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ZombiePirate XXX Does Cleaning and Some Converting

It may very well still be Winter but here in the wing of the floating citadel occupied by my wife and I, we have been doing some spring cleaning. By cleaning I of course mean, “chuck all our crap on the floor and then move it somewhere else.”

What this really means is that the room we have been using for a study we have been clearing and converting ready to throw in some furniture for an impending new arrival. Thusly, what has been the spare bedroom is slowly progressing into becoming the study. The whole process took a couple of days to sort out until the computer desks were in place but things went pretty smoothly and we have the good fortune of being assisted by helpful family members.

I therefore took this opportunity to do the typical blokey “swipe arm across desk and let everything fall in the bin” approach to tidying and was left with a clear computer desk for the first time in around 5 years. This was swiftly replaced by getting my toy soldiers out! I’m trying to make sure that my Persian horde of metal and plastic is kept secure and safe and the desk surface is then free for paints and tool and whatever it is that I am working on at the moment. As this is the case currently I thought I’d throw up some teasers with what I am currently working on.

The Dark Eldar release at the tail end of last year disgorged a veritable treasure trove or gaming gold. I picked up quite a few boxes and blisters to start off the army that I’d wanted over a decade ago. In the Codex there are some pretty decent examples of how you can use the plastic kits in conjuncture with the metals to create unique models. I often look through miniatures galleries and marvel at the awesomeness of some of the conversions you see on display. There are really some talented people out there. This inspires me to try some stuff of my own, after almost 20 years in the hobby I hope to have picked up some skillz. Therefore I took my Archon (who came with a miscast Husk Blade) and added a few bits here and there to make him a little more unique so that he fits in with my army and the wargear I’ve given him. You can see him in the picture below;

I think he’s looking pretty decent and now just needs an undercoat before I can get on with painting him. I think I’m going to be going with the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue from the Codex rather than the default Kabal of the Black Heart.

Not only did I give the Archon model the once over but also had a go with the incredible Lelith Hesperax model. In the blister she comes with options for two knives or an Impaler for her left arm. I eschewed both of these in favour of an Agoniser from the Warriors sprue. This took a small bit of remodelling of the plastic part of the arm for it to match the joint at the right place but I personally think it has come out really well. The true test will come when it is basecoated and painted though. The model is full of dynamism and movement as it is and I didn’t want to lose that as I made a substantial weapons change. Overall I am very happy with the result. Take a look for yourselves;

GW and the Dark Eldar in Non Male-Pubescant Female Stereotype Model Shocker

Ironically I posted a similar topic almost a year to the day. Today I am actually going to be using some pictures to back things up and the topic is slightly different. After placing my pre-order for virtually every item on the current Dark Eldar advance orders page of the GW site I thought I’d talk about one of the ones I didn’t pre-order. I placed orders for the things I reckon I’ll be using straight off the bat, but this one I might pick up later.

Now, I happen to think that this is one of the best female models ever produced! I mentioned it a little in my post on the Dark Eldar being shown off at Games Day but wanted to expand on that. I love the Sherriff’s new aesthetic with flowing models loaded with movement rather than boring, static pieces. Lelith Hesperax is a special character and hence my decision not to pick this up as a must have straight away. Chances are I’ll get it at some point, especially if I go with a heavy Wych theme as I could use her as a generic Archite but not sure how the rules for the update are going to be yet.

What I love about this model, other than the dynamism is that it looks female. Wychs are gladiators without peer, the pinnacle of that concept and are therefore lithe and muscular. I have to praise GW for doing the concept justice rather than falling into aged stereotypes, let’s look at an example of that shall we?

Yup, large breasted, wafer thin waists with an aversion for clothing of any kind. Games Workshop aren’t the only ones to follow this trend though;

Collette Du Bois (I happen to own this model *coughs*) does own a bordello though so you can’t really blame her dress, it does fit with her theme. However, again we have a buxom wench and then there are the below;

Now, I’m not going to go through every set of models ever made, nor every faction for every game, but suffice to say there are a fistful of models that do nothing but portray the schoolboyish image of stylised women meeting the typical fantastical idea of the female form. While I’m not advocating that we end up with 300lb gorillas for models of our sweet gender opposites it would be nice if there was some natural variety rather than stick thin boobarellas. Let’s try to make gaming a hobby that can be looked upon as respectable rather than the province of giggling school boys who think boobies is a dirty word best spelt on inverted calculators.