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Merry Christmas

While I am aware that the blog has not been at its most active over the past year things are starting to look up! There are more regular gatherings happening (we even have one for this coming Friday) and a number of projects that people are working on gaming wise. I have a good feeling about 2014 if we can build and carry forward some momentum.

So, for what is likely to be my final posting of 2013 I’d like to wish our readership a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year from myself and the other denizens of the 6 Inch Move floating citadel.

I hope Santa fills your homes with even more toy soldiers! See you next year!


Merry Christmas

christmasThings are getting a little excited around the floating citadel. Not only joyous anticipation of a time spent with our nearest and dearest, but also the fact that we’ve got some new games to play in the New Year. New Year also means New Years resolutions. Erstwhile readers of our online organ might offer up that we should endeavour more regular posting on the blog…. Well, it’s something that I’d like to aim for.

No matter where you and what you celebrate, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that whatever festive mythological figure you expect to arrive brings you all the toys you wanted. Except perhaps that mail-order Russian concubine!

See you in 2013!


It’s Oh So Quiet…….

Don’t worry, I’m not going to extol the virtues (or lack of) of Bjork. This is merely to say that the crew of the floating citadel haven’t died of some communicable illness. I am sure everyone is aware that the Christmas season is rapidly approaching and we are all busy making sure that we are spending far more money on tat that is available year round, but we feel compelled to gather even more of it to give as “gifts” that inevitably end up in a car boot sale over the summer.

This is the roundabout way of me explaining that things are going to continue to be quiet around here as we wind down to eating unhealthy amounts of food and getting depressed about the Bears chance of making the play-offs without Jay Cutler and Matt Forte….

So, dear readers, the 6 Inch Move crew wish you all a very Merry Christmas (or whatever festival you choose to or not to celebrate this time of year) and we’ll be back in the New Year!

The Red Pilgrim

Merry Christmas everyone.  As has been said it is that time of year again.  I was hoping to have written this post a couple of days ago but oh well its still in time for Christmas.  As you’ve probably guessed by now we here at 6 inch move don’t always take our gaming too seriously.  So from the twisted mind that brought you the Tervigon and the Tyrannofex I present to you a festive themed conversion that will hopefully put a smile on your faces for the new year.  Behold the Red Pilgrim.

You should have seen the reaction I got when I went into my local gaming store the other day and asked for a tub of snow.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Merry Christmas from All at 6 Inch Move

Well Interwebs, it’s that time of year. The land below the floating citadel is covered with powder and there’s a distinct chill in the air.

Annoying musical toys are cropping up all over the place and plans for descending from our gaming haven to visit with family are finalised and ready to roll.

I’ve had a number of posts that I’ve wanted to get up this week but you’re just going to have to wait till the new year because I’m just not finding the time to throw them up so I’m going to park them until all the seasonal fare is out-of-the-way.

Therefore with the magic day almost here there really is only one thing that I can do and that is to thank all you readers for your patronage over the past year. It’s certainly been one in which the blog has enjoyed a rather explosive growth spurt in terms of reader numbers.

So, thank you all again and I look forward to seeing you with the rest of the 6 Inch Move team in 2011. On behalf of the team here I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year) and a Happy New Year, stay safe out there whatever you get up to and we’ll see you all next year!

God Bless!

ZombiePirate and all the 6 Inch Move crew!

Merry Christmas

As I’ll be off to visit family after finishing work today all that really remains for me to do before indulging fully in the festive period is to wish our readership and my fellow bloggers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

There’s lots to look forward to over the coming 12 months and the blog will certainly evolve, there is already something in the works in this regard. I hope Santa Claus brings you everything cast in metal, plastic or resin,  as preferred. We should have our first field test of Firestorm Armada during the Christmas break.

See you all in 2010!