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Bolt Action Tester

19-04-13 057Thursday night saw us playing our first game of Bolt Action.

Servitob, Carabus, Gribblin and our friend AJ all met up to throw some dice and learn some rules. All went smoothly with Gribblin as chief adjudicator and we all played in the spirit of noobness as Servitob’s US faced off against the menace of AJ’s Germans.

Personally, first impressions are pretty positive. The rules seem to flow nicely and don’t seem too complicated. A nice touch is the random activation of units, rather than the classic You-go-I-go which requires you to think. Going first to get the first shot in, or waiting and reacting to your opponent’s mistakes actions. The game seems to take pinning and suppression pretty seriously which I suppose is a good thing in a game about infantry tactics. Suppressed troops are ineffective and rallying them takes time, allowing your opponent to take advantage.

The game is pretty simplistic with stats, leading to cries of derision as the grognards get on their soapboxes about the minutiae of how the game treats all rifles as the same even though they weren’t and how dare you lump all medium tanks into the same armour classes because they weren’t etc. Game v simulation balance is a compromise that all gamers encounter at some point. Well stuff that. I think it’s a good thing as it helps with getting on and playing a fun game which is the ultimate aim.

With any luck Bolt Action will become a firm favourite at the Floating Citadel. For me it fills a desire to play a 28mm game after Tournamenthammer 40k 6th Edition killed my grim-dark enthusiasm faster than a bunch of Eldar Guardians going down to a stiff breeze. Also these miniatures are factual and therefore somehow macho; playing with toy soldiers is bad enough but playing with prancing elves and gay-ass spacemen is not going to help my non-existent streetcred!

WAR Declared!

As some of you may have noticed, it’s been mighty quiet, from me certainly. After all the buzz around DropZone Commander I have still failed to get a game or paint anything, it’s been nearly a year since we first saw them at Salute, which is on again 20th April.

Since then I have been concentrating on board or pre-painted games, I know heresy. Although I do love X-Wing, more on that later in another post in the future.


So after a few conversations with my fellow 6inchmove gamers we have decided to do some small scale games. After a bit of discussion we decided on WW2 and the bolt action rules. While not the most accurate in the world and perhaps stylized in the vain of the great GW monster, and army list based over scenarios, I agreed. I have been a fan of the period since a small kid playing with Airfix models and soldiers.

I had a large US Army squirreled away in the extension but have always loved the German uniforms, especially the camouflage and that of the SS, while I have no interest in the political side of them or the terrible things committed in the past, this was purely aesthetic and wargaming orientated. Hell we all need a bad guy and I guess that was me. Hmmm I also found some British infantry, British Commandos, US Para’s, I do seem to collect a lot of unpainted lead. We have  working on his American Infantry and  with British Commando’s and our choice of scale, 28mm

I have looked high and low for decent Waffen SS minatures and came down to a choice of Artizan Designs and Bolt Action from Warlord Games, I went with Artizan as they IMO just looked cleaner and nicer overall. However I noticed they did not actually do Waffen SS miniatures but do late war Germans instead. So I went with those. A thing to note about them is that although they do wear smocks they do not have helmet covers, most SS units were issued with helmet covers, so I plan to sculpt some of my own.

I placed my order with Great Escape Games (http://www.greatescapegames.co.uk/) as they were cheaper than getting them direct from North Star and I got a great discount, they have all sorts of deals available. Boxed units and army deals, saving a few £’s is always good. I also ordered a tank from Die Waffenkammer (http://www.diewaffenkammer.com/) more on that in another post (plus I am keeping it secret so I can surprise them in a game)

So I am now busily painting away, trying to catch up with  and his Yanks.

I have to say it’s nice going back into WW2, getting into the historical research again, looking into uniforms and armour, weapons etc, it’s like being a kid again. I look forward to bring you some reviews and painted examples in the future and share some of my experience of putting together a WW2 game of Bolt Action…




Warlord Games Bolt Action US Infantry

15-01-13 002I recently got hold of a US Army Box from Warlord Games for their 28mm miniatures game, Bolt Action.

I think the figures are great! In true middle aged man fashion the first thing I did was discard the instructions and get on with painting and assembly only to find that nothing fit properly. One digging of the instructions out of the bin later and things went much more smoothly. In true Warlord fashion the sprues come with kitchen sink-esque assembly options; bazookas, tommy guns, grease guns, Springfields, sniper rifles, pistols, BARs, Garands, in fact pretty much everything any self respecting Europe liberating GI would need.

Paintwork is in my regular speedy style, although this time quite leisurely just doing half an hour per day or so. It soon adds up! Not wanting to spend ages researching to find just the right shade of olive paint I simply bought the Flames of War US paint set by Vallejo and went with that.

Here’s how I did it:

1) Spray sprues with Halford’s Matt Black Primer (a really good spray, comes in really big cans).

2) Paint base colours with models still on the sprues. I find this works really well for me as I have full easy access to every part of the model.

3) Assemble miniatures, adding more basecolour to bits where the sprues attached as required.

4) Paint base with some of GWs brown textured paint – a really good idea from the sheriff, does take some practice.

5) Wash with brown ink, in this case the vallejo stuff.

6) Drybrush with Tamiya Weathering Master Light Sand – this stuff is amazing!

7) Spray with Army Painter Anti-Gloss Matt Varnish.

8) Stick static grass to base with PVA glue.

When doing this kind of thing though I always do a couple of test models, as there is nothing worse than finding out that you don’t really like the finished result but you’ve spent all afternoon painting an entire platoon. There is more stuff in the box to do besides infantry, there’s an M3 Halftrack, some infantry support weapon teams and a venerable Sherman. I’ll try to keep you googlespiders up to date!