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WoW Cataclysm – ZombiePirate’s New Hotness

Nothing really quite characterises a Fantasy game quite like Dragons! Alongside Elves and women in unfeasibly skimpy armour, Dragons are a staple of the Fantasy genre and they featured quite heavily in the raid encounters for Vanilla WoW. There was Blackwing Lair and Onyxia’s Lair as some of the end game instances, more Dragons came into Wrath of the Lich King too with many an instance or raid encounter pitting you against the various Aspects. Now, the world shattering has happened, never again will we see the old Azeroth, consigned to history and people’s screenshot folders. The landscape has changed once more (pun intended) with new race/class combinations and a whole new realm to explore the week after next.

While I had other responsibilities to take care of last night I did manage to spend a little time in-game checking out the changes. First impressions are favourable, things have changed for sure, but there is still enough that seems familiar to make this seem like a world that has changed rather than a brand new environment. Orgrimmar is just, well, check it out if you can that place is a warren now! Stormwind is at the same time half-destroyed and massively redeveloped, the Forsaken have been busy pimping out Brill, the Northern Barrens looks pretty much the same as from old Azeroth but the Southern Barrens has changed dramatically. Ashenvale is under Horde attack with Astranaar burning and I am very glad that I have my Explorer achievement as it allows me to check out all the maps and see where all those new flight points are and there are a lot more of them. Even though flying mounts are going to be useable in Azeroth come the release of the expansion before you pick up flying travelling is going to be easier due to the increased number of flight points in every map. I can’t tell you how annoying I’ve found it that the second quest hub you come to don’t have flight points, well, now they do!

While I’ve played around with my character slots (my Undead Mage is now a brand new Night Elf to test the levelling changes) what will possibly be my most played new character is shown below, this is if the old gang gets back together to storm through new content and have fun together. Enjoy;

I introduce to you my new Warrior! While my Shaman will be fighting her way to 85 as and when I can, you need someone to stand in front of you and take the heat? She’s your gal, going to be grabbing Protection at level 10 and tanking my way, I’ve tanked on my Death Knight so have some experience with this role, I’ve healed and done Caster DPS. Let’s see what I can do with the new hotness!

Random Dungeon Tool is Random (and awesome)

A slight diversion from our regular programming I’m afraid. Although we here at 6 Inch Move are more focussed upon all things tabletop that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the diversions of the virtual medium. Several of us play World of Warcraft and all of the current authors have played at one time or another.

Last week the latest patch (3.3) hit and brought with it some major changes to the premier MMO. This was in the guise of the new LFG (looking for group) tool and after having some experiences with it thought I’d jot down my thoughts.

I first fired up the tool on my main character, a Blood Elf Discipline Priest. Being a healer normally means you are in demand so finding a group sometimes isn’t really that hard, however, with the new tool I just tick the healer box, wait a couple minutes tops and then BAM! I’m in a group off to a random dungeon. I managed to run 5 Heroics on the first night using the tool, in around 3 hours so it wasn’t bad at all, I picked up some achievements I hadn’t gotten as well as doing some places I’d either never been on this toon or never yet completed. I had a lot of fun with it and the extra rewards you get for using the tool have allowed me to grab my first piece of Tier 9 gear, upgrading my aging blue shoulders to something a little more Epic (pun intended).

On Saturday I also used the tool on my Death Knight and performed my first tanking run. It was hard work but I enjoyed it and am looking forward to throwing my tanking druid into the same thing tonight for a change of pace. I have to say that Blizzard have done a grand job of making the process of getting groups for instances a lot easier and better. I’ll still be questing on my non max level alts but if I can run 2 or 3 instances a night I reckon I’ll get through the levels a lot faster than if I was questing and the gear will be there as well.

If you haven’t tried the new system yet it’s definitely worth a look. I just need to make sure that I take time out to do some painting though rather than sit in front of the screen firing pretty healing bolts at people.