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Keep Trollin’, Trollin’, Trollin’

These puppies really are all over the Internet by now but just in case you’ve been hurriedly released from a POW camp in the deepest darkest depths of the New Forest and have only just now stumbled here by accident here is the latest in the previews from Sherrif of Rottingham’s private model foundries.

I’ll have to admit that I think these are rather cool. The old Trolls were sculpted at the same time mankind discovered fire and these guys are a massive improvement. As they are plastic should make them easily convertible for anyone playing Chaos too, although now there is a base to work off maybe we’ll be seeing other Troll kits in the future.

Now, these I am not sure about, I dare you to look at those boars without thinking of the below;

Freaky isn’t it?

I like that GW are really trying to get useful units out in plastic now, generally saves the person a ton of cash in the long haul and means you aren’t going to be sporting biceps like Geoff Capes when you are forced to carry your army between venues, which can only be a good thing considering the exercise tendencies of most gamers.

Trolls are good, ALF Boyz, not so much.