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Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmm…

In a way that only the Internet can provide I offer you the most awesome insight into the life of hardcore Call of Duty fanatics yet. This link was posted on a forum I frequent and thought it so amusing I had to share.

The product itself is not all that amusing but scroll down to see what many Amazon customers also choose to throw into their shopping baskets;

Behold the insanity!

Captain Birdseye’s Xbox 360 of COD and Modern Warfare 2

So finally I struck Xbox (live) gold. Call it very late in the day to be a real fan but I finally got my hands on Modern Warfare 2 on the Xbox 360. My last attempts were foiled when I took some old COD titles to my local gaming shop and managed to exchange them for Bayonetta. That shopkeeper is a sly one! But hey, I was not at all disappointed, in fact I blogged about it *here*. Several weeks of insane gameplay later and I finally completed it (after giving God a good kicking – Bayonetta is that kind of game!). So with wifely permission I set off again to my friendly local retailer who this time was willing to let me buy MW2.

Now then, the first thing I noticed is that the bloke from MW2 doesn’t have guns in his shoes. Bad times. Also he doesn’t wear librarian glasses. And his hair cannot morph into enormous demons and eat his foes. Nor does he ever get naked, and he completely fails to walk on any ceilings. Hopefully then you can understand my initial disappointment with this title. However, I was willing to persevere through these flaws…

Honestly, this game is amazing! So yeah, you guys have been loving this title for ages, but seriously, wow! This is what Xbox Live was made for! First person shooters have never felt so good! For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last few years, here is a a brief summary of how the Call Of Duty games go: If you are awesome: Move, shoot, kill. If you are a noob (like me): Move, bang, look at ceiling. I won’t go into complete review mode, but just mention why I think this particular game stands out, and why you should play it on Xbox.

Why Xbox 360?

So I have a friend, who is a PC nut. All multiplayer shooty games should be played on a PC. Well I say he is incorrect, probably even elitist, and by being so he is missing a major trick. A good gaming PC could whup an Xbox 360 any day. And that is the problem. If I am crap at a game I could feasibly go out, spend a large wedge of green on hardware and internet to give me an advantage. I can buy my way to victory. Failing that, I could run bots and hacks and win that way. Us Xbox 360 players don’t have these issues. The playing field is level, everyone has the same gear. If you beat me it is because you are better than me. If I beat you it is because I was lucky or you goofed up. As for how it compares to the Playstation 3 version, I don’t know. My experience is that most titles are of similar standards across both platforms. However PS3 online is free, Xbox live costs money. An important life lesson I have learned is that you get what you pay for… Beyond that I couldn’t possibly comment!

What Makes It A Great COD?

It’s breathtakingly exciting in it’s single player mode. It’s the kind of game that has you trying to dodge the bullets by moving your head (and by the looks of things that might be the only exercise some players get). It’s a non stop rollercoaster with a good storyline. Take it to multiplayer and we are in a different league. Multiplayer is where it’s at. When I was a kid I used to play ‘army’ a lot with my little buddies. We would run around, hide in bushes with pretend guns and make dakka noises at each other all day. Nowadays I am far too respectable and unfit to pull any such kind of stunt, but with MW2 I don’t need to. I can now be Rambo in a vitual world, and get shot at by people from every country. The great thing is though, it doesn’t really matter anymore if you are a little slow on the controls. If you fluff things up a lot, the game almost pats you on the head and sends you back outside like your mum used to. Bad players get special perks after three deaths which are pretty powerful to allow them to stand a chance. Also, when you do finally made a kill the game cheers and claps and showers you in xp beyond the wildest dreams of decent players. You get xp for killing the enemy, bonus xp for finally aiming straight, bonus xp for getting your revenge on those pesky good players and so on. It really does try to appeal to every gamer, and on the whole I think it succeeds.

Hogwart’s Delinquent Class Alumnus – Bayonetta (XBOX 360)

One thing that puzzles me about wizards and witches is why do they sometimes wear spectacles? Hey, I’m Harry Potter, I can slay really dangerous monsters but I can’t opticus correctus my eyesight. And since when did Sarah Palin go to Hogwarts?

I am obviously talking about the relatively mysterious recent Xbox 360 offering of Bayonetta. You’ve maybe seen the trailers, I know I did, and was completely baffled. What the heck is going on here then? Statements such as ’10/10′, ‘Best Game Ever!’ and ‘Look What The 11th Governer of Alaska Is Up To Now!’ were popping onto the TV screen in abundance (OK maybe I made the last one up), but as to what the game was about we were left in the dark.

So anyway, I went to my local game trading store with a few old Xbox 360 titles, hoping to trade them in for Modern Warfare 2. They didn’t have it, so to cut short a long and largely irrelevant story of looking through the shelf racks, asking the shopkeeper and not finding what I was after, I walked out of there with Bayonetta.

Every once in a while a game comes along which seems to break all conventions and boundaries. Bayonetta is that kind of game. You play the part of a hyperopic witch on a quest to find out her past and generally cause havoc to hordes of angels along the way. At it’s heart, Bayonetta is a beat ’em up. Kind of like a classy Dynasty Warriors. But it’s also an adventure game, maybe a bit like the age old Dragon’s Lair or Soul Reaver. It’s also a bit like interactive anime. It’s also a boss killing game, maybe a bit like Shadow of The Colossus. What I am trying to convey here is that it’s a game that doesn’t really fit into any neat category. Not that it really matters for these are not the game’s best features.

The most memorable bit about Bayonetta is that it takes all of these ideas, sticks them all in a big pot, mixes them all up and then adds a big dose of the crazy juice and then presents the whole trippy package in a completely accessable form. The end result is truly headspinning. For example, in the first level you are kicking angel butt on a giant clock tower, which is hurtling towards the ground, your witchiness allowing you to defy gravity and stay on the clock face as the horizon giddily spins and the ground hurtles towards you. Next time you play you might be fighting a giant boss, shooting it in the face with the guns in your shoes as you flap around on butterfly wings and alter the flow of time. You might even do well enough that your hair turns into a giant demon and eats the foe on your behalf. Add to that the occasional fun of throwing your opponent into an iron maiden you just summoned while you walk on the ceiling and I hope you get the picture.

The thing is though, as insane as it is, the game does all this crazy stuff flawlessly. At no point do you think that it is out of place to suddenly start surfing an angel on a wave of lava. The controls are smooth too, and soon enough you can cause some real havoc and give yourself a good dose of nausea. In addition, when you are not defying all laws of reality you are presented with really good cutscenes. Usually I find storylines and cutscenes in games terribly tedious, but these are really worth watching.

So do I like Bayonetta? Yes I sure do! It has completely blown me away. It is seriously worth getting it simply for the experience. The amount of polish in this game really has to be seen to be believed and those 10/10 reviews have truly been earned. Its not so much a game, but more of a multimedia experience. Should I have bought Modern Warfare 2 instead? That’s a tricky one. I think Bayonetta is seriously the better purchase, but Modern Warfare 2’s amazing multiplayer means it will still be very enjoyable long after the second and third play through.

Flashpoint 2 – First Impressions (Xbox 360)

Once there was this game called Operation Flashpoint, and it was awesome.  Awesome how?  Well, it was a first person shooter that really made you duck.  In retrospect, ducking while sat at a computer screen probably wasn’t all that effective but it probably game some computer nerds some much needed exercise.  The tension and excitement was palpable, it had a realistic feel that was unknown to gaming up until that point.  Flashpoint was rather unique for the time in that it didn’t involve running around like Rambo, guns blazing.  You weren’t some super warrior, instead you were a mere grunt in the US Army, fighting a conventional war with the USSR in 1985.  You were a single soldier among thousands of equals, and this is what made it great.  The battles were vast affairs, fought over very large fields with aircraft, ships, tanks, and other assorted vehicles, all of which you could use.  There’s nothing quite like roaring into battle in a farm tractor.  This was all a long time ago, so please forgive me if this description is a bit rose tinted, but I do remember playing it and all expansion packs to the end, so it must have been good.  So it was with a sense of nostalgia that I saw Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising for sale while out shopping at the weekend.

I am happy to report that Flashpoint 2 follows in the same vein as the original.  The small fish in a big pond feel is still there.  The graphics are obviously vastly improved and of a high quality.  The sound effects are suitably realistic.  The game, put simply, is great fun to play.  Xbox live takes the game to the next level with multiplayer co-op.  If you were a fan of the original then you will not be disappointed.  Inevitable comparisons with ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’ will be made, and I think both games are equally good but at different things, as I shall mention.

In single player mode, Flashpoint is the vastly superior game.  The missions are a big improvement, they are much larger, with much more realistic enemy behaviors.  The fact that you can use vehicles adds a massive new dimension.  In comparison, COD 4 single player seems very ‘arcade-y’.  Not necessarily a bad thing, but Flashpoint is definitely the more engaging game.  This superiority also applies to multiplayer co-op, as here COD 4 is rather limited.

Where COD 4 really comes up trumps is the multiplayer PvP.  I’ve played a few PvP missions on Flashpoint, and to be honest they are quite dull.  The maps are simply too big for the number of players.  Yes it sounds exciting to be able to drive a tank into the enemy base killing their dudes, but in reality its a lot of sitting around waiting for the enemy to attack, or for your team to walk the 2 miles to the objective.  Where COD 4 is also a winner is in one specific area of realism.  In Flashpoint you can literally shoot an enemy 3 or 4 times before they fall over.  With a single shot sniper rifle this can take what seems like an age.  COD 4 seems that little bit more realistic in that one well aimed shot is generally enough.

So to summarise, Flashpoint 2 is a great game.  If you’ve got friends then go team up for some fun co-op.  Even if you’ve got no friends Flashpoint is still very good.  If however you’re a bit 1337 and your friends happen to be n00bs in need of a good pwning, then you’re probably better to stick with COD 4.