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6 Inch Move – 100 posts young

I know, this isn’t the post you’re expecting and don’t worry that post will rear its head. This is just a post to recognise a milestone here at 6 Inch Move as this is the 100th post that we have made. I thought it proper to take time out to recognise the hard work and diligent efforts of our blogging team. These are the guys that make gaming fun for me and the conversations we have over the gaming table and during other social outings helps me shed the hard slog that is life in the big wide world.

To mark this momentous milestone I have picked out some of my favourite posts (they are not all mine) that have appeared on the site since we started up. These are the ones that I either received positive feedback about, were well written or just made me laugh. There is much more to come from the site in the future and I’m excited about the services that we can potentially offer to the gaming community besides all the huge numbers of forums out there.

So, without further ado, please look back and enjoy the following posts;

Space Hulk Rules Review – For me the stand out gaming release of last year

Remembrance Day

More Space Hulk – Servitob waxes lyrical about Space Hulk

Uncharted Seas Shenanigans

Sportsmanship – Something we should always be keeping in mind

Gribblin goes cold-blooded – Also known as my Daemons getting a whooping