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Kings of War 2nd Edition Kickstarter

Mantic games have launched yet another Kickstarter, this time for their highly acclaimed Warhammer wanna-be Kings of War. You can choose to either grab the rulebook ($50 nets you a full hardback one that includes the rules and all the current army lists as well as a smaller format one for taking out with you in your army case). Or, for the princely sum of $150 you can get the rules and your choose of 2 starter army sets or one mega army.

I must say that I’m tempted by the mega army, as I’ve been looking at the Abyssal Dwarves for a long time and I’ve only ever heard good things about the system. The new Abyssals look like they could be fun. The only criticisms I have is why Mantic can’t just release stuff like a normal company, everything has to be Kickstarted? Also, why are they running this in November with the funding cycle set to end in December when Amazon will then automatically hoover money out of accounts.

Surely it’s the worst time of year to do that with Christmas being right around the corner and barely over a month away at this point! I even made a statement of that on the forums. Then, someone rather helpful suggested why not back it fort $1 and then up the pledge when it comes time to submit what you want off the surveys.

So I did.

Dreadball First Playthrough

DreadZine_CoverZombiePirate and I managed to play an inaugural game of the Speedball2 40k Bloodbowl mash-up general GW trolling Dreadball yesterday. It was the not-quite-space-marine Trontek 29ers vs the not-really-sisters-of-battle Void Sirens.

Fortunately we had both looked at the pretty pictures in the rulebook which is always a plus when trying out a new system. There were naturally some high levels of rules lawyering and checking owing more to it being our first game rather than us being competitive twelve year old at heart.

Overall it was a positive experience. The game system seems very intuitive after a few goes, and the whole thing should flow very quickly after a few games. The game itself is very fast paced and good fun. Hopefully it can become a good staple game.


Today’s post title is a blatant rip-off from one of my favourite blogs Fighting Fantasist; it made me laugh so I thought I’d steal it for my own nefarious purposes. Coop’s blog is great and I hope he doesn’t mind! It is of course a tangential reference to the The Other Nottingham Gaming Company’s upcoming release of Dreadball.

I’ve done some looking about and it seems like it could be quite a bit of fun. Obviously my first port of call was coop’s post mentioned above. Secondly I found some interesting tidbits over at Quirkworthy. I presume that this blogger has something to do with Mantic by the content of posts. From there you can link to some other decent sites at Boardgamegeek and then you can go pre-order it at Kickstarter.

So what’s my ever so non-influential opinion on these wispy morsels of facts and opinions expressed as facts? I think they could be on to something good here. The obvious comparisons with BloodBowl will abound but heck the big BB is one of the Sheriff’s best games full stop. More of the same without the need to buy hundreds of models and then the need to paint hundreds of models is no bad thing. In addition, a game like this is easy to transport and set up. The real selling point for me of games like this such as BloodBowl and Space Hulk and Formula D and the like is that they are played on grids so there’s no abiguity over measuring and distances. The whole experience is so much more precise; and I like that!

Warpath – First Thoughts

This week saw the beta release of Mantic’s latest game, Warpath. It’s essentially a squad based sci-fi dice roller with much in common with Warhammer 40,000.

My first impressions following a good scan of the rules are pretty positive, I think it has potential to be a very fun game. The big difference from other generic sci-fi squad based games is that as squads take damage they become more ineffective, rather than losing squad members. Calling squad heavy support weapons ‘BFGs’ is also a nice touch. More armies will give it a bit of variability, and if the model releases are up to regular Mantic standard then we should be in for a treat, both aesthetically and pocketwise. I just hope it achieves decent market penetration.

One problem I could level at the game right now is as follows. Warhammers are big heavy weapons used from ancient times for bludgeoning the poop out of things, and 40,000 is a damn big number, and big numbers are cool. Paths however are generally found in nice gardens and leafy wooded areas, and you wouldn’t be surprised if you found a cute pixie playing a magic flute at the side of one.

Mantic Games Release Dwarfs In Time For Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition

OK so to those of you who are clued up and not watching the World Cup this may not be exactly breaking news… A while back I managed to get a view of some dwarf 3ups from perennial thorn in GWs side, Mantic Games. Thorn in the side? Why yes! Have you seen the fantasy plastic miniatures these guys produce? Generally I think they are of good quality and look suitably fantasy-ish. The scale is slightly more delicate, with waify elves and skinny skeletons rather than the butch, chunky productions of Games Workshop figures but they are squarely aimed at the Warhammer Fantasy market. Although obviously they would never promote their figures as suitable for WHFB, they certainly are. Seeing as GW don’t own the intellectual property rights over elves and skeletons at the moment (although this may be subject to change), legal issues are neatly sidestepped. So here are their latest offerings:

My impressions? Well if you want an army that looks like a CAMRA convention with pots and pans on its heads then go for it. The Games Workshop versions are more interesting. However, I don’t think that firstly my opinion counts, and secondly aesthetics are Mantic’s main selling point. The thing is with these armies is they are ridiculously cheap when compared with the GW equivalent. You can pick up a decent sized force for WHFB for pocket money prices that fits the scale, looks nice and even comes with it’s own carry case included in the price.

So what does this mean long term for WHFB? Especially considering the recent price hikes by GW? Are we going to see a shift towards more affordable miniatures with the big players reduced to being rules producers? Maybe not yet… But for now extra choice and competition in the marketplace can only be a good thing.