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Dwarves Can’t Swim and Other Facts

In the navy you can sail the seven seas, so said the torrent of wisdom that was the Village People.  For us mere mortals who are too old for square meals, yard arms, scurvy and other nautical delights games of ‘The Uncharted Seas’ will have to suffice.

And good they are too.  Spartan Games have come up with a really smart little navy themed gem.  Those of you old enough to remember the delights of a game called ‘Man-O-War’ by the powerhouse Games Workshop will roughly know the premise of ‘The Uncharted Seas’.  Sail your fleet into combat and hope you don’t end up sleeping with the fishes.

Game mechanics are simple, quick and intuitive, and play flows smoothly.  Regular combat is worked out with dice, with magic combat decided by a card system.  Games are not too long and the pace is sharp.  This keeps the interest high from start to finish, with fun to be had with every turn.

Myself and ZombiePirateXXX have played a good few games so far, with Shroud Mages (dark/chaos dwarves if you were wondering) dominating.  Their hideously ugly steamships excel at going very slowly, but are difficult to sink and have magic cards guaranteed to amuse and annoy any opponent in equal measure.  Expect future updates of our rum swilling and keel hauling exploits as we get more experienced in this promising game!