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Monte Carlo Grand Prix In Miniature – Formula D

The smell of fuel, burning rubber and smoke, the sound of tire squeal and roaring engines, the glamorous semi naked women. But enough about Gribblin’s new place, we were there for some gaming.

Formula D was first to be played. We have played this a few times before and it never fails to bring some excitement to proceedings. This time was no different. ZombiePirate successfully led from pole position for most of the race, with Gribblin and servitob fighting a continued battle for second place. Meanwhile nBreaker cruised along, seeing the sights in last place. ZombiePirate was pushing hard to extend his lead, and exiting Loews on the final lap his tires gave up, lost grip and he spun out. Two corners later after exiting the famous tunnel Gribblin managed to push his car beyond it’s limit and also lost control. nBreaker made his move and by the final corner was in first place. Unluckily for him servitob still had the racing line and clinched a last moment victory in a battle right to the finish line.

Gaming wise it was very close, coming right down to the last throw of the dice which is always a good thing. Formula D is an enjoyable game. It’s pretty simple and straightforward and gets you to make calculated risks within the guise of a racing game. Personally I enjoy it because it requires no metagaming – all the cars are the same, there are no killer lists to devise and no opportunity to win by cheese. In addition it is competitive but not confrontational. By this I mean there are opportunities to win and lose and appropriate gambles to be made but the outcomes rarely affect other gamers in a negative way. Overtaking someone is exciting but doesn’t destroy their car and they have the opportunity to make a comeback. It’s a subtle difference from regular miniatures gaming and one I enjoy. The speed of game setup and tidy-up is an added bonus.

Formula D leagues are not uncommon. Personally I would like to acquire a few more circuits and make something akin to a racing season out of it. I am sure there are opportunities for introducing RPG type elements to tie the races together. Perhaps driver skill, car specifics, pit crew quality and the like. It would depend upon the willingness of other gamers, plus whatever advice can be sought from the internet regarding previous leagues.

Overall, a good game. Any advice? Comments below!

Formula D

Do you suffer from army list writing fatigue? Does game imbalance bother you? Are your wrists tired from rolling bucketloads of dice to shoot, stab and wound your opponent? Are those elves starting to get on your nerves?

Then what you need is Formula D – The game of manly motorsport! What could be more studly than pretending to drive a little plastic car around maps of world famous racetracks? Impress your friends as you manage to stop the required number of times in the corners without making your little car spin out and catch fire! Pick up babes as you hit maximum speed and actually roll an entire D30! Watch the girls swoon as you make a pretend pit stop and move your damage markers about!

Seriously though, Formula D is a good fun little game when you just want to have a non-confrontational, balanced and easy pick up and play gaming session. Strategy and luck both play a part, but the races seem to be pretty close with our experience so far being that the race comes down to the last die roll every time. If you like the sound of it then go check it out!

WARNING: Attempting to drive a real car with dice can be hazardous. The publisher accepts no responsibility for involuntary vroom vroom noises made during play. Buying a sports car and driving fast will not solve your midlife crisis. Always wear a seat belt.