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Games Workshop – The Universal Language of Wargamers

Games Workshop HQ Nottingham

So the recent threat of further price hikes, generally above the level of inflation by GW is nothing new. This is something that has happened pretty much every year to us gamers. Fortunately, GW products tend to be pretty good, enjoyable and liked by many people.

One problem with the wargaming community as a whole is that there are a million and one rulesets for every million gamers. GW games tend to be universal. If I collect a 40k army, I can take it pretty much anywhere where games are played and find an opponent. This is a pretty rare occurance in wargaming generally.

For example, the first ruleset of Napoleonic battles I played was ‘In The Grand Manner’, which I played for several years at my club. The next club I joined insisted upon ‘Age of Eagles’, but even this was not the favourite ruleset for these type of games, and there was much heated debate as to the one of many rulesets the club should adopt. New county, new club, and they don’t even play Napoleonics. But every single one of those clubs played Warhammer or 40k. GW products are the same wherever you are, and while the ‘pipe and slippers’ wargamers may publically decry GW as kids stuff, secretly all of them either own or have owned a GW force.

I think GW actually do the community as a whole a massive service. They, and they alone, promote wargaming to the world. Their intellectual properties, tie-ins with other media are all obviously self promoting, but ultimately bring wargaming to people’s attention. And lets not forget their stores – I doubt severely whether these outlets seriously make any money due to internet sales. The stores take people in, teach them to play, teach them to model and paint and run gaming sessions. I suspect this is why their products are so expensive – they have massive store overheads to cover. But as a result, when we buy GW products we aren’t just buying a box of miniatures. We are buying guaranteed opponents and investing in the promotion of wargaming to new gamers through the promotions by GW stores and media. And this cannot be an entirely bad thing.

Re: Games Workshop Price Hike – Again!

I’d love to see their justification for this this time around, because generally the spin they put on what is essentially their own doom (TM) is usually laughable. I think last time it was ‘…Erm, the cost of ink has gone up so we’re slapping an extra £2 on books…’

Now I say their own doom because essentially this is fast becoming a possibility. It saddens me greatly as a die hard GW fan, but price rises seem to be coming too frequently, and they are now in my humble opinion, reaching ludicrous proportions. Sure, it doesn’t price me out of buying GW stuff. But there is something within everyone’s shopping brain which assesses fairness and whether prices are reasonable, and I imagine many people are already past a threshold here. People who are in the know with non-GW games realised the extent of the cost differences between GW games and ‘old man pipe and slippers’ wargaming years ago. This is a shame, because GW on the whole make some excellent products. Unfortunately it takes two to play a game of 40k, and I don’t want the hassle of having to cross an ocean for a gaming session with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Games Workshop Price Hike – Again!

First off Internetz I think I need to offer up apologies. Other than Servitob’s tales of furnishing his battlefields using Steiff carcasses, blog posts have been as rare as rocking horse excrement this week. This is due almost completely to the fact that my employer has found it prudent to make me actually do some work this week, inconsiderate I know. Nevertheless, let’s just chuck up a few points of news that no doubt you have been made aware of through other outlets as well as some general progress from me personally. I’ll get around to doing the store review later on, already have the place in mind so stand by.

From my point of view the biggest news is that once again the greedy Sherrif of Nottingham is redoing his opulent palatial residence. Games Workshop are foisting another price hike on their customers, around 240 products will be going up from June 1st, this includes the Blackreach and Skull Pass sets going up to £55, the normal Warhammer regiment sets going from £12 to £15, Terminators might not be back as the new price will be £27, not far off the price of the older metal ones.

Warhammer worries me the most as I am building my High Elves, one box of Archers or Spearmen are currently £18 for 16 models, the newer regiment sets are £12 for 10 models, soon to be £15 which isn’t that far off the price of the older sets in which you get more models. While there will be some that argue over the quality of one as opposed to the other I really don’t think that’s a valid argument as the older regiment boxes still had tons of options on the sprues. Although I do happen to like the 10 model sets though as it makes it a lot easier to form the kind of unit sizes you typically see on the battlefield. I want to finish my High Elves for sure but with army books heading up to £17.50 and all the other sets looking likely to get more expensive it is once more time for me to assess how much of a future there is in Warhammer or 40k as opposed to other systems out there. Games like Malifaux require less figures, no army books and are a lot of fun to play too. I imagine a lot of players these days have all they want for their Fantasy and 40k armies, expanding them is not going to be a priority, but for anyone new to the hobby I’d be more inclined to show them the alternatives, they still get stuff that is fun to paint and play, less real estate is needed to play overall and if you can tell someone they only need to invest around £60 to play a game, all the rules and models whereas we are looking at paying that almost just for the rules you’d need, it shouldn’t be a difficult case to argue.

Shockingly this has caused uproar in cyberspace, decrying GW for once again screwing over its customer base. However, it’s not like this hasn’t happened before and I dare say many of us will continue to buy what we want. With Dark Eldar looking like they may make an appearance this year a price rise isn’t what I was looking forward to, there are two armies currently sitting on my shelves at home though that would make way for this, reducing any spend on my part by selling and replacing current models. Eventually I’ll end up with armies I stick with and they may end up painted too.

Project High Elves is carrying on, last night was stage 4 on the skin with stage 5 hopefully going on tonight, I’m learning a lot from doing things this way and the major thing I’ve learnt is that rank and file troops will not be getting this treatment in the future. Characters will do for sure but not regular troops, I need to be able to produce stuff quicker (which I know I can do with a simpler technique) rather than spending a week doing skin when I should have the whole unit finished in the same time. Still, the first unit really is the time for all the teething problems to get out of the way.

Carrying on with that theme I have ordered custom movement trays and bases for a lot of my stuff from this place. They do a lot more other than custom basing, there is all kind of terrain and terrain boards to look over. The stuff they produce looks reasonable and I am looking forward to my stuff arriving (movement trays will be pre-painted) and should provide a better look across the force. Basing can be an area that makes or breaks a model and the custom bases should look really good overall and provide a theme. I’m not doing all my units in this manner, I don’t want to overdo things afterall. If I manage to do thing properly I’ll be able to upload some work in progress shots of the Archers over the weekend for you all to take a look at.