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Firestorm Armada Light Years Ahead

So I got my first outing with Firestorm Armada recently courtesy of nBreaker, and I must say, it really is very good. Quick, simple, with plenty of suitable opportunites to throw loads of dice, drink DPZ and smack talk. Pretty much a perfect game for the 6InchMove team then. The only improvement I could suggest is the addition of take away meals to fleet selection so we don’t all have to cram into gribblin’s car at lunch time. Oh well, you can’t have it all!

For those of you looking for more ‘beef’ in your posts, here comes the more serious intellectual bit… Firestorm Armada in my opinion is better than Uncharted Seas. Why? I don’t really know. Maybe the setting is more appealing. Maybe it’s pure shooting fun without all the hassle of boarding actions. Maybe the game just has more polish and balance.

More great intellectual analysis coming from servitob soon!


The Best Things In Life Are Free!

A weird combination of events occured recently in separate fields, namely the fields of gaming and domestic bliss. Not only would it look really strange on a Venn diagram, but in my case led me to some fun reminiscing.

Anyway, I was busy tidying up the other day and I found my completely forgotten ruleset for Full Thrust. Full Thrust is not a pelvic themed double entendre, but an absolutely ancient space ship combat game.

The game tries to use realistic space physics, and the rules allow players to design their own ships. It is one of the oldest, most tried and tested rulesets for this type of game and is still going strong, and last year GZG released the rules for free! (click here)

The question is, how will it compare to Spartan Games’ new upstart ‘Firestorm Armada’? I think we’ll have a fight on our hands! Cap’n, hostile ruleset in sight, imma firin’ ma lazors! Pew pew!