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Just a Single Day Left! – We Hope….

After anticipation built to a fever pitch then slowly died when we started to realise just how far away June was from April we are but a single day away from finding out some actual information regarding the long-awaited and much hyped 10mm Sci-fi offering that is Drop Zone Commander.

While we’ve been treated to nothing other than some nice pictures of the models (for good or ill I’ll leave to you all) tomorrow will see us find out what the price point is going to be and perhaps even a glimpse into the rules once the website launches. I’ll be hitting it up as soon as I can to dig up information for posting here  as well as providing our own commentary on things as we see them.

I still have my options open as to which faction I’ll be selecting if I do choose to jump aboard. While the Avatar-esque UCM have been a  staunch favourite of mine since I saw them at Salute the gorgeousness of the Shaltari walkers and their “Gate-ships” rather than dropships has me intrigued to the point of having them firmly on my radar.

My only worries are that the rules suck, the system is too expensive or even worse, we get an 11th hour delay which would really kill off a lot of the enthusiasm that has been generated and tried to be maintained over a rather long period. Carabus and I have had many a discussion about this so it’ll be interesting to see what happens once we get the real information out into the public domain.

So dear readers, have you picked a faction yet? What are you most excited about seeing?

Regular Blockbuster Pants

So yesterday’s post was just an excuse to post a picture of a smurf, today we will get back to the grey matter challenge that is 6InchMove.

Firstly, before I get into the meat of the post, I need to define a blockbuster film… I mean a film with a massive budget and huge amount of special effects. Take that, Oxford Dictionary!

I did allude yesterday to a phenomenon called ‘Regular Blockbuster Pants’. Now I hope it’s not just because I’m old and jaded but generally if a movie is counted as a blockbuster you can almost guarantee it will have some lame excuse of a storyline. There are of course notable exceptions, and this is not a new thing in cinema. Anyone remember ‘Teen Wolf’? ‘Teen Wolf Too’? Precisely. Hollywood has been doing lame storylines for blockbusters since year zero. It’s a case of including so many special effects and getting the audience so amazed that they miss the gaping plot holes. Seriously, in the 80’s Michael J Fox turning into a werewolf was so jaw droppingly amazing that the script could have been written by a yucca plant and they would have gotten away with it. A case in point, I recently I went to see the second Transformers film. I can’t even remember if it had a plot my head was so stuffed with special effects. I could have been watching random exploding robot porn for all I know.

So anyway, that got me thinking, who is the target audience for this kind of film? Obviously some numbskulls, right? Always go for the lowest denominator and stuff. I went to see Avatar in 3D again. As usual I bought waaay too much drink to sit still through the whole thing. I looked around my fellow cinema goers for clues as I made the wise move of sitting at the front. The effects are amazing I thought as I walked the mile to my car after the film, having failed to park nearby. I continued to ponder why they would dumb down the blockbuster, as I drove to the garage, filled my car and accidentally deflated the tyres through not paying attention to the air pump instructions. I thought of whom this kind of script might appeal to as I realised half way home that I had forgotten to pick up some groceries. I was still thinking about it when I got home and realised I had failed to collect some computer cables, despite purposely having parked near a computer shop.

But seriously, blockbusters are fun. They are good for a laugh, but it makes me sad when good opportunities are wasted through poor plots. Why not make a good movie an epic movie? My feelings are that for some reason film makers are limited to around two and half hours maximum. Any more and the audiences might lose concentration, right? This then leads to ruthless editing, and the story begins to suffer. Shame, really. I suspect it is for this reason that director’s cuts are usually much longer, better and make much more sense than the released movie. Here’s hoping for some good director’s cuts in future!

Happy New Year and a Glimpse Into the (Brief) Future

I have three of four posts running around in my head at the moment and I do realise that it is the 6th day of the new decade and this is the first time that I am actually posting up something. Christmas and New Year was busy and now my wife’s birthday is in 4 days and I have yet to get anything at all. She doesn’t have any hobbies so I was thinking of forcing encouraging her to start one, however, I don’t think 1500pts of Imperial Guard is really her thing.

Anyways, back to those topics, over the festive period a number of things happened which lead nicely into things I need to post on the blog. You’re already heard Servitob’s expose on Sgt Thumpy, the Thunder Hammer armed Terminator from Space Hulk. We played mission 3 over Christmas and this one chap managed to kill thirteen Genestealers in close combat before finally biting the big one, an impressive tally. In the next game where opponents switched sides (Gribblin was getting his gribble on in the first game taking the filthy alien scum against Servitob doing his best to get his marines killed to a man) Gribblin showed that he too had a Space Marine hero recruited, Joe Storm Bolter, bog standard Terminator who must have wracked up at least 30 solo bolter kills guarding a spawn point. Evntually his luck (or ammo) failed him and he got his face torn off, either way we had two memorable games that will live on.

The same day saw the debut of Firestorm Armada, my own Dindrenzi Fleet took on nBreaker’s Sorylians. I must say that we had a lot of fun with it, I plan on writing up another post detailing the experience we had with our first run of what is definitely not Uncharted Seas in space. Winning my first ever solo game using a Spartan Games ruleset hasn’t tinted my glasses though.

After the hilarity of New Years entertaining friends we took our newest tabletop gaming compatriots on their first trip to Warhammer World in Nottingham, the geek mecca of the Games Workshop world. Our Hajj saw my Orks take on Gribblin’s Eldar, a first for both armies played on the tables in the gaming hall, we took a couple of photos so I may post them up and finally get around to changing the custom header on the website. I have been asked to write-up this report from the Orks point of view. It was a great game and vastly enjoyable. I won’t ruin the outcome by telling you the result, wait for an Orky themed battle report.

Gribblin is of course counting down the last 10 days before his Xenos of cheese get an update, I am thinking things are going to be bigger and gribblier but still killable with a tide of green and I am working on refining my Orks army list, not specifically to counter the Nids, just changes that I feel need to be made on some levels and a few other things I want to try out on another.

Something completely non-blog related too, I got to see Avatar over the Christmas break, if you haven’t seen it yet you need to. I saw it in 2D and am pretty happy I did, there is so much going on that seeing it in 3D probably would have caused my head to explode! There is an opportunity to maybe go and see it again tomorrow and I am chomping at the bit to go back for another slice of Pandora. It gets a massive 10 Zombies out of 10 best film that I have seen in a long time.

I should hopefully get a proper post up later this afternoon, either the next of the “First” Impressions for Firestorm or the Orky report from Saturday’s trip to Nottingham.

Things happening in 2010… we’ll see if I can paint an army and I’ll also see if we can get more tutorials and pictures of just what we use around these parts.

Happy New Year and Happy Gaming from the 6 Inch Move team.