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Poll: Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40,000

It may shock and amaze readers that this topic has not come up until now. Yet, with 8th Edition on the horizon and our recent foray into the battlegrounds of 40k I thought about this debate again. Especially with the Sherrif’s upcoming price hike anyone sitting firmly in one camp that may have been considering a brief sojourn to the “other” side may now be put off.

In my regular everyday browsing I came across a quote that probably gives a good summary of the differences between the two games, unfortunately I can’t remember where this was from so cannot credit the guy that said it (even if he was the owner of the quote in the first place;

Warhammer is all about positioning. 40k is all about timing.

While I am looking to see which one people prefer I am not going to sit down and say that one is better than the other. For many years it has been espoused that 40k is the gateway into Fantasy, that you graduate from one into the other. I know a person in our gaming group where the opposite is true. He has spent an age playing Fantasy and will not now even consider playing it, but never touched 40k and now plays it whenever given the chance. While the core of both systems are similar they are both different and cater to differing tastes, I can’t really agree with a statement that 40k is a breeding ground for future Fantasy players, although some will change over, or even just start with Fantasy, it isn’t really a “dumbed down” version of Fantasy. These games require different ways of thinking in the current editions, this may change once 8th hits the shelves if some of the internet rumours prove to be true.

Warhammer 40,000 is a game based predominantly around capturing objectives, hence why timing is important, you want to make sure that when you park yourself on an objective you are going to be the sole person claiming it.

Warhammer is different in that you want to position your troops to get advantageous charges while denying the same to your opponent.

Both games really do rely quite heavily on close combat, sure there is some shooting but unless you are playing Tau on Tau or gunline Dwarfs against gunline Empire you are going to face some close combat at some point in a game. Core rules are almost the same for both games too so it’s easy to move from one to another if you are so inclined.

So Internetz, which do you prefer?

Spartan Battle Report – Leonidas Vs Master Chief?

In support of our favourite ocean and final frontier boating specialists Spartan Games I thought I’d bring to the general populace’s attention a poll on their forums. The lovely chaps that created the “maybe better than Full Thrust” tabletop extravaganza that is really popular with our good selves, have decided that they want to host up a battle report and show us all how one of their games really should be played.

It is up to the consumers to therefore pick which system they want to see, either wave-bobbing Uncharted Seas or the frozen vaccuumness of Firestorm: Armada. When I voted Firestorm was winning by a single vote (deja vu of what is going to happen at the UK general election perhaps?) but with such a tight margin things could swing back and forth.

You’ll have to register on the forums if you want to have a go, luckily I am providing a link to that thread here.