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6 Inch Movie Review – “It’s A Trap”

You’d be forgiven for thinking that recently your beloved source of unbiased miniature gaming insights has become an off shoot of IMDB. However, it is nothing more than the New Year’s lull before we get back on with some proper gaming. Having my desk usable for modelling now means I have access to my computer so I slot in a DVD or fire up my iTunes.

Earlier this week I went shopping for a new pair of jeans (please, bear with me on this, it is relevant) and took a look round various stores for games/DVDs etc… I saw what is pictured at the start of this post, a single copy left of the Limited Edition DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital triple play version of the final episode in the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy. The difference between the normal Blu-Ray and the Limited Edition was a whole two pounds, you get the usual raft of collectibles, T-shirt, signed and illustrated script and some cards. For £2 it seems like a good grab. However, after having just bought the jeans I referred to earlier I thought I’d leave it for the moment and conserve my cash.

So, happy with my new-found sense of frugality I toddled off. The following day I go off to the Post Office to recover a couple of Signed For items that were delivered to my house while I was out at work. One of them was an innocuous looking envelope, inside was a gift card from my brother and his family as the DVDs they bought me for Christmas I already owned. The following day (yesterday as it happens) I took my lunch break and heading into the local shopping precinct armed with said gift card. A trip into the branch of His Master’s Voice availed me of the “It’s a Trap” limited edition set and a copy of “How to Train Your Dragon”, bolstering new things to watch while playing with my little toy soldiers.

After dinner I sat down to finish some fiddly construction pieces and slotted in Family Guy to give it a watch and following on from Servitob’s week of film critique thought I’d follow suit and offer my thoughts on the final piece of this particular parody trilogy.


Now, I am guessing that anyone who is watching this movie must have seen the original, otherwise it just won’t make sense and I’d watched “Something, Something, Something Darkside” again the night before. Right from the off in the opening crawl it tells you that they ran out of ideas and jokes and believe me that’s true. Overall there are a couple of things you will laugh at but overall it is nowhere near the quality of Blue Harvest or Darkside. Just like its predecessors however it does stick very faithfully to the actual story.

My main issue with the movie is that because of their admitted lack of ideas on crafting some humour in they have generally replaced dialogue where you’d expect there to be some jokes with a few choice pieces of heavy profanity. While I have a personal aversion to this kind of vulgar language anyway, the fact it is used quite frequently throughout the movie cheapens it. They don’t need to resort to coarse language in order to try to make something funny, I wish more writers would cotton on to this fact and rather than take the easy option of throwing a few F-bombs in would actually think about what they are writing and use their brains.

Anyway, with that particular bug-bear out-of-the-way, the cast of characters is expanded to cover the new introductions that come in Jedi/Trap. I won’t spoil them all here as there are some funny inclusions that you probably wouldn’t have guess at going in blind. While you do have to chuckle at the inclusion of some of them some of them don’t really work in context and considering that the pace of the film seems to be trying to cram in the whole of Jedi it does come across a little rushed. I still enjoyed it though and it certainly isn’t the worst piece of animation that I have ever seen, nor the worst Star Wars parody. If you take it on its own then Trap isn’t really anything special, luckily though it is part of a heritage of the previous excellent offerings. I know that in the Star Wars community there isn’t a whole lot of love for Episode 6, Empire being the widely accepted pinnacle of the saga and I think that is mirrored in the Family Guy send-up too.

It’s still worth a watch though, especially if you’ve seen the others but you are warned from the off it’s not as good as the others and it isn’t. Whether that pre-text is some kind of placebo to get you in the frame of mind that it isn’t as good we’ll see. I’ll watch it again anyway and see what I think the second time through.

Overall I’d probably give it a 3 out of 5, funny in places, not funny in others. The other two set a standard that this can’t live up too unfortunately, but such is the way with trilogies, inevitably by the third movie things take a turn for the worse and this holds true to that.