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Off to Salute

salute2014webbannerIt’s April, while to many people I imagine that means the potential for people to dress in large rabbit suits (damn furries!) and also an over-indulgence in chocolate eggs, for those of us with more of a bent towards pushing plastic and metal soldiers around made-up battlefields we look forward to a different kind of event.

This coming Saturday sees the annual return of the Salute event. Salute sees the gaming fraternity descend upon the London docklands in an orgy of gaming goodness. It takes place at the eXel centre, a huge complex of rooms where a number of shows take place at the same time. I’ve never seen any of them be as interesting as the toy soldiers show though.

Normally a gathering of gamers in a restricted space is nothing but a miasma of body odour and beard-generated static electricity but, thankfully, there’s enough headroom there in the hall that this isn’t an issue unless you want to get all friendly with some of the neck beards.

From my perspective I really look forward to this day. Despite the large amount of travelling involved from the floating citadel it’s very much an experience I look forward to. A day out with good friends, seeing the latest and greatest on offer from a hobby I’ve been involved in for 22 years.

Wondering if I should take the SLR this year to grab some nice piccies?

Salute – 6 Inch Move on the Road

While we have a number of posts getting folks ready for the UK Games Expo in the summer what I have missed out on is directing our readership to Salute. Every year the South London Warlords host a rather large show in the Excel centre on the London Docklands. This show is this coming Saturday and the majority of the 6 Inch Move Team will be there, if I can find a quiet moment I may even be able to offer a blog post from there. Isn’t technology wonderful.

Whatever happens we have to leave quite early to leave our sleepy Shropshire abodes in order to travel to the Centre of the Universe(TM) which should take us around three hours. We are looking forward to being in the presence of so many other nerds/geeks and what have you. We’ll be blending in quite well I reckon.