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Adventures With Metal And Dettol

In case you haven’t noticed, or more likely, haven’t been paying attention or don’t really care I have been building a Salamander force over the last few weeks. Things were going so well with my fantastic plastic until I managed to get my filthy hands on some nasty metal miniatures. Seriously, metal miniatures suck donkey nuts.

I bought myself Vulkan He’stan, king of the aforementioned twin linked everything marines and third in line to the Golden Throne of Terra (after Matt Ward and Dan Abnett). I truly forgot how awful metal models are. You probably know the score – deflash them, spend an age sticking your fingers to the model with superglue, finally stick the model together, rebend any bits which have gotten bent, spend an age painting them, watch the paint flake off, watch them fall to bits at the slightest bump etcetera. For me, things were not so smooth, in fact the paint started flaking off while I was painting.

Now then folks, I could have easily carried on painting the model until all of the paint had flaked off allowing me to start afresh. However, I decided to stick it in neat Dettol for two days. Hey presto, paint all gone and the study and my fingers stink of disinfectant. The instructions also state that Dettol shouldn’t be used around cats, so I gave it a quick test and let the cat sniff my fingers, to little avail. There again he actually likes the smell of turpentine, a proper modellers cat! I think secretly he really wants to build a cheezburger chapter.

Warhammer 40000: Salamander Space Marine Terminator Assault Squad

An update from my post the other day… Being a bit quicker with the brush than the rest of the floating citadel’s minions I managed to complete my squad, up to a standard I am pleased with. Not one bit of army painter involved here, no sir-ee, this here is genuine paintbrush work with absolutely no dippage.

The other big change from my regular stuff is that these guys are magnetised, meaning their arms are moveable and removeable. Poseable action figures are awesome, and you can pull their arms off in slow motion when they inevitably fail their armour saves. On a more practical note, you could swap out for lightning claws should you get bored with your master crafted thunder hammers. Yeah right!

Click for a close-up, I dare ya!

Warhammer 40000: Salamander Space Marine Assault Terminator

Recently I have been investing a bit more time and effort into my painting, seeing as I’ve already turbo-painted my way through several thousand points of cannon fodder Space Marines for gaming with.

Here then, is my latest creation. Things I have found to be really useful – daylight illumination bulbs, magnification, decent brushes and decent paint. The bulk of this guy was done with vallejo’s sick green, scorpion green and yellow green. Also worth a mention are Games Workshop’s drybrushes. They are severely worth every last groat.

Keep painting!

Warhammer 40000 Freshly Painted Miniatures: Grey Knight Paladins, Ork Killa Kan, Space Marine Shadow Captain Korvydae of The Raven Guard and a Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior

Besides making the longest post title in the history of ever; I thought I’d upload some pictures of some of the latest miniatures as painted by the crew for last week’s mega gribble.

First up are some Grey Knights, as painted by Carabus. I especially like the basing here.

‘Kan by nBreaker WIP.

Space Marine Shadow Captain Korvydae of The Raven Guard WIP, as painted by our guest gamer.

Dark Eldar Kabalite Warrior WIP by ZombiePirate.

Click on the pictures for higher resolutions!

Warhammer 40k – Grey Knight Terminator Justicar and a Space Marine Vindicator

The latest paint works to emerge from the floating citadel are these two pieces to enjoy at your leisure!

This Justicar was painted by Carabus as part of his Grey Knight force. It’s an excellent paint job, those of you googlespiders paying attention will note the fantastic airbrush work on the force weapon. True stalkers will also note that ZombiePirate has some nice new garden furniture.

This Vindicator will bring some nice new pie-plated goodness to the Emperor’s cause, all wrapped up in the familiar snugness of a Rhino chassis. Paint wise it was done using an Army Painter Dark Tone technique.

Keep Painting!

Warhammer 40k – Servitob’s Space Marines

Over the years I have presented you avidly reading googlespiders with many of my painting techniques and experiments, but I don’t think I’ve actually posted anything of my main 40k Space Marine force. Seeing as they were wiped out to a man heroically gave their lives for the Emperor yet again last weekend I thought it was about time that I showed them the love they deserve.

Despite many years of failing armour saves happy gaming, the chapter doesn’t yet have a name or much fluff. I am open to suggestions. Maybe I should run a competition or something. Nor have I found that ‘special model’ to be the chapter master, although I suspect he’s gonna be an apothecary. Maybe called ‘The Doover’. A portmanteau of ‘deadmarine hoover’, spending all of his time extracting gene-seed (BTW for all you youngsters an hoover is an archaic device that sucks).

By far the biggest failing fearlessly self-sacrificing unit in the army though are the assault terminators, but to be fair they’ve only been in two battles. The first they finally managed to deep strike on turn five in front of fifty ork shoota boys before being buried under a sea of shooting and melee dice. Their second outing was deep striking straight into a building. Even the chapter’s melta magnet foe distracting Land Raider usually survives more than two turns. So anyway, it was time to actually give them a paint job to help them up their game.

My usual tactics for playing this army are that I pick a valid force that I like the look of that fits the points values. In the many years of playing and countless battles this had lead me to two whole victories. One clean victory against the Tau and one victory where set-up was completely stacked in my favour. Loss-wise if you count losses to painted armies, then they have only ever been defeated by Gribblin’s Tyranids. That’s a pretty impressive record!

For Terra! For The Emperor!

Grey Knight Space Marines Join The Games Workshop Magic Roundabout

Question: When does the sheriff release a new 40k codex?
Answer: Every time I go into a Games Workshop store!

I work within about 20 minutes walk of a GW store, so occasionally I stroll on over there if I have an extended lunch to check it out and generally soak up the nerd aura. Today was such a day. The guy who runs it is great, always very friendly, welcoming and always very enthusiastic. It seems though that I always time my visits to coincide with a new codex release, and as such I always get to feel the hype of the new force first hand. This time, it is yet more Space Marines in the form of the Grey Knights. This is another codex written by Mat Ward, and I got to take a peek. These guys are like uber daemon killing super space marines by the looks of things.

Am I bothered? No. My home grown chapter of space marines are actually grey/silver anyway so would be decent proxies. But I probably wouldn’t play as Grey Knights. The sheriff is simply going to hype the nuts off these guys, try to make us all feel inadequate so we go and invest in the latest power armour force. It’s a cunning sales strategy, but unless Grey Knights are what you’ve really being longing for since you were ten, stick with your current force.

Remember, as Kylie Minogue sang: “It’s better the devil you know”. Unless of course he’s getting his head pounded in by an Inquisitor.

Film Opinion: Ultramarines

Being a follower of all things blue power-armour related I had heard many things about the first Warhammer 40k movie – the CGI based Ultramarines. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything good hence the delay in not seeing it the moment it hit the shelves.

I read a couple of reviews on the internet but I don’t think you can take those kind of things at face value. The problem with a movie like Ultramarines is that every fanboy Games Workshop nerd and his brother is massively biased. Either it is always going to be the best movie ever because it’s got frickin’ space marines in it, or it is always going to be the worst movie ever because it’s got frickin’ space marines in it. There is a third group of fanboys that think the movie is going to be terrible because the second marine from the end had his purity seal on the wrong leg and there is no way that those marines would have had those bolters in that colour on that campaign because of the great pig wrestling bolter revolution of M39.988 meant that all bolters assigned to that particular squad would have been a slightly different shade of grey and therefore the movie goes totally against and ruins the 40k universe. (You can occasionally find these type of fanboys lurking around The Bolter and Chainsword forums).

I think the movie itself is actually pretty decent. Honestly! Now then, it’s not a gun toting slug fest and doesn’t contain too many cliches. No-one gets power fisted, so it’s not strictly true to the board game. The story however is interesting, tense and engaging despite the lack of rootin’ tootin’ and shootin’. There’s not a terrific amount of characterisation but the marines themselves are believeable, as is their predicament. The voice acting is also good and feels right. The music in the film is appropriately atmospheric. If I had to pigeon hole the film into a genre I would have to go with a thriller, which is not something I was expecting. Nevertheless the movie is watchable and enjoyable.

The CGI in the film has come in for some criticism, and probably rightly so. This certainly isn’t a Pixar production. The backgrounds are empty with very little going on in them. Most of the movie is set in a dust storm which adds to the tension but you get the feeling it was done partly to lessen the amount of work required. It’s not all doom and gloom though as these things don’t really get in the way of the story. There are also some memorable slow motion scenes which add flavour to the film.

Is there anything I would personally like to have seen done differently? A few minor points I suppose. There aren’t many characters in the film, however it is difficult to distinguish them once they are wearing their helmets. Yes they all have different voices but the helmets make it harder to tell who is actually talking. Maybe a helmetless squad would have been less believeable but may have improved dialogue. Along the same lines, there is no change in voice effects in or out of helmets. A minor grumble really. The only storyline-type change I may have made is making the space marines seem more super human. Space marines are supposed to be nigh on invincible and stronger than thousands of men in battle. The trouble here is that they are fighting other space marines so this trait is never obvious. Maybe I’m just being picky and I suppose someone with no prior knowledge wouldn’t really mind. Finally, a facemelting cameo from the dreadnought in the Dawn Of War 2 intro would have been good!

So overall – It’s not going to win any oscars, but I was pleasantly surprised by this decent movie venture into the realms of the 41st millenium.

Blood Angels – 2nd Wave

In 40k news, following on from the release of the Dark Eldar we are looking forward to what 2011 will bring. The Sherriff’s most recent newsletter gave us a taste of what to expect. Since the foul Xenos have been given some extra strength anyone who knows anything will be aware that there is a Space Marine release on the horizon… after all a new army has some new special rules, better come up with something that can ignore the majority of them!

In part i jest, in part I do not. However, on the horizon for the start of next year are reinforcements for the current strawberry stylings of mankind’s finest flavour of the month Space Marine Chapter, the Blood Angels. After the wonderful aesthetic of the elegant Dark Eldar it’s time to reveal to the public what happens when someone takes an expensive Forgeworld kit beats most of it into pulp with a baseball bat and then stick some parts from a discarded Airfix kit to whats left. Of course I refer to the current pictures of the Storm Raven doing the rounds on the Internet. For those too lazy to look for themselves I’ve included the pic below;

This is Games Workshop’s ploy to capture any cash the kiddies might get from well-meaning family members over the festive period. Bet it’ll cost the GDP of a small African nation if you want one too…

While rumours are pointing to the Necrons being redone early next year I wouldn’t put money on the Sherriff not trundling out another flavour of zealous, 80’s shoulder-pad styled, inter-planetary, pimp hand, super men before we see another alien release… after all, in the far future of the 41st Millennium, elite Human Troops outnumber everyone else 10 to 1!