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6 Inch Move – 10,000 hits!

Next month 6 Inch Move will celebrate its first birthday. That will warrant its own post for sure, however, yesterday our humble blog hit a milestone that I thought was worthy enough of delaying part 2 of the 8th Edition Army Levels post.

If you have never noticed the sidebar on the right of the screen take a look now, there are various things over there allowing you to subscribe to the blog (if you like us), see a cloud of all the tags we use for the posts so at a glance you can see what we write about. There is also a nice little section showing our authors and direct links to their most recent post.

Yet, right at the top of all those is our motion tracker, which counts how many visitors we have had to our site and this is what I wanted to talk about today. I just wanted to offer a big thank you to everyone out there that has come by and stopped, however briefly, at our little corner of cyberspace. Yesterday saw us go past 10,000 hits which I am quite proud of. When I first setup the blog and created some posts you would see maybe one or two visits a day and yet now we are seeing our stats steady at well over a hundred.

Hopefully you find your sojourns here entertaining and that’s why we get our views, I am hoping that the resources we provide are useful to our visitors. If there is anything you’d like to see us cover in the future or any features you particularly enjoy then please leave a comment.

Once again, thank you all for your patronage.


Captain of the good ship 6 Inch Move