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Maelstrom Games Christmas Discount Voucher

Those folks over at Maelstrom are going all festive again, with one of their regular 16% RRP promotions until 29th of November 2010 at midnight (GMT).

Go get yourself some bargains. I’ve never been disappointed with them and anecdotally they sure aren’t as slow at delivery as they used to be!

In true Slade style, the voucher code is: ITS-CHRISTMAS

Maelstrom Games – 17.5% Discount Voucher

Perennial dodgy eBay lister* and lazy despatch e-tailer Maelstrom games have thrown the Internet a bone recently. Due to our already reported GW price hikes the chaps at Maelstrom are trying to coax you out of more disposable income by offering a 17.5% discount if you use the voucher code GW-BEATER when purchasing your expensive toys. Effectively saving you from the VAT.

*Maelstrom have recently been seen punting the new Forces of Warmachine: Cryx book on eBay, despite the fact that none of these books are even in the country yet. It may be worth ringing them up before placing a bid on eBay as they may not even have stock of the item they are selling.

Easter Discount from Maelstrom Games

Maelstrom Games are offering visitors to their site a discount over the Easter period. Before April 5th typing in the code EARLY-EASTER will net you a whopping 17.5% discount off the price of your toy soldiers. Wife-busting prices if ever I saw one.

So, if you have some Easter cash you were thinking of spending on the kid’s easter eggs, you now have a viable alternative*.

*6inchmove in no way condones depriving children of cocoa-based Galliformes droppings!