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DropZone Commander – Sunday treat

Today we are treated to a double, Dave over at Hawk Wargames tweeted an excellent picture of a dropship with two tanks in the transport position, showing how the tanks fit in the dropship. I can see some fun with magnets in the future 🙂

So for your pleasure: “UCM Condor Medium Dropship, containing 2 Scimitar Tank Destroyers”

If you look carefully at the picture you can see the flight stand attachment in the middle, while talking to one of the guy’s at Hawk Wargames stand at Salute, he said they were designed for the flight stand and stay stable even when the miniatures, like the tanks in the image are added. All designed to balance, impressive design if I do say so myself.

I so hope to be able to bring you a review of these stunning miniatures as soon as I can get my hands on one 🙂 Well until the release I’ll keep sharing the images as they come out.


DropZone Commander – A little for the weekend

Well I hope you are not all getting bored with all this DropZone Commander stuff I keep dropping on you, but as you can tell I am getting a little obsessed with these breath taking miniatures. So each evening I check to see what’s new on the interwebs and have even signed up to twitter to get tweets from Dave over at Hawk Wargames. Sad really 🙂

So while checking mail a few blogs and forums I came across an interview with Dave and some more stunning pictures on Political Dice. I have to say it’s worth a read, and is an excellent interview getting Daves ideas of how he would like to take the game forward. Here are some of the great pictures pictures of the dropships from DropZone Commander. (I am sure you know the ganmes name by now)

Ahhh the beautiful Poseidon! 🙂

Hawk wargames – Dropzone Commander

Ok it’s my turn now 🙂

Well I am going to keep the whole Salute chat to the minimum. What a great day! Great company and great event!

What I really want to concentrate on is Hawk Wargame’s 10mm Sci-Fi game Dropzone Commander, touched on in the previous post by ZombiePirate. Let’s start with a picture:


WOW! Just WOW!

There have been few moments in my wargames history that I walk around a show and my jaw’s hit the floor; this is one of those rare occasions. Hawk Wargames, a one man band working tirelessly for two and a half years, sculpting, building and painting this impressive display of miniatures.


There are currently 4 factions (named below) to start with. Each as impressive as the next with about 20 options for each (based on memory) ranging from infantry, hand sculpted in metal, to tanks, walkers and fliers; all in resin.

Faction names:

  • The UMC (United Colonies of Mankind)
  • The Scourge
  • The Shaltari Tribes
  • PHR (Post-Human Republic)

They plan to release a picture every day until the launch (so far the two above). I know I cannot wait and I am sure you cannot as well so here are some pictures I took on my phone:





…and my favourite:


Also Hawk Wargame are releasing a range of stunning buildings. These are tile basesd (about 1” square) and can be combined to make loads of different buildings to create an absolutely stunning modular cityscape.

There is a rule set in the works with plans to release on the launch date 16.07.12 with pre orders available on 01.06.12 that I think will make or break this game onto a new level. Confused? Let me explain.

Fantastic miniatures can sell independently we all know this and many companies do so very well; Hasselfree and Hersey to name but two. But there are a few barriers to entry. 10mm is not a popular Sci-fi scale, 15mm is the preferred and has a strong market with things like Gruntz, GZG and Critical Mass. So in my humble opinion the rules set has to be more than just a simple game to draw in the crowd in the numbers I hope it does.

Personally, I would love to get to play test and see how the rules work prior to making any financial commitment in a new 10mm scale sci-fi game. That seems to be the consensus of the group and my fellow gamers on the interwebs.

Even the designer said when asked about price range that they will not be cheap and would be comparable to just under a 40k army, which is not a small expenditure. I can only hope he means before the price rise?!? Not sure which one of the many I mean 😛

At least they appear to be no “Failcast” which I joked with the game designer about. 🙂

More to come as I watch to see how this game develops…

Mantic and the Sheriff on the Warpath

Hi Interweb users. Well this is my first post since my ascension from obscurity to the lofty heights of the floating citadel. I have to say I am very happy to be here and gaming with the citadel’s members.

So where to start? I could say I have been gaming for a million years and in that time I have experienced games from the sheriff, role-playing (the book and online versions,) to historical and whole host of systems, but do you care about what I have done? No. Not really! So I shall move on to the point of the post.

There has been much flying all over the web about the sheriff and what he is doing, from banning online sales out of the EU to Finecost. Having recently just got back into 40k, as members of the citadel enjoy the occasional game, I bought into the system around the time of the Grey Knight release, so it seemed natural to get them as my beloved Necrons of old were, what can I say, left in the dark with a very old rulebook. I know there are rumours flying around about them coming soon, but I couldn’t wait, I’m not built that way. I needed something shiny and new, nothing comes more shiny than the current range of Grey Knights. I may go on about these in additional posts but I seem to be rambling and not getting to the point of what I am trying to say.

Mantic Games (There you go swiftly back to the point!)

Mantic have been on the scene now for a little while and I was initially not too impressed with the Elves. Then the undead came out and I was more impressed  with them, then the various version of the Dwarfs. Ok now they are getting better and better. Then I saw the latest Orks and I thought WOW! These are nice. However, as always I looked, liked and then dismissed them. Why?

Because I always ended up looking at the Sheriffs version of Fantasy and I always liked the look of them. I was even getting pressure from some of the members of the floating citadel to get a new army and join in (nothing like a little pressure to part money from the wallet! Don’t take a lot with us hobby gamers) and then it hit us. The sheriff’s new rules, regulations and price rise and Finecost! I vowed not to buy from them as an army went up to £500 – £600, which I was not prepared to pay.

So I started to look around and went back to Mantic for a look see. Around the same time, while keeping up on the interweb, I was watching my usual dose of YouTube and Beasts of War, they announced Mantic would be on live and there would be a big announcement or two. So last night I sat and watched.

I watched as more pictures were released of the beautiful aggressive looking Orks and I thought I could afford these, I would not be able to spend less then say £800 for Orks from the sheriff and these were about £100 – £150 for a massive army. I was getting quite excited at this point.

Then they announced 3 more armies, Goblins, Dark Elves and finally (as requested by so many) Humans. Wow! So now I can have even more choice and the quality keeps improving with each release. There was also to be a new full rule book with history and fluff, just what I like. We all need a little fluff J

There was discussion about costs and a little ribbing thrown the Sheriff’s direction, not undeserved in my opinion and they announced that they were replacing a couple of metal units. Currently they do 5 undead cavalry for £25 in metal and they are replacing them with this new fandangle resin-plastic. At this point my eyes started rolling as I thought of Finecost from the Sheriff. Ronnie from Mantic then said that they were going to keep the same price but add another 5 models. So that is 10 now for the £25 as the material is cheaper to produce. I wonder who should take note that a cost saving in material should offer a price reduction or more for your money??? Do you need me to say??? Cough, Cough Finecost…

So I am thinking that this all sounding great, I am quite excited and will be looking into the range and getting the rules, which are FREE by the way. The LIVE video continues and they get onto the subject of the future and then they officially confirm that they are working on a Sci-Fi version of the game called Warpath. Yippee!!! Now I am all for trying different systems and periods but Sci-Fi is my thang. So this is great news.

Could Mantic truly be an alternative to the Sheriff? My answer…