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ZombiePirate – Feel Like Starting a White Tickbird Hatchling Nursery

Good morning Interwebs. Cataclysm has been live for around a week and a half now which means, of course, that about 11 out of the 12 million reported Warcraft players are level 85 by now. Not so with yours truly. In a rare example of restraint (or perhaps the fact me and Vashj’ir don’t see eye to eye) I find myself sitting around 20% off level 83. I’m getting there but in my own time.

So, what have I been doing in the meantime? Well, this week has been pretty good actually and I’m happy with the progress I’ve been making. I’ve done some mining, not a lot really but selling a few stacks here and there to keep some money coming in, although all the quest rewards and unusable loot has been going for sale too. I finally finished the grind for my Mag’har rep! I’d done the quests and then found the place with the fastest Ogre respawn and they also dropped Obsidian beads for the hand ins with regularity. This netted me all the Talbuks and also took me over 50 mounts so I can now fly around on the Albino Drake. The only difference between my old main my Priest and my Shaman now is a few reputation rewards which I’m really not all that bothered about. I also jumped into a PUG Sunwell Plateau raid which was interesting, it was one of the many TBC raids that I missed out on and isn’t a walkover even with a group of 80+ characters.

I joined in with some of my guild to bag some achievements to help level us up, we did Zul’Farrak and then tried Caverns of Time (which doesn’t have a guild achievement for it apparently) and then went off to do Ahn’Qiraj we cleared the lower of the two raids and then tried to three man the 40 man version, that didn’t go so well and I imagine we’ll go back with a bigger party for retribution. I did get a Yellow and a Blue Tank though to help me on my way towards those 50 mounts.

Then, last night I actually went through a whole Blackrock Caverns instance with a mostly guild group. I got a few upgrades along the way and had been doing some questing alongside. I’ve now finished the Naga Battlemaiden quest chain in Vashj’ir and am trying to get the zone finished so I can move onto somewhere else and give that a try.

Overall my Shaman doesn’t really have much Wrath gear left, most of it is now quest/dungeon blues and greens. This has added around 1000 spellpower to my stats and given me heading towards 50k health and over 30k mana. I am noticing swift and meaty increases in my DPS as well and I didn’t consider my DPS as low in the first place.

Glyph prices are high at the moment so I still haven’t glyphed the resto spec that I have purchased recently. I’ll be doing that as our guild raid team may be short of healers and I’ve been asked if I want to take part when I hit 85, which of course I do. This expansion is one I want to participate in and with only 5 levels to go up it should be easier. I am collecting rested and have more than enough to hit 83, I’m just hoping the next zone is a little more fun, I may go to Deepholm as that looks pretty nice from when I warped in there last night.

While there are still those who argue that WoW is getting dumbed down that is not something I am feeling from the dungeons with greater emphasis placed on tactics for the fights it makes people think and work together otherwise things don’t get done. I also think people are getting more used to wipes although a DPS Warrior in our group last night insisted that our Druid (my Guild Leader) ninja’d a piece of loot! What happened was that when the boss died people needed on it and the Druid won, the DPS Warrior did a /roll after the loot had been given out by the system and proceeded to whine that he had won it and needed to be given it or he would submit a report to Blizzard… He then needed on a pure Agility trinket over the Hunter in our group and said he’d give that to the Hunter when the Druid gave him the other loot, shockingly no one was going to be held to ransom and he got booted from the group. If you play on Argent Dawn beware of groups with an Orc Warrior called Rhadish, I’m not sure what server he was from but certainly a special snowflake!

Still, I’m having fun even if I am going slower than the rest of the server, I can tell you that the Cataclysm starter zones are a lot less crowded now, which is a good thing!

Oh and two more Oracles Eggs still haven’t produced that Proto-Drake….

Name and Shame – WoW Edition

While I cannot condone the use of profanity here the picture adequately relates what I want to do today. I understand that giving some asshats their little fifteen minutes of infamy maybe just what they want, and nobody will probably know or see the person in question but I just wanted to vent a little, so here we go.

I’d like to send out a great big shout out to Leksy, the level 74 Night Elf Warrior that was in Dragonblight last night, on the EU Argent Dawn server. Hi! I am that Human Death Knight you came across.

So, what is the cause of this public naming? Well, there is a quest in Dragonblight from the NPCs at Star’s Rest, they are concerned about all the fluffy little BEARS!!!! being infected, so, you are tasked with killing them off and burning their corpses, similar to the way UK government dealt with Foot and Mouth a few years back.

Being the vastly overpowered PvE machine that a Death Knight is, I rounded up an area worth of my targets and AOE’d them down. No-one else is around when I start and I certainly haven’t robbed anyone of their mobs. I set fire to the first of my corpses, then, our friend Leksy here proceeds to target and set fire to everything else (bar one Elk) that I had just killed, robbing the majority of them for his quest (I’d loot and then my corpse would be on fire before I could do anything else). I tried to whisper this character but, surprise surprise, I was ignored. I finished off my quest easily from other spawns but seriously, camping someone elses kills to finish your own quest when you see that person (who put the effort in to actually kill the mobs) doing what you are doing it just not on. I know this particular special snowflake probably doesn’t care about any of this, but the icing on the cake was after our little Night Elf had ninja’d three fifths of my quest mobs they gave me a /thank…

This is the kind of person who should be publicly flogged. It is a small misdemeanour in the grand scheme of things but an asshat is an asshat, so, if you come across Leksy on EU Argent Dawn, you now know what kind of person they are. Luckily for this person they are a prot specced warrior so we should never meet in an instance (me being a tanking DK) because if we were, well, I don’t want to group with someone who shows such a disregard for other players.


40K Boardgame Meets Metaphysical Ninjas

I could have posted a lot more stuff yesterday than I did, however, in a rare case of good blogging sense I decided to hold back on some goodies so as not to overwhelm the soft-fleshy sensibilities of our readership.

Today’s post is about a product that has, like some kind of ninja assassin, snook up and then rammed a katana through my rib cage. Only less messy and not as violently. I get email newsletters from various establishments throughout the week and when I saw one particular thing I was amazed at what my eyes beheld. To try to give that same shock factor I’ll just paste the image below;

I know! Where the hell did that come from? I have not yet had the time to be able to go and check out the contents of the box, it does look pretty beefy and as the product page says the price is a little over £70 I expect it to be chockfull or “something”. Maybe even some pieces of power armour because Servitob really does like to dress-up.

As I do most of my posting from work (shhhhh!) I can’t get to the Fantasy Flight games until lunchtime rolls around, so as I said, the contents are currently a mystery, but this is a game that is set around the time Horus got narked with his Dad and decided to get some payback….. teenage angst much? Although to be fair to Horus he was probably the most bad ass emo ever to have graced the human race. I’ll probably update this post once I know some more but even though it’s obviously an expensive release and IGUK are sold out through pre-orders alone this is something I’d like to take a serious look at. Space Hulk has sat on shelves recently as we’ve been playing Malifaux but that is a game we all enjoy and although this is no doubt different side games like this help to bulk out the universe and give us nerds something else to chuck cash at.