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Formula D

Do you suffer from army list writing fatigue? Does game imbalance bother you? Are your wrists tired from rolling bucketloads of dice to shoot, stab and wound your opponent? Are those elves starting to get on your nerves?

Then what you need is Formula D – The game of manly motorsport! What could be more studly than pretending to drive a little plastic car around maps of world famous racetracks? Impress your friends as you manage to stop the required number of times in the corners without making your little car spin out and catch fire! Pick up babes as you hit maximum speed and actually roll an entire D30! Watch the girls swoon as you make a pretend pit stop and move your damage markers about!

Seriously though, Formula D is a good fun little game when you just want to have a non-confrontational, balanced and easy pick up and play gaming session. Strategy and luck both play a part, but the races seem to be pretty close with our experience so far being that the race comes down to the last die roll every time. If you like the sound of it then go check it out!

WARNING: Attempting to drive a real car with dice can be hazardous. The publisher accepts no responsibility for involuntary vroom vroom noises made during play. Buying a sports car and driving fast will not solve your midlife crisis. Always wear a seat belt.