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Firefly – The Board Game

Though it has been out since 2013 the Floating Citadel’s first encounter of this board game was at Salute 2015.  We got to play a demo game and we loved it, so much so that two of our members purchased a copy that day.  Since then a number of us, along with a few other regular gaming buddies have played it several times and we’re starting to get a real feel for the game…even if Servitob happens to have an uncanny ability to win every game…guess he’s just better at the whole smuggling thing 😉

firefly_board_game1The premise of the game of the game is that each of the players gets one firefly class ship with a captain and spends their time doing jobs, salvaging wrecks and avoiding the reavers.  There are a number of missions that you can choose from to set the scene for the game.  The default one is to get ‘solid’ with two of the five contacts (people you get jobs from – Badger, Patience, Niska etc.), then make 6000 credits and then give that to Niska so you can buy your ship.  Jobs can be legal or illegal and come in a variety of flavours from simply cargo/passenger carrying from planet A to planet B to train robberies and bank hold ups.  Money can be spent on ship upgrades and crew that will make completing these jobs easier (and all the characters from the show are in there).  Sounds simple enough doesn’t it…except for the fuzz and the Reavers.


Above is our group playing a game recently.

In the centre of the board is Alliance Space with an Alliance Cruiser patrolling and if it lands on you, your firefly will be subject to a customs inspection and any contraband or fugitives may be confiscated which can really screw you over when you’re about to drop said contraband off at your destination…

It gets even worse if you’re in the outer systems where the Reavers roam as if they catch you not only will you loose your passengers but also a good number of your crew too.  Both help keep the game interesting…

“Define interesting” – Mal, “Oh God, oh God we’re all going to die” – Wash

The game works on a turn based system, but can have two players working out their turn at the same time, with a a dinosaur token indicating who is controlling play at that moment.  This allows one player to move their ship whilst another player shops or looks at potential jobs.  This has the great advantage of speeding up play.

Picking up jobs or buying stuff is pretty self explanatory: you can look through 3 and choose 2.  Jobs are active when you start them and upgrades, crew and items are bought and paid for.  An interesting point is that your crew have to get paid after of each job you do and if you don’t pay them they get disgruntled allowing another player to buy them if they land on the same space.  If they gain a second disgruntled token then that crew member will abandon ship, so keep your crew happy by paying them.  You can of course give them money to spend on shore leave when you get to a planet.

The interesting part of the game comes in moving.  You can choose to mosey (move 1 space safely) or spend fuel to do a full burn.  If you do a full burn you turn over a movement card for each space you move.  There are two decks; blue for use in Alliance space and red for when you’re in the outer systems.  This adds a good degree of randomness as you may have an uneventful journey sailing into the black, get stopped for customs inspections, savage opportunities, break downs etc.  There are also cards to move the Alliance cruiser or Reaver ship or worse case they turn up on your square immediately allowing both other players and card randomness to screw you over.

“Ah curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal” – Stegosaurus (yeah if you’re not getting the quotes I encourage you to watch the show…hell I encourage you to watch the show anyway).

The game has a high level of replay-ability, despite that fact that Servitob seems to win a lot.  The randomness of the movement cards and the large number of jobs means that each game won’t be the same.  If you’re a fan of the show and a decent board game I recommend giving it a go.  It should take about 2 hours depending upon the number of players (1-5).

Left 4 Dead Witch & Tank Miniatures

I found these miniatures amongst the Hesslefree range at Salute all those months ago.  With moving house and just general life, I haven’t been able to paint them up until now.  I do have the miniatures for the other special zombies from that most fantastic of “lets just have a laugh and shoot hundreds of zombies” game that I love so much (seriously I have wasted many an afternoon racking up kills on Left 4 Dead), and I will no doubt display them when they’re done.  For now here’s a look at the Witch and the Tank.  Now all I need to do is come up with game rules for them…

6 Inch Move Celebrates – 2nd Birthday

August is drawing to a close and that means something to those of us in the floating citadel!

It is now just over two years ago that our humble corner of the Internet unveiled itself. I’d like to say we are a light among the cesspit of the Internet but let’s be honest, most of the visitors here are probably stumbling across us looking for pictures of naked sisters of battle!

Personally I am very happy with where 6 Inch Move has gone so far. We now have well over 110,000 views, something that still excites me in such a short space of time. We even have people who subscribe to what we write…

Really all I can do is to thank those people who stop by and give us their time, your patronage is humbling and drives us to keep writing stuff that we hope you want to read (no, we can’t do naked sisters of battle!).

I’d also like to thank all the others who pen articles for this blog, your views and opinions make this site the place that gets those views, so thank you to everyone involved with what we do.

The Dilemma!

In the world of gaming, the beardies really have it sorted. They own four million 6mm roman soldiers painted in 1926 with humbrol enamels and a painting roller and they play the same ruleset every week for four decades and they are happy. I know as much, because in the dim distant past I was a member of one of those cliques. I definitely didn’t have a beard though!

Every week we would meet up, get out the same thousand or so painted 15mm Napoleonic troops, set them up and play ‘In The Grand Manner’. Everyone took part, and on the whole it was a good experience. If at some point we got bored with the game, we would get a new set of rules, set up the same thousand miniatures and play the new ruleset.

What I am getting at is that these types of miniatures have infinite numbers of rulesets and variations with which to play them. You could take your army to pretty much any games club in the land and use them to play the local ruleset.

With more ‘modern’ game types, this is not possible. My fourteen buckets of painted space marines are only really useful for one ruleset: 40k. If I want to play Warpath, a similar game, I’d probably end up buying a whole new load of miniatures, and more frustratingly, have to paint the lot. If I were to get into Battletech, again, I’d have to get and paint another load of stuff.

My friend Phil certainly had it sorted. He owned and had painted a thousand miniatures, but he has gamed with them every single week since Wellington kicked Napoleon’s butt. Per game, that works out an awesome effort/cost/fun ratio.

So folks, with the potential upcoming crash and burn of 40k with failcast and 6th edition do I branch off and get some real man’s miniatures?

Adventures With Metal And Dettol

In case you haven’t noticed, or more likely, haven’t been paying attention or don’t really care I have been building a Salamander force over the last few weeks. Things were going so well with my fantastic plastic until I managed to get my filthy hands on some nasty metal miniatures. Seriously, metal miniatures suck donkey nuts.

I bought myself Vulkan He’stan, king of the aforementioned twin linked everything marines and third in line to the Golden Throne of Terra (after Matt Ward and Dan Abnett). I truly forgot how awful metal models are. You probably know the score – deflash them, spend an age sticking your fingers to the model with superglue, finally stick the model together, rebend any bits which have gotten bent, spend an age painting them, watch the paint flake off, watch them fall to bits at the slightest bump etcetera. For me, things were not so smooth, in fact the paint started flaking off while I was painting.

Now then folks, I could have easily carried on painting the model until all of the paint had flaked off allowing me to start afresh. However, I decided to stick it in neat Dettol for two days. Hey presto, paint all gone and the study and my fingers stink of disinfectant. The instructions also state that Dettol shouldn’t be used around cats, so I gave it a quick test and let the cat sniff my fingers, to little avail. There again he actually likes the smell of turpentine, a proper modellers cat! I think secretly he really wants to build a cheezburger chapter.

Maintaining a Safe Distance

I was driving to work the other day and ended up behind a skip lorry.  Nothing special about that I hear you say, well just take a look at what that lorry was carrying.

Yes that’s right, three full skips on the back of this truck and they’re all leaning to the left.  The lean got worse as the drive went on and they didn’t look too secure either.

Lessons to be learnt:

1. Dont use economy skips

2. Always maintain a safe driving distance, just incase

3. Get your girlfriend to take the picture, afterall you shouldn’t be using your phone/camara whilst driving.

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