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DropZone Commander – Just a little longer and PHR Zeus command walker

WOW, something awesome today, but I am bias as I love me some PHR and the walkers always look good to me 🙂

When I first saw these back at Salute in April I thought the shield on the side would be some kind of energy barrier and I came up with all sorts of protective shielding ideas for the force. Then seeing the AWACS style dome on the top I thought nope these are part of the Command and control. Good to see I was right.

Salute. April. You know it was the beginning of April we first saw Hawk wargames, steal the show with DropZone Commander and I among many have been waiting for the game to drop. Sadly it was delayed for a week, now our very own ZombiePirate told me this would happen and he was right. Dave just needs time to get things right and that is fine. However It has become more apparent on the web and amongst people I know in the community that they are getting how should I say it, tired? It’s the right word but expresses the feeling I guess as interest is starting the wane a bit. It’s been 2 months of teasers and we are all an impatient lot.

So hold on a little longer, Not long to go now 3 days!

Now have a look at this beauty:

PHR Zeus command walker – equipped with coms dish and advanced shield generator.

PHR Zeus command walker
PHR Zeus command walker


DropZone Commander – UCM Kodiak Command Vehicle

Today we have the awesome looking UCM Kodiak Command Vehicle, I really like the look of this Vehicle especially the seperate rader section at the rear. Dave said that this can call in tactical orbital strikes, so it isn’t as harmless as it looks!

UCM Kodiak Command Vehicle
UCM Kodiak Command Vehicle


DropZone Commander – Delay and New images

Official word from Dave over at Hawk Game is a short delay, here is the press release:

Press release: For immediate release

Hi everyone!

I know this is something no one wants to hear, but we need to delay the launch of the full Hawk Wargames site by 7 days. This is due to a number of reasons (not all bad though!):

– Final assembly of the site is taking a little longer than expected, since we’re working on extra content.

– We’ve been making several improvements to our line after user feedback, as well as adding extra army deals (There will be three for each race).

– Simply keeping up with the overwhelming response from Salute has taken a while, but this is no bad thing!

We’re working our hearts out to ensure that the site does not disappoint. Hopefully you’ll agree that taking the time to get it right was worth the wait when you see it!

The site will now open for Dropzone Commander pre-orders on June 8th, to ship July 23rd (since this delay has a knock-on effect to our schedule). In the meantime, the daily previews will keep coming!

Thanks for your patience and apologies for the short delay,

Dave Lewis
Hawk Wargames

This is sad news, I would liked to have given you some info on releases and prices shortly but it looks like there will be a short delay. To make up for it here is some nice new images:

First off, The UCM Raven Type-A light dropship:

UCM Raven Type-A light dropship
UCM Raven Type-A light dropship

An now the PHR Triton A1 strike dropship:

PHR Triton A1 strike dropship
PHR Triton A1 strike dropship