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Farewell XBox 360, Hello PS4!

Continuing on from last week’s console blurb I finally got around to getting a PS4. I’ve had my Xbox 360 for many years, and in retrospect I’ve been very happy with it and it’s been an amazing social gaming platform.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending whether you care I’ve never been much of a fanboy so my progression wasn’t directly on to the Xbone despite my excellent experiences with all things X related. I simply looked around at the early adopters – out of all my old Xbox gaming buddies only one has got an Xbone. The rest seem to have gone to PS4. So if I am to maintain my gaming buddies it seemed like the natural progression. It seems the only selling point of the Xbone at the moment is Titanfall, but I suck at those types of games so no personal loss there.

I’m happy with my decision, at least until Gears Of War 4 comes out!

Great Gaming Conversions – Space Hulk

Life is a game, there are winners and losers. Right, that’s enough philosophical rambling… onto the dairy goodness, my friends. I thought I’d try and delight your reading lobes with a few pieces on some great game to computer conversions. Seeing as we are become Space Hulk obsessives (or Spulkobs to use the correct psychiatric term), it seemed as gooder place to begin as any.

Now then, if you are sitting comfortably I will begin. Waaay back when curtain hairdos were cool (that’s just my observation, obviously being a gamer I was NEVER cool) the first Space Hulk conversion was released on 16-bit computers across the land. It was a tepid success given the limited power of the computers of the day, and is far from the best conversion.

Soon enough Sony treated us to the Playstation. Nowadays it is looked upon as mere pocket-calculator stuff, but at the time it was considered breathtakingly advanced. It could also be operated by your mum, your baby sister and the school boneheads who enjoyed beating up the nerds for their lunch money. So it seemed an ideal platform to release a conversion of an incredibly niche tactical board game.

Space Hulk: Vengence of The Blood Angels came out to great applaud from people like us, and great disappointment from people who wanted more headshots, crashes and stuff to blow up. The concept was very good though. You played the part of a terminator mainly played in first person perspective. You started as a grunt, generally being bossed around. Find this, find that, open this door, tie my shoe laces, give me your dinner money etc. Eventually though you became the boss and got to tactically plan your missions. It played much like the board game, but in real time. You got to shoot the gribblies and fight them in close combat. Close combat deserves a mention, the ‘stealers got right in your face with their many limbs, slow motion style and you fend them off. Most of the time you got panned and were left screaming a slow motion movie style ‘noooooooooooo!’ at the screen but it was fun nontheless. Probably the best bit though was the speech. The terminators actually spoke to each other, and whether it was strictly canon for them to do fart jokes and generally mess about over the radios is unknown, but it greatly incresed the enjoyment of the game.

To be honest though, this game was great at the time. I reckon if it were to be played now it would seem so dated and archaic it would probably be a bit of a let down. Some things, like dayglow orange Reebok Pumps, are just best left in the past.