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Spartan Games Goes Steampunk

Spartan Games purveyor of 6 Inch Move approved space combat simulator Firestorm Armada and ocean plundering Uncharted Seas announced with today’s newsletter another game to their rapidly expanding stable; the steampunk inspired Dystopian Wars. The new page gives brief details about the starting factions, Brittania, Prussia, Blazing Sun and the States as well as some previews of the various models which I’ve included below if you’re too busy (or lazy) to click the links provided.

The only worry I have is that Spartan has popped up out of nowhere last year, Uncharted Seas is a great game and then they topped it (for our play group at least) with Firestorm. From recent announcements there are still a lot of things happening for these games and now we have this one arriving as well as Firestorm Invasion! on the horizon as well.

The only other games company I’ve seen produce this many miniatures games is the Sherriff led, Nottingham based bane of the wallet, Games Workshop and many of those games (despite promised support) really have faded into obscurity. GW has a long history and a large customer base, Spartan has none of these. Now, I’m not going to come out and say they are doomed to fail, no-one wants to see that happen and I wish them every success but does seem like a lot of stuff is getting released really quickly. Spartan come across as quite a small company and the workload on a small team to be pumping out all this stuff, even if it works off the same base system would seem to be quite large. I hope they can keep up before staff burn out or the quality of the releases suffer.

After my own revelations recently getting another game doesn’t seem to be high on my priority list and I can probably say the same for the rest of the 6 Inch Move team, what with times being as they are (we’ve already had to cut back on the number of scutters we use for cleaning the floating citadel.).

Anyway, here are the previews for your viewing pleasure.