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“What do you mean 5 armies isn’t enough?”

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but I have an inkling that many do;

That urge you have whenever you see a new army for whatever game tickles your fancy and you end up with this overwhelming desire to go and spend your hard earned cash on something for it. There are even those times when an army you have previously discarded as one you will “never collect” actually inspires you out of the blue.

I’ve often mused that once you get into miniatures wargaming it becomes more of an obsession than a hobby, hordes of metal and plastic end up taking over your home and heavens help you if you are married or co-habiting… I have a couple of army cases that are full of stuff and STILL these things are all over the house.

Currently I have the following forces;

Warmachine: Cryx and Cygnar

Hordes: Skorne

Warhammer: Warriors of Chaos

40k: Orks and Daemons

And I am just waiting for my Uncharted Seas fleet to arrive through the post.

Last year I managed to clear out a lot of stuff to try and consolidate my collection, I sold Space Marine, Dark Eldar and Necron armies for 40k in order to get my Orks. I sold my Dark Elves as I wasn’t playing Fantasy and my Khador from Warmachine. I also managed to get rid of my Confrontation Celts and Daikinee due to the changes that Rackham made to their game. All in all I sold a lot of pieces and my main game since has been 40k. However, even though I know that I don’t want to be in the same situation again with having millions of models all over the place I still find myself being tempted, quite severely, that leads me to have to rigorously put down my own will.

I like my Orks, they are brutal and seem to fit with how I play. My Daemons are really an accident as I got them for Warhammer but on the eve of the Warriors of Chaos release and ended up with an army of them instead and converted the Daemons over to 40k. Yet, after having two battles with my Warriors I am now looking at the option of using my Daemons in Fantasy for a change. I have been facing the new Vampires and have to say that I am finding them to be a tough challenge. I have won both the games I have played but they have invariably been horribly bloody affairs but highly enjoyable nevertheless. I am now looking to throw a spanner in the works by changing what I field.

I never design an army around beating a particular opponent, I tend to throw an army together to face whatever would come along, even if I know pretty much exactly what I will actually be facing. The Daemons have a unit that I do not currently have in my collection. It’s not one I’d be using in 40k only for fantasy and therefore I am reluctant to go out and spend money on the stuff (I’d be doing a conversion as well) just to satisfy things for one game. I’ll proxy with my opponents permission. But really, the crux of this post is that after playing with one army, I get the urge to look into another and then I go work out an army before I have to take a step back and realise that to do this would mean another batch of plastic. Another few nights of actually assembling everything and another lifetime of having to provide storage for all these extra models. I just find it very hard to settle on any one thing and with having multiple games that I like to play this just makes it all the worse.

Should I just give in to the obsession of gaming, or is there a way that I can curb the desire to create new forces with which to surprise my enemies?


GW Hosts Competition Shocker!

That’s right folks Games Workshop is holding a competition for all those people who have registered with their website as some kind of celebration that they have finally standardised their international web pages. Anyone that has a profile with their local store saved will be entered into winning a Battalion or Battleforce box of their choice from that store. Also, there are 3 global prizes that be can won by anyone registered on their site, although the 3rd prize does seem like it should be first, especially for those of us who are within easy travelling distance of Nottingham.

1st prize is an all expenses paid trip to GW HQ including a trip round the Design Studio and Warhammer World.

2nd prize is every single release from GW for the next 12 months, which certainly is a lot of stuff and should set you up with a couple of armies over the year.

3rd prize in a 5000pts Warhammer of 40k army of your choice.

For me personally I’d be wanting to win what’s behind door number 3 as my favourite with number 2 coming in second (sorry, pun not intended). I just wonder which army I’d pick if I were to win as that’s potentially a lot of stuff depending on what you pick. Kudos to whoever wins it if they say Skaven or something, that much plastic and metal would kill me, not to mention what would happen when all that stuff arrived and my wife saw it…

Now, anyone reading this please stare into the top of this thing that looks like a pen, you certainly don’t want to go registering on GW’s site to get a chance at these prizes!