changes in the material it’s been made of?).

We have a number of competitors who still release stuff in metal at prices well below Games Workshop’s. OK, I’ll admit that for these games you need fewer models but that also gets you thinking that if another company that needs fewer models to play a game can afford lower individual unit prices then how come GW charge so much for their stuff when overall they’ll be selling stuff in higher volumes? Privateer are also starting to move their range to Resin and they have kept prices around the same as the old metal was and you get parts for multiple jacks in each kit and the full sizes of units in each pack too.

It will be interesting to see the quality of the new models, somehow I don’t think it is a blisteringly amazing as the heavily biased article suggests. I think GW are struggling in an increasingly competitive market and making their product even more expensive certainly isn’t doing anyone any favours. If Finecast means we start to see a reduction in the prices of stuff then I’ll be all for it, but we all know that a reduction in RRP is not the business model to which the Sheriff ascribes.

I’ll be happy to eat my words if the quality of these new models is really outstanding but I have heavy reservations, especially if any increase in quality is worth an extra fifth of the cost!

Firestorm Armada – …Second Impressions?

I went and picked up a package from the Post Office late last week. This particular package was highly anticipated as it contained a card deck and my Dindrenzi starter fleet for Firestorm Armada. I was eager to crack things open and dive in to see what things were like, after all, I’d read the book and seen things online, but nothing compares to actually holding things in your own hands. There are lots of posts over on the Spartan forums at the moment regarding issues that people have had with these fleets in general (Dindrenzi apparently being among the worst). The Uncharted Seas stuff was excellent and I had no issues there, the new items seem to be a different resin as the off-white of the Uncharted Seas models has been replaced with a grey resin for the Firestorm stuff.

For the Dindrenzi the battleship comes in 9 parts, there is the command deck, two sides for the main hull, two engine bays a dorsal gun-rack and a mid-ship gun-rack with a fore and aft plate. The major construction obstacle for these guys seems to be that the battleship is designed to have a gap running between the two sections of hull. This didn’t prove too tricky as the command deck and gun-racks allow you to position things correctly, however there are large sections towards the aft of the ship that could do with some kind of spacing as it would be very easy to vary the depth of the gap as you build the ship. The model itself is huge when fully built, there was quite a lot of flash left on the pieces as they had been cast, most of this as easily removable with a hobby knife. One of the engine pods seemed a little too big for the cut-out on the side of the hull but a modicum of filing saw this problem removed. There was also a small amount of overfill on some of the parts, a bit of filing dealt with the worst of it but I do have some parts where you’re looking at getting rid of a couple mm of overfill which I don’t really find acceptable, but that’s me. There is no hole to mount the flying base so I’m going to have to do some minor construction work to balance it properly but I’m pretty happy with the time it took to build it. Once it gets a lick of paint I’m sure it will look fine.

The Cruisers were pretty much the same, they have a dorsal gun-deck, two hull halves (no gap this time though) and two engine pods. I personally would have preferred the hulls to be cast as a single piece but that’s really just nit-picking. I got two left pods for one of the cruisers so I’ll need to get a replacement but everything went together easy enough, there was more flash and bigger overfill on these than the battleship, there is a lot of filing and sanding down to do if you are a perfectionist with your construction (I’m not with my model building, more-so with painting though). The frigates are white metal hulls (one piece) and two engine pods, I have only assembled one so far but they go together very easily, just remember to score the metal before attaching the pod for some extra bonding.

I only have the 5 Frigates left and one errant engine pod on a cruiser to assemble. There are a lot of resin shavings all over the place though. The models are very detailed and look great, however, it does seem like the quality has slipped from what I experienced with Uncharted Seas stuff. I don’t know if they’ve changed the casting process or what? However, saying that there isn’t too much work involved in tidying things up, maybe I’ve just been spoilt in recent years with models getting to the point where there is often little need to clean up items before painting, I don’t know.

Would I recommend these to a friend? For sure, the detail is superb and the ships really are great models, hopefully with future castings Spartan can work out the issues they have at the moment and I certainly wouldn’t discourage anyone from grabbing them, just know you might be in for a little work. It’s probably not the best set of models to jump into if you are new to the hobby either. Resin isn’t something you tend to come across very often in the mainstream games systems and therefore experience of working with the stuff isn’t something you’ll pick up quickly (resin dust is toxic). There is a decent amount of work involved with prepping stuff before you’ll want to chuck it together too, as mentioned. I know that nBreaker has his Sorylians now and I look forward to getting some games in over the Christmas break to try out the system.

ZombiePirate Rating: 7/10 for the Dindrenzi Fleet – excellent models let down a little by ever so slightly dodgy casting. s