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6 Inch Move Goes To Warhammer World

For the second year running we managed a new years trip to the Sheriff’s very own Nottingham HQ. The itenerary was standard except this year we didn’t bring hordes of miniatures to benefit from the amazing gaming tables available.

Otherwise it was a visit to museum, a general roam around the gaming hall to see what people are up to, then off to Bugman’s Bar for some awesome burgers and a few games of Death Angel.

The trip was rounded off by a short hop cross city to Maelstrom Games, a place with good potential. If I lived closer I’d probably be gaming there every week!

Maelstrom Games Christmas Discount Voucher

Those folks over at Maelstrom are going all festive again, with one of their regular 16% RRP promotions until 29th of November 2010 at midnight (GMT).

Go get yourself some bargains. I’ve never been disappointed with them and anecdotally they sure aren’t as slow at delivery as they used to be!

In true Slade style, the voucher code is: ITS-CHRISTMAS

6 Inch Move – Trying Out 8th Edition at the Home of Warhammer

With the days of Summer now dwindling as we approach Autumn, the 6 Inch Move team descended from our floating citadel to take some well-earned (mostly) days off. August is traditionally a month for vacationing and so we took breaks from our usual employment of reconfiguring printers and people’s faces to spend time avoiding wives/girlfriends through various creatives uses of our time. I thought I’d catalogue some of this as it may be of interest to all those web-trawling Googlebots.

During the first day of our vacation we decided to stick with something traditional, not quite a slap-up dinner at Mrs Miggin’s Pie Shoppe but nonetheless decidedly tasty. We started with a hearty McDonalds breakfast before heading up north to balmy Lenton and it just so happened that it was the first day that the Island of Blood boxed set was being demonstrated. Unfortunately not all of us were allowed out to play, Gribblin spouted some nonsense about his girlfriend (how he can be asked to spend time with her rather than his mates after taking her to see all three Twilight movies and the DVD releases I do not know) so it was just the three of us making the pilgrimage this time. In reality we had travelled several hours north just to get a Fat Bloke burger but mum’s the word on that if our wives are reading.

While taking in the store we took a look over the display they had for the new set, to whet your whistle I provide a recently released screenshot of how things look from the box.

I have to say that I was impressed with the quality of the models. We were almost instantly beset by an other-enthusiastic red shirt doing his best Del-boy Trotter impression hoping we’d lay down some cash for a set. Servitob, piqued from his normal Warhammer Fantasy malaise decided to take up his offer of trying the game out. I’d already read through the rules but good ol’ Servitob is not normally into this kind of thing, he took part as the verminous Rat-men while I was left with some haughty Elves.

The models are really good, high quality and if you collect either of the armies in the box you could do a lot worse than grab this set. Some of the models seem a little odd to include as a set but for learning to play they have a good selection of different types of models. We were apparently destined to try to kill each other which we set about in short order. Memorable moments of the battle were the first turn Skaven magic phase, a level 1 Warlock Engineer fried my Mage with a single Warp Lightning cast, the Warp Fire Thrower decimating the unit of Sword Masters almost to a man, the Ellyrian Reavers fleeing a charge and then not rallying for two turns, the cremated Sword Masters seeing off the unit of Clanrats supporting the Warp Fire Thrower that had scorched them earlier. This was then joined by the Griffon riding Elf hero scaring off the Skaven Warlord’s regiment bt landing behind it and saying “BOO!” in a particularly loud and menacing fashion. When all things were tallied up both sides had been thinned massively and we happily called it a draw.

First impressions of the game were very favourable, things have been streamlined and the game play is faster, Servitob hasn’t played for a few editions but also took a liking to things, you know how much by the fact he tried to paint a Skaven the other day. When we got home in the evening he even suggested we arrange another game. Our red shirt wasn’t quite up to scratch with the new rules, he needed reminding of a few things every now and again but from talking to him he was new there so I’m not going to be too hard on him. I have to say I did enjoy the game, the warmachines included as part of the Skaven are really evil,  don’t fancy facing those across the table in a proper battle but in general the game was quite bloody with both Elves and Skaven dying in  droves.

We had a quick look round the store, went for our burgers and then took a trip to Maelstrom Games as we were in the neighbourhood. I’ll write-up another post charting the battles we have fought of 8th edition proper to give a better impression of how we found the game, currently we have used Wood Elves, Daemons of Chaos and Vampire Counts, full run down coming soon so stay tuned.

6 Inch Move Store Review – Maelstrom Games

Welcome to a new feature over here at 6 Inch Move. There are many purveyors of the particular kind of crack that we enjoy with our hobby, many offering various discounts on the RRP of products in order to entice customers. So, us being the generous kind of chaps we are, we thought we’d provide you with reviews of not only the more traditional bricks and mortar stores but also those online retailers we have used. The plan is to plop one of these up every week and provide our usual unbiased opinion of the various facets of each operation.

So, without further ado our first retailer is one of the largest in the UK… Maelstrom Games!

These guys are a bricks and mortar outfit but also have a formidable web presence. I’ve used the web store on numerous occasions but have never been into the actual building so for the purpose of this review we’ll just be looking into the web store.

Personally I refer to these guys are everyone’s favourite “we’ll ship it when we can be bothered” web store. What keeps me coming back is the fact that not only do they offer a competitive price to start with but there are frequent offers emailed out to their mailing list subscribers. All of this means that you are looking at cheapo deal hunters like myself hitting up the site so that I can get my hands on my models for knockdown prices. So, first of all let’s have a look at the good;

  • Good discounts across ranges
  • Range of postal options – nothing worse than putting together a whole wad of stuff at 20% to work out you have to re-mortgage your house in order to afford the postage
  • Large range of models and accessories available
  • Easy to navigate site
  • Your goodies are well packaged when sent out

The range of stuff they stock is really quite impressive and if you were to merely look at the good side of things then you can understand how they are one of the larger places that you can buy stuff from, however, from personal experience and also from discussions with Servitob there are some negatives here that really cannot be ignored;

  • Despatching is hit and miss (mostly miss)
  • Could be simpler to cancel orders
  • Order Now!! Status on items doesn’t really tell you that they have no stock of that item

Time to elaborate on some of these. I got to use the Easter discount recently, there are a couple of things I was after, something for Warhammer and Malifaux. I out in an order on a Monday at lunch time, all items were shown as in stock and yet I got the despatch notification over a week later… I am pretty anxious to receive one item in particular from this batch of stuff and waiting isn’t one of my strong points. I know that they have the physical store to look after too but I kind of expect an outfit of their size to be able to despatch in stock items within a day or two. I don’t think this is unreasonable.

Now, this isn’t always the case, sometimes they do send stuff out within their “we usually ship within 2-3 days” I still think that’s a long time but if they put it on the site I can’t complain, however, when it takes 7 days before something ships, well, I get less than impressed. This is my biggest problem with them if I’m honest. Even accounting for the discounts in this latest instance I’d have been happier to go down my local store and pick up a full price copy of what I’m after. The waiting time makes the extra expense worthwhile, especially considering the service I get from the store I go to.

When you contact them they are really quite pleasant but then that is easy on email, maybe if I’d have given them hell over why it can take a week to put stuff in a box and send it in the post I may not have received as civil a response.

So, let’s break down my thoughts and create the areas that we are going to be using to judge our various stores on.

  • Price – 9/10 – Not the highest discounts I’ve seen but this is the main reason I’ve ever gone there
  • Store itself – 8/10 – the website is not that bad at all really, easy to find what you want
  • Customer Service – 4/10 – Not really impressed here at all, reasons given above and that isn’t based off a single incident
  • Product Range – 10/10 – These guys stock an awful lot of stuff and most of it is in stock. Pre-orders are available but sometimes you’ll find the latest stuff being out of stock, even though the store isn’t all that clear about that until you get to know it

Overall that gives Maelstrom Games a 31 out of 40 not a bad result. As long as you aren’t eager for your stuff to get to you then feel free to give them a go, there is a money back scheme but it’s hardly worth mentioning unless you are spending serious sums and the hit and miss sending out of your stuff will probably annoy you at some point reducing your chance of coming back and realising the savings you get from the loyalty reward.

Stay tuned for our next review coming next Monday.

Easter Discount from Maelstrom Games

Maelstrom Games are offering visitors to their site a discount over the Easter period. Before April 5th typing in the code EARLY-EASTER will net you a whopping 17.5% discount off the price of your toy soldiers. Wife-busting prices if ever I saw one.

So, if you have some Easter cash you were thinking of spending on the kid’s easter eggs, you now have a viable alternative*.

*6inchmove in no way condones depriving children of cocoa-based Galliformes droppings!