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Cataclysm – “I Know How to Queue, I’m British”

Another day, another post about Cataclysm as the blogosphere erupts now a new expansion has descended upon the gaming fraternity (and sorority if you believe that there are actually women on the Internet).

Last night was a night spent at home, I’d therefore be able to spend some time doing whatever and with Cataclysm out it’s more likely I’m going to be diving into Warcraft than sitting at my table painting. Although I do need to do some more of that!

The greatest problem to that at the moment is that every man and his dog that has ever had a character on Argent Dawn now seems to want to get in on the action, there are queues of between 1400 and 2000 people at most times since the midnight launch of Cataclysm. After dinner last night I fired up the PC and logged in, around 1900 people in the queue so I went to do the washing up, I figured that would kill some time and reduce the waiting time.

When I did actually get to the PC there were still 1400 odd people queueing so I had time to kill with an estimated one hour till I’d get to the front and be able to log in. I’d started WoW at 8pm and the household chores took me up till around 8.30 pm. Rather than sitting and watching the numbers tick down (or up as they managed to do from time to time) I thought I’d take the opportunity to play some Lord of the Rings Online. It’s now Free to Play and I had downloaded the client the previous week. I’d already created an Elven Hunter with one of my two character slots but fancied trying something a little different so I fired the game up and created Vayl, an Elven Lore-keeper. I went through the tutorial again and started the quests around the ruins of Endhelion (sp?).

I got up to level 6 before WoW was less a minute from letting me in and it was nice to take a break from an MMO I’ve got a lot of experience with. Free to Play means I can dive in and out at will and I did enjoy the more story-based aspect of the questing, it felt like I was actually doing something rather than picking up arbitrary jobs for random people too lazy to do it themselves. If long queues persist then I can see me spending more time exploring the LOTRO world.

When WoW did finally let me in I fired up Phake who was in Dalaran, checked my Oracles Egg that had hatched into yet another White Tickbird Hatchling (I could start my own breeding business with the amount of them that have popped for me) and flew off to Warsong Hold (grabbing another Egg on the way of course). I took the blimp to Orgrimmar, got the auto-quest for Cataclysm, grabbed my Azeroth flying license and sailed off into the sunset.

Vash’jir is quite an interesting diversion from the normal quest zones, being underwater and having to watch x, y and z axes is a new experience for MMO play. Sure you’re still killing X of this and collecting Y of that but the environment is certainly pretty, it’s just a shame that it is so overcrowded with at least 10-15 people doing the same quests as you are. I also saw my first level 85 in the flesh.. I almost felt sorry for them! I didn’t have a huge amount of time so quit the game having gotten around 20% towards 81, it’s going by pretty quickly with the small amount of rested XP I’d built up from logging off Monday night. I look forward to getting to spend longer than the hour before getting to bed trying things out.

For the last ten minutes of my play time I created a new Worgen Hunter, I played through the first part of the starting zone and have to say that it was absolutely fantastic! I don’t want to spoil it for those people who haven’t seen it yet but if you have the spare character slots I’d roll a Worgen and go sample it. Sure it plays off some Victorian era horror stereotypes but I love it. While I’m taking my Shaman to 85 I might be levelling another Alliance character… I want to stick with Horde but the Worgen are cool and I do need to try the new levelling experience and all my money is on Alliance side.

So far then Cataclysm is looking good, the new zones I need more time with as I am evidently one of the few people on Argent Dawn who have a full-time job and go to bed at a reasonable hour while also spending time right back as being a noob with one of the 3 new characters I have created using the new race/class combinations.

Name and Shame – WoW Edition

While I cannot condone the use of profanity here the picture adequately relates what I want to do today. I understand that giving some asshats their little fifteen minutes of infamy maybe just what they want, and nobody will probably know or see the person in question but I just wanted to vent a little, so here we go.

I’d like to send out a great big shout out to Leksy, the level 74 Night Elf Warrior that was in Dragonblight last night, on the EU Argent Dawn server. Hi! I am that Human Death Knight you came across.

So, what is the cause of this public naming? Well, there is a quest in Dragonblight from the NPCs at Star’s Rest, they are concerned about all the fluffy little BEARS!!!! being infected, so, you are tasked with killing them off and burning their corpses, similar to the way UK government dealt with Foot and Mouth a few years back.

Being the vastly overpowered PvE machine that a Death Knight is, I rounded up an area worth of my targets and AOE’d them down. No-one else is around when I start and I certainly haven’t robbed anyone of their mobs. I set fire to the first of my corpses, then, our friend Leksy here proceeds to target and set fire to everything else (bar one Elk) that I had just killed, robbing the majority of them for his quest (I’d loot and then my corpse would be on fire before I could do anything else). I tried to whisper this character but, surprise surprise, I was ignored. I finished off my quest easily from other spawns but seriously, camping someone elses kills to finish your own quest when you see that person (who put the effort in to actually kill the mobs) doing what you are doing it just not on. I know this particular special snowflake probably doesn’t care about any of this, but the icing on the cake was after our little Night Elf had ninja’d three fifths of my quest mobs they gave me a /thank…

This is the kind of person who should be publicly flogged. It is a small misdemeanour in the grand scheme of things but an asshat is an asshat, so, if you come across Leksy on EU Argent Dawn, you now know what kind of person they are. Luckily for this person they are a prot specced warrior so we should never meet in an instance (me being a tanking DK) because if we were, well, I don’t want to group with someone who shows such a disregard for other players.