A Glimpse of Things to Come

Yeah, yeah, I know. I posted twice in one week and then you’ve had nothing from me. To be fair though, the other authors have done a great job of pulling their fingers out and putting stuff up on the blog so I’ve kind of left them to it and thought I’d leave my own content for another time rather than have large amounts of time when there is nothing appearing on the site at all.

Does that mean I’m going to finally post up that review of how Deadzone plays? Of course not! I’m going to leave you hanging on for that one.

BUT! Before you all leave I just wanted to let you know of something special that’s going to be happening. We’ll be meeting for some gaming this weekend and the plan is to do a proper battle report of our game of 40k. This will see the new, much-maligned, Tyranid Codex go up against one of my own armies of grey or primered plastic army men. It’s something that we’ve wanted to do for a while but I think that this weekend is going to be ideal to give it a try. Expect something appearing from Gribblin and myself over the next week, complete with pictures and commentary. If folks like it then we may do it more regularly and for other games.

Who knows it might also motivate me to actually get stuff painted… don’t hold your breath though.

One thought on “A Glimpse of Things to Come”

  1. I’m looking forward to try the new codex, too. Hope the new bugs will turn out better than they seems by just looking at the book, because the main things that catch the eye are the stuff they’ve removed …and I’m not happy about that (mainly for the sake of models that will be left resting on the shelf, than from a competitive point of view).

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