Meet The Team

Welcome to 6 Inch Move – an often irreverent look at the world of gaming, with a focus on the tabletop variety but occasionally diversifying into the video realm.

The writing team currently comprises 5 close friends. We all play the games we talk about and share a passion for the hobby. Many of us have been doing this for a number of years while our newest contributor is still very new to the hobby, thus we hope to be able to provide different viewpoints of the hobby we share with millions globally.

This page is designed to give a brief intro into each of the authors and their hobby backgrounds.

ZombiePirateXXX (or just ZombiePirate) – This is I. I have been gaming since I was 13 years old which currently gives me 20 years experience in the hobby. You would have thought that after painting for so long I’d be able to put together a rank and file model and get it painted in less than a month. I started off with 2nd Ed 40k and had a Blood Angels then Dark Angels army. I’ve dabbled with Chaos Marines as well as the Fantasy versions of the Dark Gods. I’ve played Warhammer through the previous two versions, starting with myriad armies from Tomb Kings to Dark Elves to Beastmen to Warriors of Chaos but now I am sure my opponents would not argue that these days I am found with something a little more beefy. I’ve played Cryx for Warmachine pretty much since it came out but have now switched sides to Cygnar. I’ve played a lot of games through the years and can often be found painting (very slowly) with stuff spread out on the dining table at home.

Current faves are Infinity for which I have a large contingent of Aleph and a new Haqqislam force.

Servitob – Servitob is one of the oldest members of the 6 Inch Move team. He provides an interesting and unique perspective when casting his appraising glance over what it is we do. He loves Space Marines and sending them into battle to be mutilated in all manner of horrific ways. He can paint a model in exactly 0.5 seconds and that includes assembly. He is a veteran of campaigns across many different gaming worlds.

Gribblin – Long time 40k aficionado Gribblin was not born as you or I know it. I believe he is an as of yet unidentified vanguard organism for a Tyranid Hive Fleet, either that or he needs to change his deodorant (I jest). Gribblin and I have a long-standing playing partnership that has grown to envelop others and provide us all with new challenges. If there was any one person I would unite behind if he sat down and said “Look here chaps, I’ve got this plan for taking over the world” this is the one guy I’d take seriously and back up. Him or Chuck Norris…

nBreaker – Enigmatic and elusive poster that he is nBreaker is the newbie to our group but knows how to hold himself in a fight and is a very capable gamer and painter.

Carabus – Carabus might be the newest addition to the blogging team but is the current big daddy veteran, a seasoned campaigner with more hours logged than Napoleon! His lack of a neck-beard is encouraging, especially as he has opened the doors of his opulent work venue which now doubles as meeting grounds for the crew.

That’s the team as it currently stands. I hope our visitors enjoy our take on the hobby and stick around to offer their comments on our modest little corner of the Internet. We hope you enjoy your stay.

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