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ZombiePirate’s High Elves: Mage

In a follow on from yesterday and a thinly veiled attempt at passing off regular posting to our readership with something they’ve seen before, I thought I’d post up another picture for y’all.

WordPress was misbehaving yesterday, hence why this picture wasn’t attached to yesterday’s post.

Without further ado though, what would a High Elf army be without a Mage? Here’s mine;

Not going to give away any of his magic item allowance or even whether this chap is going to be a Mage or an Archmage. What I will comment on is that this model was built using the plastic Mage kit. In the kit are two sprues with options for you to make one mounted and one foot Mage. Despite the fact that there are only two sprues there are a large number of options for how you want your mage to look. There are various staff heads as well as right arm options for the Mage, for mine I chose to give him a sword. Not that he’ll want to be in the middle of combat mind…

I still have all the parts for the mounted option and may get around to building one, but as taking a horse Mage is not something I am currently looking at doing I’ll hold off building it until I need one, I’m up against it as things are to be ready for July if I want fully painted. I also have the Prince/Noble kit and am expecting similarly good things from that. I really like the sculpted bases, decent basing can really make a difference, so much so that I have ordered resin bases for some of the Special choices from my army list, hoping that I can make them stand out more and provide some more artsy models. I am really behind this project and want them to look as good as I can make them, I see this as a challenge that will hopefully pay off when everything is on the table finished. When that happens I think we’ll be a lot better at getting photos of our battles and posting them up, staring at bare metal/plastic gets old fast and doesn’t do much to promote the hobby really.

I am hoping that this weekend is going to be the real start of getting paint on these guys, I think I’ll be fine once I hit a rhythm.