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Malifaux, First Thoughts and Other Rambling

Well it seems I haven’t exactly been active in writing here for a while so heres a new post!

Malifaux. It’s got the undead, some Wild West gun slingers, steam punk styling, and a host of other components of awesome. I’ve been waiting to take my Death Marshals crew out for a spin and see what it actually played like and I finally got a chance to have a game last night with our very own undead pirate. We played my Death Marshals box vs his Cult of December box. First turn or two was really just movement, except for Rasputina laying out a couple of annoying ice cubes to try and block my path to her. Eventually Lady Justice was almost on her when Rasputina broke out her big box-o-rape (see below for actual image of box-o-rape used).

Box of rape
Don't open it!

I realised at this point, after she destroyed Lady J in one turn, that this game really wants to be played fast, hard and brutally. No messing about with letting things happen, if you’ve got the cards to cheat fate or the soul stones to add to your total then you probably want to use them. To be fair it was good luck that Rasputina managed to bring so much whoop-ass (not so much good luck for Lady J), but now I’ve got less of an inclination to stash cards and stones now.

The fact that this game makes use of cards instead of dice adds some nice extra depth to the game play. It gives you the chance to either cheat fate by replacing cards that you draw with one in your control hand, or add a card from your hand to the total by spending one of your soul stones. It also therefore means that there are more tactics to think about, your opponent gets the opportunities just as much as you!

Without soul stones and without Lady Justice even managing to do any sort of damage what so ever, I was at a disadvantage from the start of the combat. Already half of my options for improving my flips were gone. You can now guess the final outcome of the game. It was certainly a good learning experience and I look forward to getting into another match, particularly so I can take revenge on the ice witch by slicing off her face with Lady J’s sword 😀

After tending to my wounds I got a tutorial of Warmachine which was a very enjoyable and was also turned out to be a very close match.

So, in conclusion, things I have learned from the evening:

1: I do enjoy skirmish type games
2: Play aggressively!
3: Lady Justice being blind really doesn’t help her find her target
4: Lady Justice needs an attack guide dog
5: I need more practise at these games

No doubt Mr Pirate will post a much more in-depth review later from an experienced gamer’s perspective.

In other news, I found myself in possession of a Star Craft 2 Beta invite today. Details will follow when I can be dragged away from it. Talking of sequels, and heading further away from the post than originally intended, Portal 2 has been announced! Today is a good day.

Theres colour on them there boats!

Q. What is the weather’s favorite past time in England?

A. Raining on us.

Today I wanted to get the Dragon Lords fleet sprayed up nicely and have actually managed to achieve this goal, but the rain did try and disrupt my plans. It was a case of go outside, spray one ship, “Oh crap its starting to rain.” Go inside and wait. “Oh its stopped raining.” Go out spray another model. “Curse you rain!” etc, etc. So after a couple of hours of this joyous battle with the elements this happened…

dragon lords primed

Flower pots and blu-tack made an excellent way of holding these guys in place to spray them, but it still doesn’t stop you spraying your fingers a nice shade of grey.

Once they were given enough time to dry, I managed to make a start on the frigates. I am aiming for a dark brown hull to start with so out of my paints I drew a pot of Vallejo dark flesh tone. Once this was applied to the hull and given chance to dry, I gave them a wash with sepia ink. The (still slightly wet) result looks like this…

Theres colour on them there boats!

dl stage 1 big

It’s a little bit messy around the base of the sail but other than that I think they look quite good at this stage. The sails are going to be interesting, I’ve got quite a choice for what colours to do them so I’ll probably end up doing each activation a different colour.

More to come…

Hello world

It would appear that through some strange circumstances I have ended up becoming the latest blogger contributing to 6inchmove. So first of all I would like to blame thank ZombiePirate, Servitob and Gribblin for spending my hard-earned cash introducing me to this rather interesting world of geekery.

I am new to the whole, build a tiny army, paint said tiny army, then take shiny tiny army to war and then get spanked considerably well, thing. So my posts are going to be from the perspective of a noob being forced to participate gently eased into the hobby.

As the undead pirate himself stated earlier, a little Dragon Lords fleet appeared at the last concentration of the geek forces. At the time the poor little guys looked rather white, and not just because their frail little wooden ships were staring down the turrets of two different types of drunken dwarves packed into ironclads like sardines. They were also lacking in the sails department, so I’m not entirely sure how they were able to move (I blame black magic personally, they do ignore the wind after all). However that last part has been rectified this week  and with a touch of the ol’ epoxy there are now sails attached to the fleet!

dragon lords

I probably chose the hardest of the Uncharted Seas fleets to start with. The sails just sit on the resin ships without any pins or inserts to hold them, so it took some work to get the sails to sit upright of their own accord. All of them, except the middle sails on the cruisers, had more support as they sat over a lip to give some vertical support. The cruisers middle sails have none of this so they had to rely on how flat the base of the sails were and this made them a little tricky to get just right. The sails were a bit too thin to put a pin in without risk of damaging them, at least for my first time doing this stuff, but eventually the tender caress of a file got them to how they should be and a touch of epoxy now holds them in place.

Spraying them will obviously be my next task but as its rather dark at night when I get in from work it looks like its going to be the weekend before I can get anything else done to them /cry. I guess it gives me time to think about the important things in life, like a colour scheme. This will also be my first time painting models which could be quite interesting. Ironically, I really did not like art at school back in the day… So the question is how did I end up doing this? Meh, beats me.

In other news, I have also decided to pick up a Dwarf army to start Warhammer. My main reason for choosing them was, well, they look good. Whats the point in building and painting something you dont like the look of? After reading up on them they seem like a solid start and I am liking some of the Runes they can take with them. I won’t be starting painting the midgets with hammers and ale until after getting my fingers dirty with the Dragon Lords first.

Anyway, thats enough rant for a first post, so expect more from me in the near future.