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DropZone Commander – Just for fun!

Well it’s been a while since my last post this is mainly due to a series of a bad luck, my hard drive dies on the PC, good old RAID Stipe kills 2TB of content and files. Work has a net issue effectivly cutting me off from the web anywhere other than on the xBox. How did we cope with out it?

Any way enough rambling, I did have a go at some images inspired by the art work on the cover of the excellent DzC rules, and got a quick game in with ZombiePirate. Check out the images:



The Scourge

Sorry about the lack of Shaltari image it died with the hard drive ūüė¶


Dropzone Commander – Rulebook Review

DropZone Commander Cover Art

Last night I sat down to start working out the basic force for my Dropzone Commander UCM army. I’ve read the rules cover to cover now and am therefore trying to make a list so that I know what to assemble and paint first, there’s no use me frantically putting everything together and then trying to get a game in and finding that the stuff I’ve yet to get to is exactly what I need. After some brief Maths I found that the UCM Mega army comes in at 2320 points. That’s without organising things into battlegroups and without taking any upgrades or paying for a commander. The Kodiak is included but you’d need to spend at least another 35 points to get a basic commander in there.

However, that’s not really what I want to be sharing today. After having spent a good amount of time with the rules I thought I’d share my thoughts on them as well as on the actual book itself. When the 6 Inch Move posse first clapped eyes on DzC way back at Salute we were blown away by the quality of the models and I believe that we weren’t the only ones. Reading various fora on the Internet has certainly shown that we were not alone. One thing that did concern us was that on the day Hawk were remarkably quiet on the pricing and any details on the rules. Obviously this trend continued as we counted down the days (and in some cases hours and minutes) until the various milestones were met.

While the models were screaming at us to buy them, they really are very nice after all, we were very worried about the rules. As with any game the rules are the meat and potatoes, without a set of rules these fantastic models would just be ornaments sitting on a shelf. After we saw the website go live and were then privy to the costs we were even more worried as we then saw that this game was going to require a significant outlay and we didn’t want to spend all that money only to have the rules suck and then we’d feel rather short-changed.

As you know luck was with us as we got invited down to Hawk HQ for a game with the man himself. A great day was had and although it was rather a long one (the Burger King on the way home helped) it left us in a much more favourable position concerning the game overall. After that initial taste Carabus and I both threw down our cash for a Mega Premium army each and all we’d done was play one game. Getting our greedy little mitts on the rulebook itself was something we were then eager for as the release date approached.

Now that I have the thing physically in hand I must say that my first impressions are very, very positive. I’d seen the draft during our visit and I’ll admit that I had concerns about the quality of the book, ¬£15 isn’t a lot after all as I’m used to seeing books in the ¬£20-30 range. However, once I opened it up and had a flick through it I can happily say that I ate my words as I’ve not seen many books that are of this quality. The heady waft of “new book smell” aside the paper is nice and thick, the printing very good and the layout is among the best that I have seen. Everything appears pretty much where you’d expect it to be as you go through. The wording is clear and concise, things are explained well with diagrams where necessary. I can’t see there being a lot of room for dispute with things in DzC, from a first read through things look very tightly written. Obviously final judgements will have to be reserved until we’ve got some games under our collective belts but I’ve read rules in the past where I’ve picked up on things very quickly that could be ambiguous or interpreted in various ways. GW are rather infamous for leaving things open to interpretation.

The book starts with a brief introduction into the history of the galaxy, all from the UCM’s point of view, something I like very much, not least because they are my faction but because it makes sense to see things like that. You learn about mankind’s contact with the various alien races as well as where those dirty PHR folks came from,¬†traitorous¬†scum that they are! Then follows the rules, laid out in a nice format that explains every section in the right amount of detail. There wasn’t much that seemed difficult to understand and nothing that was really tricky if you spent a few minutes looking things over and giving it some thought. Once you’ve gone through all the rules each faction has its own section of the book which explains their individual background and technology before giving you the complete army list to select your force from. Each army section also includes the battlegroup force organisation chart for that particular army. While these look a little complicated to start with they’re actually quite simple once you figure it out and all the information is there for you to do it. Building an army list is quite an involved process as you make sure you adhere to the various rules (no battle group may exceed more than a third of the total army value for instance). You need to make sure your stuff has the right transports for use in the game as well as working out where in an activation you want certain units if you have a choice of which battlegroup those units can go in. I must say that I like having to think about things like this.

DropZone Commander

What I have missed out is that between the rules and the army lists there is a selection of scenarios. These are also very well laid out, it gives you recommended terrain levels depending not only on the size of your game but also based on how many players there are. Dave has obviously put a lot of time and thought into what people are likely to want to do with the game and tried to cater to those possibilities.

For those of you still on the fence about the game let me give you a few details on the rules now things are out and about. Believe me when I say you could do far worse than spend £15 on the book and then let that guide your decision of whether or not you want to play.

A typical scenario runs for 6 turns in an alternating activation turn sequence. Activations are performed by battlegroups which is a collection of squads and their transports. There is plenty of customisability in just what you take in each battlegroup. For instance in a clash (the mid-sized game) you are required to take one command battlegroup, one infantry battlegroup and one armour battlegroup. Within each of those groups you have a choice again of what to take to fill that group, the options available fit with what type of battlegroup it is. For example you won’t be putting in your heavy tanks into an infantry group. There are also a maximum number of battlegroups dependant on army size.

When a battlegroup activates all the models in it activate, they can move and shoot or shoot and move, but all units have to perform those actions at the same time. This gives the order in which you activate your battlegroups an extra layer of importance, you’ll have to be thinking ahead as well, just because you’ve activated one battlegroup to set in motion your grand plan doesn’t mean your opponent won’t screw it up if he activates the “wrong” battlegroup in the following activation before you get to activate the group you want in order for your plan to work.

The fastest moving models are generally the drop ships, anything ground based is normally significantly slower although I will mention that the Scourge APCs little turbo boost rule came out of discussions between myself, Carabus and the Shell Case chaps when we were playing our demo game. Movement must be considered as you can only move up to half of your allowance if you want to embark or disembark transported units. You’ll also not necessarily want to be exposing your stuff on a drop-off. Movement is vital to how this game plays and will need to be carefully considered. Most units have weapons with which to shoot. Close combat only happens in buildings when troops fight each other, normally over an objective. Other than that everything is a shooting attack, after all, why bring a knife to a gun fight? Every unit with a ranged weapon has a chart which provides details of that weapon. They each have a number of shots they fire and an accuracy value. The accuracy of a weapon shows the results on a single D6 that is needed for a hit. There are also two ranges to the weapon, a full range and a countered range. The countered range is used against a target that has Active countermeasures (pretty much everything in the game), against anything else you use the other value. There is also an MF value which is the maximum value that the model can move in order to shoot that weapon. If a hit is rolled you use a table to work out the roll “to wound” this pits the weapon’s Energy value (a number between 1 and 13) against the Armour of the target (a number between 1 and 10). For instance if an Energy 8 gun hits an Armour 8 target then you need a 5+ in order to damage it. If a model has Passive countermeasure then they can take a saving throw to stop the hit. Otherwise it’s a single damage point with each unit having a number of DP. Once the DP is gone that unit is destroyed. It’s a simple enough system to learn but with plenty of variety that I don’t really have the space to go in to. There are also a number of special rules for other weapons that make things really interesting in how they are used. Generally each weapon falls into either anti-armour, anti-air or anti-infantry and they don’t tend to be all that good when used outside of their main purpose.

DropZone Commander

Battles are not really geared for a straight up shoot out either, you’ll be playing over objectives in every single one of the rulebook scenarios and I’m really happy with that. All too often some games systems come down to a giant melee in the middle where the vagaries of dice rolls have more to do with the result of the game than a player’s strategy and tactics. Personally if I want to win or lose on a dice roll I can play Snakes and Ladders.

Without wanting to sound like a gushing fanboi this is one of the nicest books I’ve had in my hands for a long time. I quite like reading rulebooks for stuff and have far more than I am ever going to use for gaming. We are all aware of just how much hard work and effort Dave has put into his products and this is another piece of evidence of just how important quality is to him. I’m very happy with it. Now, to properly review it I must put any negatives there are. Luckily, these are slim and easily¬†correctable. We’ve seen the Errata grow in the past week to correct some of the errors in the book, overall all that I have found has been some typos and a few grammar errors (over my past two jobs I’ve edited stuff in a very unofficial capacity within the departments I’ve been in, I’m known as being a stickler for properly punctuated and grammatically correct sentences). These stand out to me because I’m rather hard on myself when these things crop up – so Dave, if you need another proof reader I’m happy to offer my services ūüôā

I look forward to now sitting down with hobby knife and superglue and getting my stuff on the table so I can really start to enjoy what we’ve got here. Personally, I think there are going to be a lot of happy hobbyists out there as I think the excitement of this game is just beginning.

Dropzone Commander – Unboxing the UCM

It finally happened! Almost a week ago the long-awaited and much-anticipated Dropzone Commander appeared in the wild. Those of us here at the 6 Inch Move floating citadel have been¬†positively¬†aquiver with excitement. After all, we’ve been waiting since Salute and while we’ve been treated to a few news items here and there, information has been a little sparse since we first stumbled across the stand at Salute.

Due to various issues of home finance I didn’t get to put in my pre-order until very late. I had it all planned by then a spanner was thrown in the proverbial works and I had to wait. I managed to put in my order on the last day of the pre-orders being set for shipping on July 27th, although it was rather late in the day when I managed to get to do it. I received my goodies on the Wednesday of last week, which was good news as I had the rest of the week off work. Unfortunately my wife is on her holidays at the moment and therefore I had to share my time and actually had to go out and do things rather than being allowed to play with my new toys. Nevertheless I’ve managed to get some good time with the rulebook and have read most of it other than some bits of the background in the army lists. However, I’ll be reviewing the rulebook separately in another post.

As I made mention of on multiple¬†occasions¬†now I am a big fan of the large and mega army deals. I personally went for the UCM Mega Premium, yes it’s pricey but it contains everything I think I’ll be needing for a good while. I actually first unveiled this to Carabus as he had already received his PHR Mega Premium the previous day. We had a good rummage through before I put everything back in the box to save for later. I’ve therefore included some photos in this post to show how things arrive. The Dropzone Commander case is your basic KR cardboard one but with the faction specific foam for your army, this is really good as it gives everything a home right off the bat. All your models are crammed into the various holes and the cutouts are there to safely cushion and transport your goodies as they are taken wherever they’re going to give someone a good drubbing. It’s really nicely put together. My only real criticism (and it really is very minor) is that it would be nice to have a paper sleeve around the case to show you what you get in it and to give you some references to work from later. As I said this is a very minor concern and I understand why there isn’t one considering these deals are not available in any stores, online or otherwise, outside of Hawk.

When you pop it open there really is a lot of stuff crammed in there. Mine all arrived in good order. I’ve had a chance to look through pretty much everything that came with it and am very happy with the standard of casting. There are a few tiny miscasts which will be irrelevant once the miniatures are painted. In fact the worst that I have to deal with is literally two or three tiny bubbles on the rear engine cowl of one of my Albatrosses. Other than that everything is the same quality as what I saw at Salute. I know Carabus has a few more issues but we’re expecting the odd thing here and there with a new product line and I’ve not seen anything on the same scale that puts this in the same basket as Finecast.

Each unit comes in its own little bag so as soon as you crack one open you’ve got a whole squad ready to use there and then. As mentioned in the “Working with Resin” download from the Hawk site the resin glues together VERY fast and I am not kidding you when I say you will not break that bond. I think the resin will actually decay first before the glue weakens so another voice adding to the caution you should take when putting stuff together. Make sure you’ve got stuff positioned right because once you press two things together you’ve only got a few seconds before it’s stuck for good!

I hope the pictures help show what you get for your money. I’m really happy with the stuff that I have, I’ve not heard anything from anyone outside of Carabus yet so I’m just putting my personal experience out there. I’m a happy customer and looking forward to getting this stuff on the table. I have a colour scheme in mind and things are already starting to be assembled. I’m already anticipating not being able to fit everything I want into my army so we’ll have to see how I go. What list I pick will also determine what stuff gets painted and done first.

DropZone Commander – Newsletter and downloads available

Well i have had confirmation that my order is on the way, I am very excited! Sadly it appears that Zombiepirate will be waiting for his a little longer, which is not only frustrating for him but me as well. As some of you may know I forgot to order the rules with my initial order so Zombiepirate was kind enough to add it to his. (I had to buy him the 40k 6TH Ed rulebook in recompense)

So Dave has put up the first Newsletter from Hawk Wargames and uploaded loads of file from quick reference sheets, tokens and loads and LOADS of buildings to download and print.

Here is the Newsletter

Newsletter #1, 23/07/2012

It’s finally pre-order ship day!

It’s been a long road and a long wait, but at last Dropzone Commander is escaping into the wild! First off, I’d like to thank those who pre-ordered products and all those who’ve been patient with me in particular. It’s been a very tough month which has demanded a whole new level of exertion from all of us!

It’s been 2 years and 8 months since I first put pen to paper and I’m excited to finally be able to let DZC loose. We’ve given it absolutely everything we could and I hope that you’ll feel that our efforts and your patience have been well worth it!

Little bundles of joy
Little bundles of joy ready to leave Hawk wargames

Aside from this, we also have several other pieces of news:

1) Downloadable Buildings now available!

Structures are important in games of DZC and we appreciate that many players don’t have a large stock of buildings already in place, especially in 10mm scale. We felt that for a new game the cost and availability of scenery should not be either a barrier to entry or to playing the game as it was meant to be played. As such, we’ve created a vast selection of self-print buildings available for you to download and build at home which are absolutely free!

Our Downloadable Buildings are totally accurate in scale, and are cross-compatible with all our future scenery lines. This means you’ll be able to add detailed resin accents to these buildings, use resin lobbies and card upper stories – anything you want!

Aside from this, we also have several other pieces of news:

1) Downloadable Buildings now available!

Structures are important in games of DZC and we appreciate that many players don’t have a large stock of buildings already in place, especially in 10mm scale. We felt that for a new game the cost and availability of scenery should not be either a barrier to entry or to playing the game as it was meant to be played. As such, we’ve created a vast selection of self-print buildings available for you to download and build at home which are absolutely free!

Our Downloadable Buildings are totally accurate in scale, and are cross-compatible with all our future scenery lines. This means you’ll be able to add detailed resin accents to these buildings, use resin lobbies and card upper stories – anything you want!

Free printable buildings from Hawk Wargames
Free printable buildings from Hawk Wargames

2) Token sheet downloads now available:

While DZC does not rely heavily on the use of tokens, some are always useful. The general token sheet is available in print form in the back of the rulebook, but has also been made available online to provide an easy print option. We will be producing physical tokens, but in the meantime these should serve you well.

We’ve also included a set of Carriage Tokens for each race except for the Shaltari, who don’t need them. These aren’t mentioned in the book since they’re not officially required. Their purpose is to indicate a dropship’s content easily, making it simple to remember what is carrying what (especially when you’re not yet familiar with your army!). Simply cut them out including the slot running to the centre, which allows them to slide onto the dropship’s flying base.

Quick Reference
Quick Reference

3) Other gaming aid downloads now available:

We’ve produced a quick reference sheet for all the general use tables in the rulebook. We hope you’ll find it useful during games! We’ve also released a quick prompt guide to The Turn Sequence.

4) New product photos

Product photos have now been added to the Hawk Wargames website for the Rulebook, Command Cards and for the Starter Army retail boxes

New product images
New product images

5) Facebook Live Chat 02/08/2012

Since the last Facebook Live Chat was such a success, I’ve decided to run another on Thursday, August 2nd. Just as last time, I will be on Facebook from 9am to 9pm GMT, hopefully giving most people a window in which to chat and ask questions. With a brand new ruleset and range I’m sure there be lots to discuss! In addition to this, I’ll be on Facebook frequently in the next few weeks and will of course be able to answer questions outside the Live Chat.

6) The Hawk Widget

We’ve added an extra component to all our kits which use flying bases! It’s a small, injection moulded, non-brittle clear acrylic part which can be glued to the resin hull (but NOT the flying base) of all our aerial units. This piece tightly holds the main stem of the flying base when in use through friction, preventing the dreaded wobble during games. Once you’ve finished playing, simply remove the flying base and store separately in transit. This makes it much easier to store and transport your models (all our custom cut KR cases feature spaces for detached flying bases).
Please bear in mind that these are small, clear components which are packaged loose inside blisters and bagged with flying bases – be careful not to lose them!

7) Demand and Stock Levels

The response to Dropzone Commander so far has been fantastic, and well beyond our initial estimations. We are working as hard as we can to keep up with demand, and are currently in the process of upgrading our tooling to double the rate of production. In the short term we feel we should make new customers aware that it may take a short while to fulfil new orders in the next few weeks while we undertake this transition. As such, we have updated the product descriptions on our site to state this.

8) In-store availability

We fully intend to make Dropzone Commander widely available in stores as fast as humanly possible. With the pressure of the expansion (not to mention getting everything ready on time!) we simply haven’t had the time to organise and coordinate a formal in-store release date.

Shipments to our distributors will leave us on Friday 27th, and should begin arriving in stores at the start of August. We will be able to deal with stores direct as soon as our production rate increase is complete (we are currently waiting on the arrival of new equipment which is due by the end of the month).
In the meantime, we thank stores for bearing with us, and will be prioritising and covering the needs of those who have already contacted us as soon as we can.

I hope you all enjoy your products!

– David J Lewis,

– ENDS –

All the files can be found in the download section of the website:

See you all on the Facebook Live Chat 02/08/2012



DropZone Commander – A peek inside the rulebook.

DropZone Commander “drops” today ūüôā

Found some photos of inside the rulebook for you:

DropZone Commander
DropZone Commander
DropZone Commander
DropZone Commander
DropZone Commander
DropZone Commander
DropZone Commander
DropZone Commander

152 page A4 full colour perfect bound rulebook for Dropzone Commander. Contents include:

Core Rules: All the rules you need to play.

Background: Rich and detailed setting for the DzC game universe, as well as in depth background for all four races and their units. You’ll be in no doubt as to where you’re fighting, why you’re fighting and who you’re fighting with!

Army Lists: The full stats, lists and special rules for all four races.

Scenarios: A wide selection of scenarios to keep your games fresh!

Hobby Section: Plenty of hints and tips for painting and working with Hawk Wargames miniatures – discover how the presentation models were painted, and learn fast paint tips for getting your army onto the field quickly!

Guest Painters Pages: Some inspiring work by keen gamers and painters unaffiliated with Hawk Wargames.

I think the rulebook looks stunning, I can not wait to get my hands on my copy when it arrives, visually the style and quality is what I have come to expect from Dave at Hawk Wargames.

Here are some pictures of the cards:

PHR Cards

PHR Cards
PHR Cards
UCM Cards
UCM Cards
UCM Cards
UCM Cards
Shaltari Cards
Shaltari Cards
Shaltari Cards
Shaltari Cards
Scourge Cards
Scourge Cards
Scourge Cards
Scourge Cards

First impressions, hmm. I know these are just game cards but I think the logos look a little flat and with all the stunning art and photography we have seen, a little disappointed in the cover of them. I guess they are just game cards, but standards have been so high on everything else these just seem flat, maybe a little boring. The PHR logo look lost on the card. I am sure the other side of the card will make up for it though ūüôā


Dropzone Commander – Today is the day!

That’s right! After what seems like an eternity since we first clapped eyes on the stunning models that were on display at Salute we’ve finally arrived at the day when everything pre-order starts shipping to their destinations. I don’t know about you but I’m as giddy as a school….. I mean, displaying manly stoicism, almost ambivalent towards the fact that at some time today my rather weighty gift package could be on its way home.

I know of at least two Mega Premiums on their way to the floating citadel (we have special flying unicorns that deliver our mail) and I’m hoping that both of us who’ve purchased them can display some restraint so that we can do an unboxing post for you all to show just what we’ve got.

We know that Dave has been beavering away diligently since we dropped in on him to make sure that everything was ready for today and the news we’ve received is that it is! So, congratulations to Dave and all his team over at Hawk. We look forward to pouring over the web in the coming weeks to see all the painted models and various battle reports that come out of the general public finally getting their hands on the goodies.

7 Days to go…. and Counting!

Officially we are as of now at T-minus 7 days until (we hope) Dropzone Commander is officially birthed into the world, hopefully not like John Hurt in the original Alien movie… you know the one Ridley Scott directed that wasn’t an incoherent mess.

The only concern here is that all is quiet on the Hawk HQ front. Ideally we’d be wanting something to let us know that everything is on track. This presents us with two possible options, either Dave has finally spontaneously combusted due to below WHO recommended sleep levels and a heavy workload, or, all hands are to the grindstone getting things ready for a week today when the website tells us to expect shipping to start.

For many of us I guess this is a most telling time for Hawk Wargames. We’ve seen the models, many of us have signed up to buy the product, now we need to get our greedy mitts on it. Speaking with Carabus today and he’s expecting another delay. We always thought that some of the deadlines were tight but sometimes that’s a good thing as it helps to focus the mind and ensure that things get done. I know that those of us here at 6 Inch Move are very eager to play some more and are hoping that everything is ticking along smoothly. Only time will tell.

Considering there isn’t much news right now in this arena I thought I’d do a bit of a lengthier post regarding just why it is that I’ve gone ahead and bought the Mega Premium army. After all, dropping ¬£250 on something that I’ve played once probably seems a little nuts to a few people and even for those that understand the hobby it’s a lot of cash to drop in one go on something. For me, it all came out of the play test that we had recently down at Hawk HQ.

By now I hope that you’re all familiar with the various army deals so I’ll not be reposting them all here. I suppose the first thing to talk about really is the price and the saving. I’ll be the first to admit that ¬£250 is a huge amount of money for me, it’s probably a good three of four months of “normal” gaming spend in one fell swoop. I looked at it like this; individually the units themselves cost a few silver pennies over ¬£290 AND the premium version comes with the custom-cut foam to keep it all in. In my head the case is worth at least ¬£30-40 for all the stuff that’ll fit in it so in total that brings us to about ¬£330. If viewed like this the saving becomes really obvious, at least to me.

The next point is the variety of the units involved, in essence I get at least one of everything I want. What I did like about the Mega is the extra unit of AA tanks. During the play test I really wished that I had more AA and this set gives me that option. AA is very useful considering how much stuff is flying around in a game of DzC. It also presents some handy choices. You can either try to gun down something in your own turn or wait for your opponent and the react to him. With initiative perhaps changing every turn this then gives you a genuine choice to make before proactive or reactive fire. You’re more than likely not going to drop a heavy dropship with a single squad’s fire in one round. However, should you intercept an attack run by enemy aircraft you could potentially hit them both on the way in and the way out, depending on how you have deployed your forces.

While we didn’t get to customise how our forces were made up on the day I’m hoping I can cram in those extra bits I want as I can see me making a lot of use of the various AA vehicles. Sure they can’t target ground units but I have plenty of other stuff to try to deal with that anyway.

The heavy dropships are really what sold me on UCM. Their weapons aren’t going to win you any engagements on their own but the cargo they carry (bought and assigned at the army list stage) are. I look forward to packing these with vehicles. Obviously each dropship has a limit to what it can carry as well as how far it can move. I’ll be very studiously looking at my forces in terms of what I want to include in each one. Do I want a smaller squad of something but put it into a faster dropship so it can get to its target quicker, or do I take more vehicles knowing it’s going to take me longer to get them into position before they can start affecting the battle.

In terms of the tanks I’ve not seen the tank destroyers in action yet so will hold judgement. They look cool though and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do. The MBTs though, I really like the Sabres and they did some damage to their Scourge counterparts when we played. As you might be able to guess from the Gladius the only real difference between the two is that the Gladius gets an extra shot per vehicle. This is another unit I’m keen to use. They’ve got good range on their guns so I can see me loading an Albatross with these tanks, possibly the other Albatross with all the Rapier AA vehicles and deploying accordingly. That allows me to then use the Condors to drop in Bear APCs further up the field to get my slow-moving infantry into position backed up by some Ravens packing either Praetorians or a couple of AA configured Wolverines.

I know I’ll probably not be able to fit it all into a standard sized army, after all the Mega really is a rather prodigious load of resin, but I’ll have plenty of options and I can already see me thinking around the various assault vectors of how I can deliver things into place and then extract them when the time comes.

I wasn’t sure about the Wolverine models when I first saw them but the AA versions look very cool and they pack a punch for how small they are. Their ability to act as spotters for the Kodiak’s orbital strike is also very useful as you try to peg an opposing APC that’s fleeing the scene of battle (we missed more often than not though). I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll always be taking the two Archangels due to their usefulness in at least intercepting any enemy craft (unless they start stacking AA too). I look over it and see stuff I know that I won’t leave at home (will probably have to paint those parts first) and enough other items to give me options to try to see how I do with them.

I’d love to talk more about how everything works but I’m really not supposed to. I guess people are just going to have to wait until next week when you can hopefully see it all for yourselves. I hope you all will have as much fun with your first game as we did!

Dropzone Commander – The Countdown Starts Here!

Yesterday was the last day for pre-orders to guarantee shipping on July 23rd! That means that we are now less than two weeks away from seeing possibly the most talked about tabletop game in the world right now actually hitting store shelves and spreading across gaming tables everywhere.

As for what I myself have done, there was some last-minute panic with some unexpected potential expenditures that have cleared up and left me actually in the right spot to place my own order. I only got to do it last night (and therefore hopefully snag my goodies day one) but I did manage to order the UCM Premium Mega Army and a couple of rule books. Why more than one book you ask? Because a certain someone *cough*Carabus*cough* was so excited about buying their models they forgot they needed the rules to go with them!

It’ll be interesting to see if we get any new¬†titbits¬†of information as the game gets closer and closer to the release date. It’s really nice to be so close now after all the months of waiting.