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GW – Taking the ****

Let me save you the trouble Philip J. Fry, in the case of GW I can almost certainly tell you they are trying to screw you over. Although I am enjoying the new Ogre models I have to say that as time goes by I am less and less enthusiastic about supporting this company! If my friends didn’t play I don’t think I would spent the little I currently do. While not the topic of today’s post I read this and thought id adequately sums up a lot of issues there are with the current incarnation of the Sherriff and his hordes.

Today I want to reference a specific example that sums up to me where GW are heading. If anyone has seen a preview of the new White Dwarf you may have a heads up to where I am going with this. For those of you in the dark about this whole thing let me illuminate you all with the “bend over, take it and like it” attitude we seem to be getting from our northern gaming overlords.

Coming to an overpriced toy store near you is Games Workshop’s new miniature field dressing kit. It’s a model first aid kit of sorts with tools for removing flash and filling small holes in your models…. Hold on a second….. something smells fishy here.

Let’s rewind a few months to the release of something I’m sure we have not forgotten, the QC busting disaster that was Finecast. Trolls and commentators world-wide decreed the end of GW as their new wonder material had more problems than a Greek financial statement. We can all remember the threads about the melting/bits missing/bubbles etc… and the fact a large number of models were returned as they were not fit for purpose. These events even had us commenting on this esteemed unit.

Now, several months later GW are SELLING a product that allows us to fix the problems in their product, passing the burden onto us, the consumer, to make the model fit for the purpose it was bought for. They are doing this under the umbrella that Finecast is a material for experienced modellers, similar to what they used to put on the boxes for the big metal kits a decade or more ago.

What annoys me here is not just that GW put out a new material that is supposed to be cheaper than metal and then they hike up the price, but more when they are shown the deficiencies of their product they don’t really bother to fix it. They come up with another product and pass the cost of this onto the consumer. What beggars belief as far as this author is concerned is that once again some people seem to be buying into this….

The fact you can go out and by a tube of Milliput for the price of a single Polo mint seems to escape people here, there are (shockingly) cheaper ways of doing exactly what GW are charging you a hip replacement for. For starters their product should be 99% free of defects, we are paying a premium here, but GW seem to have looked at the problem, gone *shrug* “looks like that’s going to be a bitch to fix, why don’t we just package and flog the kit to fix them and call it expert modelling” patted themselves on a job well done and now are sitting back expecting money to fall into their laps.

I’m sorry GW but the continuing contempt you show for your customer base is grating. I know you want the kiddies to grab all your overpriced tat but for any of us with an ounce of sense the company that made me fall in love with gaming is now starting to stink. Customers are not there to be taken advantage of, although some of them also seem to be convinced that the mighty GW can do no wrong….

Who wants my soapbox? I think I’m done.