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Easter – The Time of Intergalactic Conflict and Sporting Rebirth

Among the denizens of the Floating Citadel being given days off work is heralded by an anticipation of the potential for staying indoors and hovering around little models of men in armour, or, possibly, really small tanks. Sacrifices are offered, supplications made and trips out with the family to he most horrifying of all places on Earth, the shopping mall, to placate the almighty deity known as “wife” in the hope we will be allowed out to play with a friends.

With a wave and a cheer I dispatched my significant other to her parents and had the delightful company of Gribblin and Servitob to share my gaming time with. While we don’t exactly have photos or a full feature battle report to bring you I thought it’d be at least worthwhile to show off what we played and how we felt about it. As gaming is so few and far between right now deciding what to play becomes a much larger concern than ye olde “buy everything” mentality that pervades our hobby.

So it was that we kicked the day off with Deadzone. It’s a cinch to set-up and plays pretty quickly too. I love the fact you don’t need a huge table full of terrain as the mat is a great thing to play off. We ran our second ever game using Rebs against the Plague. For the Plague I created a list with the 3A General, 2 Stage 2As, 3 Stage 3As, 2 3Ds and two 3As with HMGs. Up against them were an eclectic band or Rebs; Rebs Commander, 3 Humans, 1 Yndij, 1 Survey Drone, 1 Desolator Grogan, 1 Kraaw, 1 Zee Scavenger and 1 TK-Zero.

I drew Scour for my mission and Gribblin, armed with the Zombie like Plague drew Infiltrate. Eventually it was the Rebs who won. After turtling in their deployment zone and despatching their faster moving elements to go grab the loot tokens they did a pretty good job of destroying the enemy using the Grogan and TK-zero. Turn 1 the Grogan one shotted a 2A with a pretty awesome display of marksmanship. Gribblin did manage to get the second 2A off the board as well as a 3A. Unfortunately that was as far as his game went. TK-zero took a number of shots that put the pain into his Strike Team, despite the HMGs of the Plague doing their best to suppress the weapons team. The highlight of the game was a missed shot that left the 3A in the target cube undamaged but the resulting explosion catapulted the general into a cube occupied by a 3D. The resulting collision saw both fleshy sacks of alien mutagen expire and, with a follow-up headshot from the Commander sealed the game with a rather empathic win for the plucky Rebs.

Following on from that we dived into Dropzone Commander. Up against Gribblin’s totally cheesy Shaltari teleportation shenanigans were my UCM. We played 1500pts and it was a really tight game. I horribly misused both my Wolverines and Katanas, so much so that none of them had any real impact on the game at all. My 6 Gladius however were a total wrecking crew. A Battlegroup that costs over 400 points may be a little excessive in a game of this size but they certainly paid for themselves with the impact that they had. They killed a terra gate, stopping the moving of an objective off the table, dropped some bricks on the head of the Shaltari warsuits preventing them from finding an objective (after a pair of Raven B’s had already put the hurt on the same building killing off an earlier attempt to find the objective with a different squad) as well as nuking a Coyote. Not bad when they lost not a single one from their number over the course of the game.

My Legionnaires in the Raven As were brilliant. They went into buildings, found objectives and then de-bussed quickly. With the blistering pace and small landing zones the Ravens got away quickly securing two objectives that I managed to get off the table. Gribblin managed to down one with an attack run from his fast mover but all it did was ground the transport. A transport I quickly replaced with a “Call for Extraction” card. I never felt hampered by my lack of a Commander above CV3 although spending so much on the Gladius group meant I had far fewer AA units that I’d have liked.

When it came around to post-pizza Dreadball I took my Void Sirens for their inaugural run against Servitob’s more masculine looking dudes. The game was quick and brutal, my good dice from earlier in the day deserting me. I was happy to lose as I’d had pretty decent luck through the rest of the day and I still got to play a game that was a blast and has the benefits of, like Deadzone, being quick to set up, play and pack away. Always a bonus in my mind.

We had three great games, it was really nice to get to spend some gaming time among friends. I’ve now got more motivation to get the stuff I’m using painted so that it looks nicer and we’ll see when it is we can get around to doing it again. It certainly looks like we’re all in a good place with the games that we’ve got to play and not a GW mini in sight.

Blood Bowl & Wednesday Night Gaming

IN what has now become a firm fixture in the 6 Inch Move gaming calendar we descended upon the Servitob wing of the floating citadel (recently upgraded with a spiffy new conservatory) for some Wednesday night gaming action.

As you can see from the cunningly placed image and post title last night was a foray into the Warhammer Fantasy world with one of GW’s stand out games from the mid nineties. Blood Bowl, for those too young to remember it, was a game encompassing most of the Fantasy races and took the form of a corrupted American Football game. The rules replicate passing, rushing and ferocious, bone-crunching tackles, that, in true Warhammer style, may mean more than a quick exit to the showers, where morticians are in greater demand that physicians.

We played with all the rules from the Core box, although I do have the Death Zone expansion waiting for later. We also used the plastic teams that came with this set. The usual suspects for the night’s entertainment were myself, our host Servitob and “no longer really qualifies as a gaming noob” nBreaker. I played referee for the first half and let the other two have at it. Servitob took the Humans while nBreaker took the Orcs.

The first half was actually rather tame as the two teams squared off, Servitob kicked off the half and the ball landed deep in the Orcs backfield where it was retrieved by a Lineman. The Humans blitzed, the ball came loose and they ran it into the end zone to open the scoring. The Humans then kicked off, this time the ball was picked up by an Orc Thrower, the Orcs on the line of scrimmage then did an awesome job of beating down their Human opponents to open up a rushing lane and the Thrower basically ran the length of the field and into the end zone. All square at the half!

In the second half nBreaker relinquished control of the Orcs to me. I stacked the line of scrimmage with as many Orcs as I could and left the secondary as purely the two Orc Throwers. Servitob used some nice positional play to open up one of his catchers to receive a throw at max range. Being the flukey bugger that he is he rolled the hard six needed for the pass to be accurate, The catcher grabbed the ball deftly out of the air.

What the poor catcher didn’t count on was a blitzing Orc Thrower that pushed the Human off the field and straight into the dugout. In following turns the Thrower picked up the ball while a Lineman made his way into the opponents half of the field. At this point my Offensive line of Blitzers and Black Orcs was pummeling Humans into the ground with a massive rate of success, this allowed me to get my thrower in position who chucked a pass to the Lineman who ran it into the end zone for the Orcs second touchdown. With only two turns left to go we finished the game as there was no chance for the Humans to get the ball and run it, not even if they’d have tried something similar to an on-side kick.

All in all a fun time was had and the league rules might come out in the future.

What is good about Blood Bowl is that the rules are very simple but leave a lot open to player strategy. You have one of four actions that each player can take in a turn, Move, Block, Pass and Blitz. Only one player per team turn can make a Pass or a Blitz (blitz combines a move and a block) which means you really have to think about what each member of your team is going to do and what impact that will have when the game goes to your opponents turn. Each half is a maximum of 8 turns and while that may seem like a lot there are many actions which cause a turnover so you might find that if you start off the turn with a Block that goes badly all of a sudden your opponent is having his go and you are out of position, so planning your turn is paramount.

Even with the fact we were checking on a lot of the rules (I’d read them through but as anyone knows that’s no substitute for actually playing) the game was pretty swift. It’s great that something that is almost 20 years old still plays so well and with no disputes about how things work. I know it has a huge following online and there are a number of companies who produce models for the same kind of games elsewhere. It’s certainly a solid game and I look forward to getting Gribblin and Carabus into a game soon. For our regular mid-week session this game seems solid to fill those few hours.

It gets a big Two Thumbs Fresh from this undead buccaneer!