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Experiments In Painting – British Army Napoleonic Redcoat Warhammer 40k Ork Boyz

Old servitob must be going crazy or something in his old age because last week whilst on his lunchbreak he walked into a Games Workshop store and bought something!

To be straight I just fancied painting something; so here you are folks.

The older ones among you may recall a fantasy Napoleonic game called Flintloque; where the British orcs led by Lord Wheeling-Turn and the invincible Dick Shark and his band of merry riflemen would go up against French Elves. I can’t remember the game being all that great but the idea was pretty amusing. Is my paintjob a coincidence?

If you’re still awake at this point you may have noticed that the picture has five orks in it. Wot’s append to da uvver boyz den?

From The Brush of Servitob: British Perry’s Napoleonics

These are quite possibly the greatest miniatures I’ve ever bought. To give full credit they are a box of “Perry Miniatures British Napoleonic Line Infantry 1808-1815”, containing 40 figures (36 redcoats and 4 light infantry) in 28mm scale.

Why are they so awesome? Let me sum it up:

1) Great sculpts from the Perry Bros
2) Plenty of unit options, no need to buy an extra box set if you want the unit to contain a multimelta or almost mandatory powerfist (useful for falcon punching those stubborn grognards!)

On to the really good stuff:

3) All bases are included
4) Unit painting guide included
5) Unit flags included
6) All of this for RRP £18!

Hoorah for pipe and slippers gaming!