Zombie Killing Night In

nomoreroomLast night a group of us got together for our usual Wednesday night gaming session.  This time to mix things up I had asked to provide a zombie game.  Liking zombies almost as much as I like Tyranids (what would Freud have made of me?) I was more than happy to create a zombie encounter for the night.  I used the No More Room in Hell rules (with a few extras to fit the scenario) to play the game.  The situation was simple; the 4 of us were in the middle of town and had to gather enough food and supplies and then barricade ourselves inside one of the buildings to win.  All this time more and more zombies are spawning with the intent of having a brain salad.  The game started with us in the middle of town, Servitob broke into the gun shop hoping to find some good weapons and only finding creates of ammo.  The rest of us fanned out to search the other buildings before the zombies moved in.  Some found food, others medical supplies and then going into the petrol (gas) station I rolled on a random encounter and struck the motherload; a big-ass snow plow with a dozer-blade on the front! Lots of squished zombies later we managed to fill our supplies and hold up in the junkyard.  A fun game and a good way to spend an evening with friends.

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