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40k Boxed Returns with a Vengeance a Dark Vengeance

In the past 6 inch move has been criticised for being the vilest of heretics by criticising Games Workshop and some of its practices. I may just be a disgruntled veteran and am I aware that I am no longer the core demographic that the company is trying to cater to. However, this Saturday I took a sly trip down to our friendly local gaming store as I’d taken the liberty of pre-ordering one of the Limited Edition sets that was released this weekend. While I’m not a huge fan of the Chaplain model by getting this set rather than the normal one at least I have it if I do want it later. I’m not sure how much of a limited edition this really is but what the hell!

The only other boxed set I’ve ever bought was the 2nd edition one, it came with Blood Angels and Orks in it and a rather retro cardboard Ork dreadnought. It was £35 if I remember correctly. I never got to play with 3rd edition but 4th I got a to play against my 40k nemesis Gribblin and then 5th came out and our group had expanded to include the regulars. I’ve certainly gone through a lot of armies over the years currently I only have one, my Dark Eldar, a sinister bunch that have laid waste to enemies far and wide. They’ve also taken their share of punishments though as if you make a mistake Dark Eldar are rather unforgiving (make a wrong choice and you’ll normally lose the unit).

So it was that I found myself actually rather excited about this whole event. Yes I do not own either a Space Marines or Chaos Space Marines army, despite having had both in the past, but that was of little consequence. I tore open the shrinkwrap and popped open the box (when I got home and after doing the weekly shopping of course), drinking in the smell of newness. Rather than write huge amounts of prose I’ll sum up for you before maybe expanding on my initial verdict. This set is absolutely amazing!

There, you heard it from my very lips, or fingers in this case as I’m typing. This set has pretty much revived an excitement for 6th edition that I was unaware of. I was informed in the game shop that they reckon you’re looking at around £250 worth of models in the box. Now, I know that’s not quite accurate as these are different to the ones you’d get in the normal boxes, you’re certainly not going to be filling your bits box with spares and extras, however, you still get a lot for your money. While these are all snap fit models, I’ll still be gluing mine, GW have shown why they are still one of the top companies in the world. Their plastic technology is second to none. I have to admit that I was literally mouth agape at how beautiful these figures are. All of them are oozing detail, the Chaos Chosen and the characters especially, while they are only made of a few components that hasn’t stopped the sculptors from really laying it on.

While my dislike of Finecast should already be well-known this kind of thing is where GW truly excel and I’ll again echo my own position that they should go entirely plastic. Should I choose to expand on the models I already have then I’ll be able to have a wholly plastic army considering what I’ve got from the new starter set. From the moment I opened the lid I was impressed by what I saw. The small format rulebook is a triumph. I wish they sold this separately as I genuinely believe that there is a market for this. If I could get this on its own, officially through GW I’d happily lay down £20 for it rather than the behemoth that is the hardback. I know other people who feel the same, when I buy a rulebook that’s what I want, the rules. All the extra hobby stuff is rather irrelevant to me, sure it looks nice but when you have a rulebook that costs twice what your competitors are charging and doesn’t actually give you an ability to put a force on the table, that’s one of the things that I balk at. That’s by the by though.

Yesterday I had a read through of the booklet that teaches you how to play. I’ve already been in contact with Gribblin to suggest that we play through the six missions that are provided. You’re taken through a couple of turns of a game first, which teaches you the bare bones of 40k and explains things relatively easily. There were a couple of moments when I thought that a brand new player might have to flick back and forth to get a good handle on what it’s trying to tell you, but otherwise it’s evident that a lot of thought has been put into what is in it. The missions themselves are well thought out to introduce a couple of the more advanced rules and give you a feel for how things work in a “proper” game. I’m actually looking forward to giving them a try.

All the things that have gone into it are of a very high quality, yes you’d be expecting that considering the price tag but it’s nice to see that newcomers to the hobby are being given good stuff. If you are new to Warhammer 40,000 then I’d be happy to recommend this box without any reservations at all. Although it provides you with two flavours of Space Marines at least they’re easy to learn the game with before branching out into some of the more exotic races.

In all the furore of being excited about this new edition of 40k I’ve not been neglecting my DzC. All the infantry is now assembled and I’ve got most of it sprayed, a couple of bases fell off my spraying stick and then there was one more incident. I leave the models to dry on a windowsill after spraying, as it’d been a nice day I had the window in the study open. One of the bases of Praetorians then decided to see just how could their parachute insertion was by managing to fall off the stick and then finding the one route to freedom and a 20ft drop. Amazingly I found all the little men with barely a scratch on them although I wouldn’t recommend literally dropping your elite infantry from second story window.

Back to the main topic, if you’re on the fence about the set I’d say get it. You get a lot of models for your cash and personally I think it’s a sound purchase. I’m already thinking about expanding one of the armies and the potential for some exciting stuff to do with the new rules.

Another crack at 40k

Way back in the primordial soup that was the nineteen eighties I started my gaming proper with Warhammer 40,000 eventually purchasing the 2nd edition box set when that came out. As cool as the Fantasy game seemed after a youth filled with Star Wars re-enactment with cardboard lightsabers I was very much a sci-fi child and 40k spoke to me in a much greater manner than the green fields of fantasy. Way back then I started out with Blood Angels but then, with the release of the Angels of Death Codex (gribblin still has a copy sitting on his bookshelf!) I switched to the secretive and clandestine Dark Angels. My 1500pts army consisted of Azrael, Asmodai, Ezekiel, a unit of Terminators, a lascannon and heavy bolter Predator, a Lascannon tarantula and a Vindicare Assassin. No, it didn’t win much actually!

Eventually I sold off all my 40k collection and bought a copy of Warhammer Quest which I enjoyed immensely. I bought models here and there as I got older and tried to get a proper Fantasy army. However, no matter how many times I’ve tried to get away from it I’ve been unable to shake my love for 40k. People lament it as the dumbed down cousin to Warhammer proper, or a travesty of power creep at the hands of Mat Ward and his Codices of ultimate power. Despite all this I can never stay away for long and come crying back for more.

There is a reason that a lot of the Internet refers to GW stuff as plastic crack. Like an addict I can try to clean myself up, but it is always easy to fall back into the welcoming embrace of stuff that is of debatable value and longevity. So what has prompted me to post a somewhat nostalgic look at the game that birthed my gaming dependence? The new version of the 40k box set launches this weekend, it’ll be in two flavours as well, a limited edition version that gives you a Chaplain and the standard set that comes with a prodigious amount of models but no zealous spewer of the Imperial rhetoric. I’ve ordered mine from a local game store. This will be the first box I’ve bought like this since that fateful day in the early nineties.

Currently all I have is my Dark Eldar, who I am honestly not that enthusiastic about in the new version of 40k. With a much heavier focus on shooting now my favourite Dark Eldar stuff has been reduced to anti-tank duty. Generally I’m a sucker for an aesthetic and I get very put off, very fast if I lose the momentum on something. Hence the Necrons codex sitting at home, I really like them.

Also, I’ve been playing Space Marine on my Xbox lately and that has caused a resurgence in my feelings towards humanity’s finest, even though long-suffering alien love Gribblin may have even more T4 3+ saves in his future. I know he’s a big fan of the Dark Angels too.

So it is that as much as I try to leave behind the universe that first swept away my childish imagination I seem forever lost in the warp, damned to forever circle around the vortex of 40k as it eddies and whirls its way through time. And while I might have to cry myself to sleep at night for succumbing to the fanboy’s favourites at least I can console myself with the thought that, for once, the boxed sets are actually a good deal for how much you get in them.