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Dropzone Commander Army Deals

The long wait is over, the 6 inch move floating citadel is abuzz with excitement and Friday was spent with Carabus and myself sitting at our respective desks tapping F5 like men possessed. Lacking the stamina of the elder of us I retired to bed at 11.30PM while the more stalwart Carabus partied on Facebook until the site came live at 1am.

Saturday was a day of fevered phone calls as we discussed the various deals on offer, the details shown on the site and anything else that we could chat about regarding DzC.

Having had the weekend to peruse things I thought I’d cast my appraising glance over the various deals and the pricing. While things are a little more expensive than I’d have liked (nothing is free though eh?) things are priced slap bang in the industry standard range. Things are approximately £10 for a unit whether that is stands of infantry, a few vehicles or the various fliers. Only the truly large dropships cost up near the £20 mark. The rulebook is also nice and cheap too, meaning that if you wanted to check out the full rules before taking the plunge of buying miniatures then the initial outlay isn’t that massive.

Anyway, on to the army deals. To avoid the obvious PHR bias of a lot of the previous postings by Carabus I thought I’d start with my new favourite the Shaltari.  These are looking like what I’ll be going with if the rules turn out to be as interesting in the flesh as they are sounding. All of the various deal sizes come in two flavours, a normal version containing the models and the card deck and a Premium version that expands the offering with a case of hold it all. I have to say that I am VERY impressed by this. Dave has obviously done his homework; I am sure I am not in the minority of gamers, I have three cases for my miniatures and yet they’re not big enough to house my collection, not by a long way. Offering a new game with a case for your army is a real stroke of genius, wives everywhere can rejoice as new additions arrive with their own method of keeping everything tidy. Custom-cut foam means you won’t need to change it at all, I am just super-impressed with the fore-thought that has gone into this and I’m more than likely going to be grabbing the Premium version of whichever set that I can actually afford.

Let’s start with the cheapest options and work from there. The Shaltari Starter Army is as follows;

3x Eden Medium Gates

3x Tomahawk Main Grav-Tanks

3x Kukri AA Grav-Tanks

2x Haven Terragates

4x Braves stands

1x 40 card full colour Command Card deck

The set comes in at £68 for the normal and £88 for the Premium. The models independently cost £77.50 so you’re effectively getting the Braves for free, obviously with the Premium you are paying for the case. So you’re getting a roughly 12% discount off the various parts.

Onto the Large Army deal, in this one you get;

1x Gaia Heavy Gate

3x Eden Medium Gates

2x Spirit Light Gates

6x Tomahawk Main Grav-Tanks

3x Kukri AA Grav-Tanks

4x Haven Terragates

4x Yari Light Grav-Tanks

1x Coyote Command Warstrider

8x Braves stands

1x Warspear Heavy Fighter

1x 40 card full colour Command Card deck

That’s quite the haul and is the first army set in which you get a version of the excellent Walker, this is the command variant. Separately this lot would command a princely £165, so you save £25 if you pick this option, a saving of roughly 15%. The £170 Premium version starts to get a little more expensive but that’s quite a case of fit in all the stuff you are getting.

Finally we have the Shaltari Mega Army deal which has;

2x Gaia Heavy Gates

4x Eden Medium Gates

4x Spirit Light Gates

6x Tomahawk Main Grav-Tanks

6x Kukri AA Grav-Tanks

4x Haven Terragates

2x Jaguar Warstriders

1x Ocelot Warstrider

4x Yari Light Grav Tanks

1x Coyote Command Warstrider

8x Braves stands

4x Firstborns stands

2x Thunderbird Gunships

2x Warspear Heavy Fighters

1x 40 card full colour Command Card deck

This whopping £220 set contains probably everything that you’d ever want. If you are looking at getting this lot I’d suggest the Premium as being the only way to go so you keep all this lot safe and sound. I imagine if you’re willing to lay down this much cash that it isn’t a stretch to drop the bag in too. This really is the ultimate way to dive in and will give you enough to keep you painting for a while. To buy the units on their own would be a staggering £278 so the set nets you a decent 21% saving. You’re also unlikely to want to add anything to this lot for a very long time.

It’s worth noting that the Large and Mega armies are web exclusives too so you won’t find them anywhere else. Also, none of these deals includes the rules so you’ll have to chuck another £15 at it in order to actually be able to play.

I’m sure you’re all wondering where I sit? I love me some walkers so therefore I’d be looking ideally at the Large or Mega armies. I’ve got some fundraising to do if I want either though and if this is a game we do plump for I want to be on board well before July 9th to make sure I get my goodies in the first wave of releases. Time to hunt through my gaming den and seeing what I can hawk on the Internet to pay for the new hotness.

If you can afford it I’d humbly suggest most people would be better off with the Large army! Now, I’m not getting paid to punt it but it does seem to have the nicest selection of stuff to give variety to your games, as well as some of the larger models you’d otherwise have to pick up individually. If I did grab the Starter version then I’d probably be throwing money at a couple of walkers anyway which punts me up towards the normal Large army. I’ll be giving the other races the once over too so stay tuned for more!

Salute – Post Weekend Thoughts

The weekend has come and gone (yes, I know there’s no need to tell you that as we’re now slap bang in the middle of the working week) and Salute is now nothing more than a memory of a cracking day out with one’s friends. I have to commend it to the guys that put this shindig on, for a 40 year anniversary it was the best one I’ve been to by a long shot. I don’t know whether that was down to just the company I kept, the amount of stuff on display, or the fact that I’m being a lot more controlled about how I’ll spend my cash.

We arrived just after 11am and the place was brimming by the time we sauntered into the hall. After a couple of previous visits the layout is familiar enough that I know what we’re going to be in for. Sadly I didn’t win one of the Battlefoam bags on offer if you bagged a Dahl-esque golden ticket in your goody bag.

As usual with Salute the number of things to see far exceeds what you can actually get through in a single day. I went with the intention of trying a few things out but it just didn’t pan out that way, I didn’t actually get to try out any games, which is sad considering I’ve been looking at models for things like Eden and Bushido and I’d love to see how the games played rather than adding another game to my repertoire just on the look of the figures. Speaking of models that look nice with no rules; there was a stand by a company called Hawk Wargames showing off their models for a new 10mm sci-fi game called  Dropzone Commander. I’ve put a couple of photos (off my phone) below. I had a chance to handle some of them and the detail is incredible, I tried to pin the guy down on price but “expensive but affordable” isn’t exactly what I was wanting to know. Apparently the rules are currently in play testing and pre-orders will go up from the start of June for release in July. Unfortunately the website that the flyers they were handing out at the show point to is rubbish. It’s a graphic showing you some of the models and a link to Twitter and Facebook, not much information to be had which I find disappointing. Considering the interest that was shown in at Salute they’re going to need to feed the community or that interest will wane quickly. Still, it’s worth taking a look at.

In terms of my purchasing for the day (I went to a gaming show, you know I’m going to spend some readies!) I wanted to take a look at any offers on Infinity stuff to round out my selections and also to look at one of the small KR cases that you can use for skirmish gaming. It would save me lugging my bigger bags around when I only want ten figures. In the end though I took advantage of the £10 off Battlefoam voucher and grabbed myself one of the official Infinity bags, the beta one to be exact. Battlefoam have a reputation for being a quality outfit, although you pay for the privilege so getting £10 off was a good deal and meant I got a bigger bag than the KR one I was looking at for a mere £3 more!

I got back home just after 9PM, it was a long day but well worth it. I not only got to spend a day out with my closest friends but got to see some awesomely painted models and terrain. Check out the various new releases from various companies and grab some goodies for myself in the process. Well worth it overall, the only regret I have is not trying those games….. still, there’s always next year.